10 BEST Items for GUYS! *Mens Reward Information 2019*

10 Greatest Items for GUYS! *Vacation Mens Reward Information 2019* For hyperlinks to all Christmas present concepts & low cost codes talked about on this video – click on SHOW MORE!

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Mint Sweater I am Sporting:
Beige Denims:


Messenger Bag:

Lengthy Shoe Horn: OR


Beard Grooming Equipment: OR

Toiletry Bag:

Ice Wedge/Glass:

Pocket Squares:
Leather-based Bracelets:
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**Use code SHEA35 for 35% off orders over $199**

Shoe Bushes:

Scorching Sauce Equipment:

Apple Wire Organizers:

Cocktail Equipment:

Push-Button Pockets:
(It followers out bank cards, so cool!! Glad I did not neglect it on the finish!!)

⭐️Extra Concepts for MEN!
Yeti Tumbler (we find it irresistible):
Nike Thermal Jacket:
Chelsea Boots:
Tile Professional (discover misplaced objects):
Magnetic Wristband:
Breakfast Sandwich Maker:
Bluetooth Bathe Speaker:
Neck Massager:
Carhartt Lunchbox:
Customized Pocket Knife:
Amazon Reward Card:
Ugg Slippers:
Nike Jogger Pants:

My Amazon Storefront: www.amazon.com/store/sheawhitney
(all of my FAVORITE Amazon issues!)

Greatest Items For HER video:
Greatest Items UNDER $50 video:



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❤Shea Necklace:
Different jewellery favorites:

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Canon 80D:
Sigma 18-35 F1.eight Lens:
Vlogging Digital camera:
Studio Field Lights:
Enhancing: Closing Reduce Professional

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  1. Thank you guys!!😀…very good ideas!!!👍….Wonderful and enthusiastic couple!!…Congratulations!!!✌💖🙏

  2. I am a new sub of about 4 weeks. Just now discovering you are only an Amazon product commercial. Shame on me for not noticing for weeks… unsubbed

  3. SO Frustrated…grrrr…I was so happy after seeing this video and getting the amazing idea of the hot sauce kit for my husband.Guess what? I ordered and scheduled the delivery for Wednesday. I got home today Tuesday and my husband opened the amazon box ……He is happy but now I dont have a surprise anymore….sigh…😡

  4. Do you know guys how old are them ?

  5. I bought the exact same messenger bag a few years ago and my husband asked me to sent it back. Toiletry bag similar to the one in the video was received well.

  6. Girl the luckiest gift in this video is you and your man

  7. You guys are so cute together ❤️❤️❤️God bless your family! 🙏🏽😍😍😍

  8. Husbands going to love the shoe horn

  9. Josh needs his own channel!!!! He was hilarious and down to earth.

  10. This is extremely helpful! I'm definitely going to get at least one of these great things for my man. Thank you!

  11. i love your sweater, and ur living room. so cosy and homey, and modern and pretty!

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  13. I saw your stomach peeking through when you're sweater got caught on your arm – girl, you have an amazing waist!

  14. Great gifts but Josh was funny you need have him in videos more.

  15. New subbie here as of today! From Australia 🙂 just wanted to say hi and thank you for keeping it real, I have been looking for a new channel with this kind of content with someone who isn’t a complete perfectionist- and such a joy to watch! Loving your videos so far, I think this is my 4th video 😍

  16. You give me great ideas 💡 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄thank you

  17. Aww Shea, I know it’s not your element to let your husband take over a video but this is his time! Lol let him have it

  18. JOSH WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU. I can see that Shea is stressed that maybe we won't get his humor. I personally LOOOOOOOOVE HIM

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  23. I needed help for my dad’s gift. Aside from the yearly bottle of 1942 I gift him, he’s hard to shop for. 😂

  24. Bought the wedge glass for my mixologist friend. There’s TWO coupons on amazon for it right now! 😍

  25. Awesome, thanks for all the great ideas!

  26. oh my goodness. i've heard you mispronounce this in too many videos.
    it's pronounced cork-SICKLE

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ye1FDNBV5no – go to the 1-minute mark

  27. So useful! I watched the last one last year too and I bought my husband the whiskey 🥃 display 👍🏼

  28. I always thought the corkcicle brand was pronounced corkSickle. How is it supposed to be pronounced?

  29. "No, it's not pretty! It's rustic!" 😂

  30. Ok I'm at the point where I'm getting shoe inserts!!

  31. I wish you could add this vest my wife got me for my birthday! This vest from http://www.snowyseason.com My wife got me is heated its amazing. I love it, this is the perfect vest! I didnt even know they made this.

  32. These are awesome ideas!! Love you two together! Hubs and I are goofy like this too 🙃

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  39. I bought that Vetelli toiletry bag for my husband 3 years ago and it's SO GOOD. Held up really well considering we take 8-10 trips a year

  40. Thanks for a men's gift guide! Very much needed! Appreciate it!

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