Greenback Tree Christmas DIYs 2019 | 5 WHITE CHRISTMAS Ornament concepts

Greenback Tree DIY White Christmas! Whether or not it’s GLAM, FARMHOUSE, RETRO, VINTAGE or RUSTIC, all of it seems to be good in white! Combine and match kinds to create a wonderland of sparkly WINTER DECOR! If you’re dreaming of WHITE CHRISTMAS, and on the lookout for sparkly WHITE CHRISTMAS ornament concepts, begin right here!

For the PHOTO HOLDER DIY video, click on right here

For the QUICK AND EASY LANTERNS DIY video, click on right here

For the JOY home produced from milk cartons, click on right here

For the FABEDhacks Christmas Playlist, click on right here


Let it Snow Signal
From Greenback Tree
Let it Snow signal
2 balloon weights (from social gathering part)
Mini snowflake ornaments
faculty glue

Different Supplies
White paint
white glitter
scorching glue

Winter Wonderland Candle holder

From Greenback Tree
2 packs of the White Tree Ornaments
7 inch cylinder vase
white votive candle
faculty glue

Different Supplies
white paint
scorching glue
recycled can (canine or cat meals, tuna, and so forth)

Glitter Home Stocking Holders
From Greenback Tree
Christmas Village homes
small three half of inch shadow bins
self adhesive hooks
battery tea lights
bag of stones

Different Supplies
white paint
faculty glue
scorching glue
white glitter

Sparkly White Tree
From Greenback Tree
Silver Tree
Paper towel holder
small and mini snowflake ornaments
zip tie

Different Supplies
10 white glitter branches (Walmart)
scorching glue

Snowflake Lantern
From Greenback Tree
2- 6 inch shadow bins
2 packs giant (three depend) snowflake ornaments
1 pack medium (6 depend) snowflake ornaments
1 pack mini snowflake ornaments
1 pack mini drum ornaments
1 sink plunger
1 votive holder
1 silver battery votive

Different Supplies
12 inch wooden dowels (Walmart)
white paint



  1. Pick a favorite? Lol Nope, can't!! You are so creative, I really like them all!! I will use your idea for stocking holders, but maybe place a woodland animal on top – bear, buck, fox, squirrel… I have to go hunting! Bet Hobby Lobby has creatures!

  2. Dang those are amazing . Tree and lanterns are my favorite

  3. I loved all of those. For my living room I want to use only white silver and a light blue with a wintery feel. These are perfect. Thank you.

  4. We don't have a $1 store here in nz

  5. Love the tree and the candle with the trees. Already have the white painted glitter houses. Will be making those trees. The lantern was very easy. I have seen other dyi’s make those lanterns that were a lot mire work. I just might try making a lantern.

  6. Love the lantern and the wispy tree.

  7. YES!!!! ALL THESES ARE BEAUTIFUL!… Thx for your GREAT Creations. I soo wanted to make my new house a WHITE CHRISTMAS , and you made it happen. Great job on all.

  8. Very nice, wonderful ideas!!💕💕💕

  9. Love your ideas. Oh no!! I had those holders. I just threw them away. Now I have to repurchase. Nothing is trash.

  10. Beautifully done!! Luv Dollar Tree DIY's. Thanks for the inspiration and thanks sharing.💖

  11. Gorgeousness! T4S 🌲🌹 🌲🌹 🌲🌹 🌲🌹 🌲

  12. Love all of these, Favorite is the lantern ❤️❤️❤️!

  13. Unfortunately not all the dollar trees hold the same merchandise but definitely cool projects you created.

  14. Yes, I do have a favorite…ALL are MY FAVORITE

  15. I love these diys. White is so perfect it can be up all winter. Glitter all winter! Yeah. Love the glitter tree! Rosemary this lantern is so pretty! Love it!!! Thank you. Love all the inspiration. I bought my ballon holders today, so I can get to that project. Thank you for sharing

  16. These are fantastic DIY's! I absolutely love the Tree and the lantern!

  17. Oh my gosh. All your crafts are amazing

  18. Love them all, but that lantern is absolutely beautiful & it's my favorite. Thanks for the inspiration. 👍👍👍

  19. Lucky ducky you got all the village houses! I wanted the post office and church so bad but I must’ve missed them wah! I love them as stocking holders, such a smarty pants. Also the tree hurricane lantern is great. I agree, the glitter looks better with the white paint on the glass. Thanks for sharing—much love!

  20. I LOVE the stocking holders!! I have ceramic houses from an old village I can use to do this!

  21. Thank you for such lovely cute and beautiful ideas sadly we don't have dollar tree stores in UK but your videos show us how we can try to make these lovely things for christmas best wishes for your holiday season gloria in the ukxxxx

  22. Love all your creative ideas, they all turned out absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I freaking loved all of them!💓💓

  24. Mulțumesc totul este feeric Sărbători fericite alături de cei dragi

  25. you really out did yourself this time!!

  26. I'll be honest. I generally do not like crafts made from Dollar Tree. They almost always look as ridiculously cheap as they are. BUT, not your variations. Well done!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    ❄Happy holidays to you❄

  27. I love all the projects ❤️ my favorite is the snowflake lantern ❤️😊

  28. Loved loved loved your wee houses.
    Wish I could get some of them, but alas, I live in New Zealand, and wee don't have $tree here

  29. Beautiful!! Love them all! You are soo talented!! Love your videos!!😊

  30. Love your creativity!!!!! These projects were just beautiful!!!!

  31. Great ideas! The snowflake lantern is beautiful! You are so creative!

  32. The lantern was my fave. Thanks for sharing 😊

  33. I loved your tree and lantern, however they all are Beautiful. TFS

  34. I love this lantern. In fact I love all of these. I haven’t found the little Skeleton looking Christmas I’m wondering how to substitute for them. Everything is so pretty.

  35. Wow, I loved all of them, you do good work, & love your creativity! 🙂

  36. These are wonderful crafts. ❤️ them

  37. Love love that tree 🌲
    Great Inspiration on all of the super cute projects!😍

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