Minimalist Christmas Reward Concepts PRACTICAL & USEFUL! (Easy Christmas 2019)

Immediately we’re sharing our favourite Christmas and Vacation reward concepts! Most are sensible and consumable, my favorites!! We might love to listen to your favourite reward concepts, too!


☕ Candy & Spicy Tea by Good Earth (additionally out there at most Walmarts, Targets & different grocery shops!):

🧴Mrs. Meyers Multi-Floor Cleaners & Room Fresheners (out there at Goal or on-line by way of Grove.co) grove.pxf.io/c/1408357/485594/8442

📚 Playing cards had been all from the Greenback Tree (most had been 2 for $1)

🖼️ Picture Canvasses for Children, see how I made them right here:

🥮 Bundt Cake Basket Recipe Card Printable & Reward Tag:

🧁 Cupcake Reward Basket Concept & Ebook:

💁‍♀️ Diana’s Hair & Face Merchandise:
Bed room Hair Texture Hairspray
Boldify Shampoo *not at the moment out there on Amazon
Acure Facial Scrub
Acure Facial Cleanser

🛋️ Pillow Covers

📘 Cook dinner As soon as Eat All Week

📕 Guarantees of God Storybook Bible

📒 One Line A Day Journal (forgot to say this, however suppose its cool!)

💇‍♀️ Halo Full Shine Invisible Hair Extensions (Diana has the 14″ Colour four Medium, I’ve a 12″ Balayage Colour 2 Fading To three and 27 and I trimmed about an inch off of it 🙂

👕 The shirt Daybreak is carrying (Miselon Womens Waffle Knit Twist Knot Tops Lengthy Sleeve Crochet Lace Shirt Shirt)




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  1. Happy to share some of my favorite "recognition" gifts! A bag of muffin or cookie mix (I love the idea of wrapping it in a kitchen towel!) or home baked cookies, banana bread, or brownies; a "Day off from Dishes" kit with paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils; hand soap (I get the 6 for $15 or something like at Bath and Body Works) and a hand towel; good old trusty gift card with a hand written note.

  2. Hand lotion! I work in health care (my hands get washed or sanitized a couple dozen times a shift) and I go through hand lotion like crazy. I'm sure teachers would appreciate them too. Bath and body works have good deals. I especially love the stress relief aromatherapy ones.

  3. I thought your sister was your mother more like your mother

  4. I couldn't tell that you were wearing extensions!

  5. Money for teachers!💰💵💲 But I can't stand gift cards, because I don't know how to recycle them. Is it just like plastic recycling?

  6. Thank you – this was great! Quick question. Was the pillow you were holding an 18” pillow? It looked larger but that could have been the camera angle.

  7. Can Diana share the brand/shade of her nail polish please? 😁

  8. For the love of god – don’t give me bloody cleaning spray for a gift

  9. For my birthday one year my aunt gave me a bunch of greeting cards. It was one of my favorite gifts!

  10. These are amazing! I am a senior citizen and some of these are new to me! Thanks so much! You are both delightful!

  11. I love taking pictures of flowers and landscapes and of course have a million of them. So this year I made birthday cards from them and calendars. Now I can share my photos with my friends and relatives instead of leaving them on my computer or phone.

  12. My teenager has 5 exceptional teachers! I have been keeping an eye out since school started, for discounted and clearanced merchandise to use as gifts. I would love to give food but one teacher had gastric bypass, one does keto and another is diabetic. I've decided food is not the best idea but my daughter is going to write each of them a card, telling them all the ways that they each have helped her. I also know some things each like and have found a few simply gifts to add. Also things like gum and breath mints make great gifts! I substitute teach and they all seem to have gum or mints in their drawer. I think coffee pods also make a great gift for teachers since schools generally have a Keurig but usually don't supply the pods.

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed this video! and wish i had a twin sister!

  14. Last year I made gift for my sister in law: mason jar fild with salt, red paprika, rosemary in layers so it looked like stripes white,red,green with note (shake before use!) – and she loved it!
    To my friend I gave bottle of chocolate liquer I made myself – also not expensive, easy to make, and very appreciated.

  15. Last year I made apple butter in my Instant Pot, without sugar, got the bell jars from Target, and added a cute tag with the a greeting and ingrediants This year I am going to make strawberry jam uuing frozen starwberries from Costco.

  16. Event tickets are my go to gift. Sometimes I even take my adult kids on vacations as a gift

  17. Please do a video about your hair extensions!!

  18. I enjoy making personalized gift baskets, similar to the ones youve shown. I pick up items here and there throughout the year with certain people in mind. Face masks, chopsticks etc. Its fun and practical. Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas!

