Christmas wishlist 2019 + reward information for her!

Black Friday is approaching us! Right here’s a lil reward information for the women in your life! Go get ya presents!

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!!!!you guys are completely superior!!!!

hehe ♡

thanks so so so a lot for watching!

don’t neglect….


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luv u
– olivia messler
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J Cas
December 4, 2019

you're being so annoying like just be yourself… no need to try so hard to be funny

Harley Paige
December 4, 2019

I feel you on the espresso machine. I’ve been wanting a keurig for soo long. And me and my dad went to Walmart the other day and he went to them and was looking at them and I said “why are we over here” and he told me it was bc I’ve always talked about one up until this Christmas I wasn’t expecting to ever get one

Olivia Ann
December 4, 2019

Hi! Lol just wanted to say I just started watching you and think your amazing! Also we have the same name 😂💕

Fox XD
December 4, 2019

my family is not rich for these things

Joanna Buchanan
December 4, 2019

watched ads all the way through so sis can get that shmoney 😂❤️❤️

Ava Taijeron
December 4, 2019

i was gone at 7:24 😂

Emily Lol
December 4, 2019

Your aesthetic reminds me of Gabi omg 🥺

December 4, 2019

Olivia looks like Mila Kunis when she was on That 70s Show

Emma Wright
December 4, 2019

I like the tree the colors are on point

iZay Inferno
December 4, 2019


Miss Ash
December 4, 2019

I just found your channel and I already love it 😍❤️😊

Ty Marie
December 4, 2019

Why was I just about to make a Christmas wishlist video😂 loved the video🤩

Alissa Alexander
December 4, 2019

take a shot every time she says idk

Message from a dead friend
December 4, 2019

I am new and omg you're so perfect. You're so pretty

chelsey a
December 4, 2019

i didn’t get anything last year so i’m probably not getting anything this year lmaooo kinda sad but imma stay positive

Fish Lover
December 4, 2019

1. Candy
2. Chapstick
3. makeup products
4.skincare prducts
6.bath bombs
7.perfume and body care
8. Hair stuff, clips scrunchies etc stuff like phone cases
10. Key chains
11. Gift card
1. Purse
2. Ugg slippers
3.pandora ring
4. Room light
5. Expresso machine
6. Clothes
7. Led room lights

pink unicorn
December 4, 2019

8:31 omg i thought you were gonna say condoms HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Charlotte Martin
December 4, 2019


Meghan O'Donovan
December 4, 2019

How old are uuuu

Addy Bost
December 4, 2019

what morphine palette is that at 11:43

Braelyn B
December 4, 2019

this list will help u keep up :))
stocking stuffers :
-makeup products
-skincare products
-socks (fun & nike)
-bath bombs
-perfume/ body care
-hair stuff (hairties, scrunchies, pins)
-hair accessories
-air pod cases
-phone cases
-SD cards
-key chains/ lanyards
-gift cards

“what i want”:
-ugg slippers
-pandora ring
-ring light
-espresso machine
-led lights

gifts for your girlfriend:
-pandora ring
-meaningful necklace
-teddy bear
-cheesy pinterest gifts
-iced coffee cup (tumbler)
-cozy blankets
-shoes (af1, vans, birks, dr martins)
-airpods / apple watch

gifts for sister:
-purse/ wallet
-sport/ workout gear
-phone/ airpod cases
-mini brands
-itunes gift cards
-house decor
-makeup pallets
-squatty potty

gifts for your mom:
-kitchen mixer
-air fryer
-soaps/ lotions

December 4, 2019

her: u can go expensive or u can go to like pink
me: pink IS expensive

Lola Tania
December 4, 2019

finally a pretty girl who isn't a jackass

Jazmin Reyes
December 4, 2019

Your a vasco girl

Anny D
December 4, 2019

Do a video how you edit your video 😘

Ta'Jericka Ki’Nijah
December 4, 2019

I know I’m not the only one watching for ideas to ask for Christmas.

Tin Bernas
December 4, 2019

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