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  1. Basically the same things as dayana’s life

  2. Lipgloss , kappa sweat suits , led lights , anything from bath and body works, makeup

  3. If you liked this Christmas wishlist go check out mine. Not a lot of talking and only images also very funny 😄.

  4. I got White Crocs but Not with Furr😂😂

  5. Subscribe to my channel posting tomorrow

  6. The LED lights are called 5m RGB 5050 water Resistant LED strip. I know this cuz it's on my list😂 12.99 at Walmart btw 😂

  7. Can I give my girl dis d instead I’m broke

  8. We have super similar stuff on our list

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    – [ ] You’re beautiful 💛

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  10. You and LexiVee03 basically made the same list🚫🧢

  11. Do you still have tik tok and if you do what is the account name

  12. all I want is a hug cause I haven’t had one in a long ass time

  13. damn que bonitaaaa😻! love your videos bbg💥🖤

  14. with lashes, you should most definitely buy mascara also because for me they take forever to put on and mascara just helps blend the lashes with your natural lashes

  15. This is a question how. I you put the images on your video

  16. all these girls try to cover what they really want for christmas by saying it’s a teen gift guide, girl…., she sounds the sweetest though

  17. I dont like carmax or lip gloss i like blistex or burts bees chapstick

  18. I only want a xr and am getting it tdy early Christmas let’s go!!

  19. Idk if u will see this but u have a really cool vibe and you’re very pretty❤️😎….and also if u can, could u do a shoe collection video🙏🏽

  20. I just got the uggs low boots and 3 pairs of crocs off for under 300

  21. I have those white crocs with the fur on them

  22. And there’s led lights at 5 and below

  23. What do you edit you videos with??

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