  19. Great 👍 ideas! I also would love to make bees wax food wraps and home made mini perfumes out of essential oil in a reusable mini perfume sprayer x

  20. Great video, I just made a video about minimalism at Christmas and I think that the consumerism isn’t great, esp if people are going into debt to buy gifts

  21. That Sweet and Spicy tea is THE BEST! No sweetener required. Comes in herbal and caffeinated versions. Smells heavenly. It's my absolute favorite and what a great idea to give as a gift…why have I never thought of that?!

  22. Grocery store cards or gas cards are what I give to others for birthdays and Christmas. Can’t go wrong there 👍🏼

  23. As a pre-teenager, I would always get toiletries and hygiene products in a big stocking from extended family and I hated it. UNTIL I grew up into my mid/late teens and realized how good the stuff was. And how getting so much of it and using it wisely could make it last so long that I wouldn’t run out until the next year’s stocking! As an adult, I would love for someone to just give me a stocking of shampoo and conditioner and deodorant and stuff that’s boring to have to buy yourself 😂

  24. OH MY GOODNESS! You two are just so fun! Just found you this morning. You remind me of the relationships I have with my sisters. What a blessing!

  25. Great video! One of the gifts I am so excited to give my kids this year is a fort kit! I am going to purchase a nylon laundry basket that zips on the top and fill it with blankets that they can use for forts whenever they choose. This way, they can have their own and not use the house blankets and hear mom grip about washing them after. 😉 I may throw in one of those pop up led lanterns we have been seeing. I think they are going to love it!

  26. I have an incredible homemade taco seasoning recipe I use instead of the kind that comes in the box. (Tastes the same without all the preservatives!) So one year I bought all the spices in bulk then mixed a huge batch and filled some jars to give as a gift.

  27. I have two daughters who are in their 20s now. They do not really get along that well. I found an adorable picture of them when they were younger standing beside each other laughing and smiling in the picture holding our beloved family dog. I had that picture enlarged to a 5×7 and framed one for each of them. I am including a note to remember the happy times. I hope they cherish the picture. Loved this video. You two girls are just the best! Merry Christmas to you both!

  28. I swear almost every youtuber I watch has a twin or at least a sibling who looks almost exactly the same, I find it so amusing )))
    Love your videos! XO

  29. I created wordles for each of my kids with their names, the meanings of their names, important Bible verse references, and words that describe their personalities ahs interests. I fit all the words into shapes that represent their interests, then had them printed on t-shirts. They turned out really cute. I also got them the Adventure Challenge Family Edition scratch-off book that I'm really excited to give them. It has cool family adventures, and a place to put a photo from each adventure.

  30. One year when money was especially tight we gave everyone helper for a day coupons. We cooked, cleaned, dropped of dry cleaning, picked up kids from school did the grocery run, painted a bedroom etc. Anything the person needed help with for a few hours on a dedicated day or something we could do so they didn't and could take a little "me" time for themselves. I even did this for my co workers and became their "file fairy" for an hour, complete with fairy wings, and filed all their backlogged paperwork for them. Each year everyone has expressed how much they love it and ask me when the the fairy will make it's appearance again.

  31. You're twins 🙂

    I got twins 🙂 They're adults now tho 🙂

  32. Every year I make our parents and our young adult children photo calendars. They are practical, they love them and I love looking back through the year's pictures to make them!

  33. I know this is off topic, but y’all always have the cutest blouses/sweaters!! I wish I could find some of them!!

  34. Slightly funky or pretty socks, nail clippers and a pumice stone….

  35. Oh my word! You two are sooooo identical! I’m an identical twin and you two freak me out. Haha You are both so beautiful. I thought at first you were doing special effects and had yourself as two people. Hahahaha. Thanks for the great gift ideas! Merry Christmas, ladies!

  36. A favorite teen gift is a 6-pack carton of a person's favorite sodas- remove the center soda from each side & fill that spot with large candy bars. You can also slide a pack of microwave popcorn & packs of gum beside the sodas. Tie a big bow on the carton handle to make it festive.

  37. Love your ideas! We have similar thoughts 🙏

  38. I am pretty far from being minimal in any way. My literal BFF – friends since birth – likes to live simply. She always says there's nothing that I need or want – if there is I can just buy it myself – her and her husband NEVER exchange gifts. Never have. Two gifts that work excellent for her and me are made by the Amish – found on Amazon. Christmas Jelly Jan and handmade soaps. The soap is mild but still smells nice, and it lasts a long time. The jelly is just too yummy! Those are my 2¢. TFS 🙂

  39. My mom always gives calendars with pictures of the family throughout the year… Shutterfly, Walgreens

  40. Such a great video, full of clever ideas!

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