14 Frozen and Christmas Themed Cake Concepts

Give your desserts a Christmas and Frozen themed twist this vacation season as we present you 14 unbelievable cake designs that may impress all of your family and friends!

0:00 – Olaf Cake
1:50 – Spherical Olaf Topped Cake
2:23 – Santa Pull Aside Cupcakes
2:58 – Snowman Pull Aside Cupcakes
3:39 – Rudolph The Pink Nostril Reindeer Pull Aside Cupcakes
4:22 – Christmas Jumper Pull Aside Cupcakes
5:03 – Christmas Espresso Cup Cake
6:26 – Christmas Lights Cupcakes
6:47 – Christmas Baubles Cupcakes
7:46 – Mistletoe Cupcakes
8:08 – Snowman Cupcakes
8:49 – Santa Hats Cupcakes
9:04 – Christmas Tree Cupcakes
9:31 – Frozen Cupcakes

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