Reward Wrapping Concepts and Hacks

Learn how to beautify presents, excellent concepts and life hacks for Christmas. Make a wrapping paper bow, a ribbon tree, and use a radiator as a paper dispenser! Make Reward Bins:

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  1. Whats the best present you ever received?

  2. Dave is so cool I do all his life hax my favorite is the chocolate coke bottle and the chocolate milk bottle mostly because they involve chocolate.sub to Dave for more hax

  3. Who thinks 5 minute hacks will steal this life hack

  4. When are you going to be on wikitubia?

  5. I’m sorry to say this but your channel is dying…


  7. That gold box looks like a gold brick tbh

  8. You are the best Life hack YouTuber better than 5 minutes crafts and 123 go keep up the work

    👍🏼 if you agree

  9. I love you sooooooo “much”❤️❤️
    ❤️All of your life hacks help me I wish I was famous like you❤️❤️😎😎
    Your the coolest Youtuber😁😁

  10. Just a reminder, his profile picture never changes

  11. This is just a warning. Plz don’t turn in to that 5 minute craft trash with those fake click bate thumbnails even if you do end up doing those projects.

  12. I’ve watched your videos since i was like 7!!!

  13. It's easier and quicker to wrap presents using tin foil, no tying needed!

  14. Thanks for the great ideas. I can’t wait to reuse all the bows I have kept for years. It’s nice to finally have a use for them.

  15. Disclaimer: I like the video, and the channel

    But damn the present wrapping tradition is so wasteful and useless in the long term. So much material that is usually gonna go in the trash and never be recycled.

  16. Really love the Christmas tree ribbon/bow. Pretty Cool Dave!

  17. Who's been a fan of DaveHax before 2019

    Gifting next 95 subscribers💙

  18. I’ve been watching since the black ops 3 days

  19. Jus kidding, better not cry better not pout im telling you why. DAVE HAD IS COMING TO TOWN

  20. Aaaaajajajajajajajaja. Nit pretty cool. Because i need THANKSGIVING HACKS

  21. I love your videos, they are very relaxing, entertaining and useful. The Christmas tree box was my favorite of all. But I loved all of them of course!!!

  22. Wonderful ribbon Christmas tree idea!!

  23. Everyone: This comment section is so horrible?!?


  24. An headphone is the best gift

  25. I love that Christmas tree ribbon hack 👍

  26. who is from PAKISTAN and INDIA like

  27. These designs are actually really good though.

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