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❉ DIY CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS (and so they’re really cute) ❉

GUYS I FINALLY HAVE MERCH!! Try the gathering right here

I really feel so fortunate to have your love and help continually and actually hope that you simply guys like what I’ve created. Cannot wait to see you guys in your hooligan attire!

Waddup hooligans, let’s be associates:
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❉Snapchat: jeneration_diy

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My final video:

-By the Croft – Joakim Karud
-MYSM – Look At These Clouds –
-William Bolton – Angel Boy –
-Fiji Blue – Numb –
-DJ GONZ – The B Minimize (Instrumental) –
-VALNTN – Mona Lisa –
-Speaking Loud – Jennifer Zhang (that is me!)

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Digicam: Canon 80D OR Canon g7xii

Digicam Lens: Sigma 30mm f/1.4
Enhancing Program: Last Minimize Professional X

For enterprise enquiries, please electronic mail jenerationdiy@addition-llc.com



  1. I hope you guys love the merch as much as I do! Everything is 25% off only today so cop it quick! Can’t wait to see you guys in the hooligan apparel 🤠 https://fanjoy.co/jenerationdiy

  2. Who else loves her merch 😍💖💖


  3. Jen you have an s8 phone case option but i have an s8 plus😭😂 almost there, man i really wanted one

  4. Ok y'all please help, I desperately need Christmas gift ideas for my mum so please reply with ideas.

    Okay thanks 🙂

  5. I've watched a lot of "handmade gifts" videos this year, but this is the first one I've watched where I personally want all 3! Love this video & excited about your merch!

  6. you should add pop sockets to your merch😍

  7. Those plants won't survive in a solid pot without drainage 😭 ❌ Do NOT recreate that with airdry clay, the moisture in the dirt will soften the clay and possibly make it fall apart and mold ❌

  8. Oh my gosh why and I kind of confused that the merch is soooo cute!!! I love your style!!

  9. 14:53 there is a tiny little spider on the light green succulent on the right

  10. 5:55
    “I don’t really want presents anymore”

  11. 9:48 or you know , the person is blind and they absolutely cannot see it!😂

  12. Don't you need to put a little hole at the bottom of the planter?

  13. #notificationsquad
    Omg I love all these ideas ur so creative!!
    Keep doing what u do u the best

  14. Unfortunately, I have bucket hat nostalgia as of my six years wearing them at school.

  15. Where did you get the bucket hat from?

  16. I didn't know what I wanted for Christmas but now I have some ideas 😊 HAHAHAHA 😅

  17. Oooooohh i wanna buy your merch but my mom says its to expensive ;(

  18. 2019: elos… after a month… 2020: osos

  19. Hey where can I buy a good bucket hat?

  20. When you have no money to buy your fav youtubers merch T^T….meh sadd

  21. "sentalmental value" hehe am i only one that heard that

  22. Can you please start selling embroidered bucket hats on your merch cite?!!!

  23. Omg I can’t believe you live in Canada where so me Hamilton

  24. Title idea: DIY christmas gifts that teenage girl people actually want

  25. I’m confused what ElOS is, I’ve been confused about it for a few months

  26. Jens merch is literally the only merch that i would wear.

  27. This merch looks very similar to the artist Henn Kim.

  28. Those were so cute!😍
    Who else thought so!

  29. take a shot every time she says exacto knife 🤣

  30. 14:57 who else spotted the spider/ant on the plant

  31. ok but i NEVER like merch from youtubers. But THIS is something i wanna buy its so cuteeeee;))) gonna put this straight on my wishlist

  32. 0:01 literally noone but Jeni " Welcome to the jungle''😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  33. Omg! Girllllll! These were so cute. I think I like the plant pot best. 🌱🌵

  34. Is that the flag of Rapunzel I see?🌞 9:11

  35. I'm so sad that I'm too poor to buy your merch :<

  36. GIRL. THAT PHONE CASE????? 😍😍

  37. These diys are great. These are things I would actually want to receive

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  39. yall idk if anyone had this idea yet but PLEASE MAKE MERCH THAT SAYS HOOLIGAN IN LIKE A SICK FONT I WOULD 100% BUY IT

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