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christmas want listing 2019 !

merry chrysler

instagram – kellmargot
twitter – kellyymargot
snapchat – kellcims
vsco – kellmargot
tik tok – kellmargot

how outdated am i? 16 years outdated
what digicam do i exploit? canon insurgent t5i / canon g7x mark ii
what do i exploit to edit? last minimize professional x


enterprise inquires: beautybykell11@yahoo.com

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  1. OMG I GOT HARRY TICKETS TOO! & that was the biggest thing on my list lolll what show are you going to??

  2. something abt u reminds me of lucy hale

  3. bro u seem SO chill can we be friends lol

  4. awwwww ur hair is so damn cute kelly look at chu🥺🥺🥺

  5. are you doing vlogmas this year? it was so fun to watch last year!!

  6. girl where are you seeing harry???

  7. Where did you get your star necklace at?!

  8. my wishlist if anyone still needs more ideas to get something or to ask for:

    1. fjallraven kanken mini in graphite (my family travels a lot and i don’t have a little bag so i always have to use a plastic one)
    2. doughnut macaroon backpack in ivory (my backpack is deadass falling apart)
    3. doc martens (i only have 2 pairs of shoes, one for my uniform and the other are these tennis shoes i use for track)
    4. apple watch series 3 (for track)
    5. eyelash curler (i’m too lazy for makeup and i have to use my moms eyelash curler so i’d like my own)
    6. this forest green phone case
    7. this adorable little bubble tea airpods case
    8. regular earbuds bc i don’t like taking my airpods to school incase i lose them or get them stolen
    9. portable charger
    10.brad mondo project x shampoo + conditioner
    11. face roller (i have super bad bags and trash skin 😭)
    12. burts bees hand cream (it’s winter, my hands are so dry)
    13. OG polaroid
    14. muji pens (i’m really like school and learning, and i’m trying to get into journaling so i’d like some nice, high quality pens)
    15. slides (again, i only have 2 pairs of shoes, i don’t even have sandals so whenever i go outside really quickly i have to put on my moms shoes that are way too big and always slip off)
    16. perfume (i’ve never owned my own perfume)
    17. light gray sweatpants + sweatshirt for sleep (i only have one shirt made for sleep and two pairs of pants for sleep)

    of course i’m not expecting or asking for all of this this year, maybe over the course of the next 3-5 years i’ll get all of this stuff

    edit: oh and literally any dainty jewelry, i only have one necklace that was gifted to me on my 16th birthday from my grandmother, but it’s super expensive, it’s this gorgeous sapphire, and i don’t want to ruin it so i’d like some cheap jewelry. some hoop earrings and some dainty rings and necklaces would be lovely

  9. This video was amazing thx for the help

  10. Your s syllables are so soft idk why but like it sounds good

  11. I think you literally wore that same shirt in last years wishlist Omgg I feel like an og

  12. I've never seen your videos and the first thing I thought when I clicked on this was: wow her hair is really cute😂😍

  13. So jealous of your Harry tickets 😩

    Have fun🤭💞🎤🎤

  14. ahh your channel is so cute! just subbed! 🙂

  15. Hope you're also planning to do a what I got for Christmas vid💕💕💕

  16. You remind me of Natalie from the vs lol

  17. OMG MY NAME IS LYANANANANA except it spelled differently

  18. luv how calm and relaxing ur videos are also I’m seeing harry too!:)

  19. I made custom converse for one of my Christmas list items last year and an employee at Journeys asked me where I got them because customers have been asking lol

  20. ok I've never heard of ANYONE whose name is liana and is spelled the same as mine

  21. you probably know this already lol but you are frickin gorgeous

  22. i think that harry styles should do a tour with louis tomlinson, liam payne, niall horan and zayn malik. who else agrees?

  23. i aspire to be you. you’re an actual goddess.

  24. what i want for christmas:
    your hair

  25. i just wanna be friends with you:(

  26. where are your necklaces from? they're super cute !!

  27. you're so pretty! ahhh
    Love your channel btw!

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