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50+ BEST EVER GIFT IDEAS FOR TEENS! Christmas Present Information 2019!

Christmas present concepts for her – teen present information for ladies These are nice presents for ladies, buddies, sister so put these presents in your Christmas wishlist for 2019!. Have enjoyable christmas purchasing. Millie and Chloe xxx

Test Out final years Christmas Present Information for teenagers:

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  1. All the phones that they showed were iPhone 6

  2. this video is great for my 13 year old sister thank you!!!!

  3. I’m here to try and get stuff to put on my list

  4. i feel like they’re trying to be cringey but just end up becoming cringey by acting cringey LMAO if that makes sense

  5. Tysm! I have entered the 6th grade (middle school) and am going through puberty and I am changing a lot. It’s getting hard to pick out my wish list! Again tysm

  6. Awwe I’m obsessed with your guys personality love it!! new subscriber 💕💕

  7. I will definetly use this for my picking sister for Christmas! Thx 😆

  8. Me thank u for the tips and iders thus gave me a ider about what i can buy my friends thxs ❤

  9. Ahaha I love your guys videos and hope to be posting some of my own next week

  10. My mum bought me the LED strip lights 🙂

  11. Love this 💓 I’ve made one of these videos too 🎀

  12. things they said
    -apple watch $$$
    -led strip lights $$
    -power bank $$
    -canon inspic $$$
    -monogrammed phonecase $/$$
    -wildfire phonecase $$
    -speakers $$
    -stick on phone case wallet $
    -cable end accessories $
    -frank body $$
    -pink clay face mask $/$$
    -shape face mask $/$$
    -rose quartz jade rollers $/$$
    -fenty beauty $$
    -shane dawson makeup $$/$$$
    -mario badesque skincare $$
    -burts bees $/$$
    -sun bum $/$$
    -two faced mascara $$
    -makeup brushes $/$$
    -vans $$/$$$
    -air force 1s $$/$$$
    -converse $$/$$$
    -doc martens $$$
    -champion hoodie $$
    -brandy melville $$
    -gift cards $/$$/$$$
    -the really big hoodies $$/$$$
    -fanny packs $$/$$$
    -wrap skirts/floral skirts $/$$/$$$
    -tube tops $/$$
    -floral dresses $$
    -bucket hats $/$$/$$$
    -sweatpants $$
    -fuzzy socks $
    -pajamas $$
    -hair clips $
    -fjalraven kanken backpacks $$$
    -customized name necklace $$
    -pandora rings $$
    -scrunchies $ (50 for $10 on amazon!)
    -hoop earrings $
    -gold/silver bracelets $$
    -pura vida bracelets $$$
    -friendship bracelets $
    -henna tattoo kit $$
    -record player $$
    -records $/$$
    -throw pillows $/$$
    -hydroflasks $$$
    -hydroflask mugs $$$
    -pennyboard/skateboard $$
    -beauty gift basket $$/$$$
    -monochromatic baskets $/$$/$$$
    -photo album memory boards $/$$
    thank u 🙂

  13. I have like 30 things down on my list rn 😂

  14. Here’s the list so you don’t have to watch all of it. 😀

    1. Apple AirPods
    2. Apple Watch
    3. LED strip lights
    4. Mini photo printer
    5. Monogram phone case
    6. Floral phone cases
    7. Portable charger
    8. Bluetooth speakers
    9. Stick on phone wallet
    10. Charger animals
    11. Frank Body gift sets
    12. Lip gloss
    13. Himalayan pink clay face masks
    14. Rose quarts skin rollers
    15. Fenty highlighter or lip gloss
    16. Shane Dawson/ Jeffree Star products
    17. Mario Bedasceau
    18. Burts bees lip balm

  15. I live in USA and ghanda does have really cute clothes they sent me a few pieces to post in and they are sooo cute

  16. She really looks like blaire from gossip girls omg😍😍

  17. ‘Is anyone even into vsco anymore?’ Me sitting in my dully decked out vsco room

  18. Why does the girl on the left keep moving her head like that

  19. Last Christmas i gave you a gift but the next christmas, you gave me nothing.

  20. millie= soft girl aesthetic
    chloe=vsco girl aesthetic

  21. I low-key feel bad for aussies bc they see all these christmas movies of people in the snow and then they r just like- "its summer here"

  22. 15:34 legit my fav part of the entire video

  23. S

    Lol you thought I was actually doing that!

  24. Guess what, some of us aren't vsco girls

  25. i saw airpods and decided i now have to put affordable in the search bar 😔

  26. literally 10 year old girls are probably searching this because they think they’re teens already

  27. The left girl’s ponytail went like: ⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️

  28. How do u spell the 2. phone case?

  29. i totally forgot in australia it’s almost summer! in the usa it is almost winter and i live somewhere where it snows a lot so i am not excited.

  30. This was the best wishlist ever thank you so much!!!

  31. Who shoves chargers up animals buts? And do you know how deep that is

  32. Is that a fancy artichoke in the background?


  34. Millie: i know its not a vsco thing. (i just said it to be funny.)😆

  35. No one:
    Not a soul:
    Millie: *awkward*😎😆👍

  36. I remember watching your diy lush face mask video when I was younger u guys have grown up so much 🥺😂

  37. Am I the only one that looked up good Christmas gifts for teens because of tiktok… No just me? Ok

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