hey guys! hope u loved the video! xoxo sara
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DJQuads Lacking Somebody



  1. you should change the title to "christmas list for basic white girls" because 🗿

  2. Good idea for teen Very nice for video

  3. Omg I have the same case as you twins

  4. I have the same sparkly otter box phone case I bought it at Verizon when I got my phone. Except I have mine for an XR not an 11

  5. where do u get ur headbands??!! i live them so much 🤩🤩

  6. I know this doesn’t go with your video but your desk is so cute where did you buy it?

  7. do u wanna b friends i ive in CT tooooooooooo

  8. I really have wanted a record player forever and I dont know where to look for records/what records to listen to. Any suggestions? <3

  9. love your wallpaper where did you get it from?

  10. Where can you get posters like the ones on her wall?

  11. Can I just say your bedroom is GOALS! Like even the aesthetic collage on the wall … oooof 👌🏼👌🏼😍

  12. bruh i have a wall just like yours

  13. I have a lavender colored coat, iPhone 11, hydroflask, and flute case. Lavender is obviously my favorite color.

  14. Lavender is my favorite color:))))

  15. Ur the only person on here that actually has good taste in gifts lmao

  16. What is the name of that Patagonia jacket

  17. i think we have the same sweater

  18. I just started watching u in this video and I’m finna subscribe

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