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WHAT I GOT MY KIDS FOR HANUKKAH 2019! ***GIVEAWAY***Present Concepts!!!

In right now’s video I am sharing what I bought my youngsters for Hanukkah, all the things linked right here! I hope this reward information provides you some concepts when you’re searching for current concepts for infants, toddlers and preschoolers! Discovered a hyperlink for the Hanukkah PJ’s*


I’ve a 9 month outdated child and three 12 months outdated boy and that is what they’re getting for Hanukkah! I all the time watch Myka Stauffer’s ‘What I bought My Youngsters for Christmas’ and was so excited to make my very own model this 12 months once more!
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My full Hanukkah reward information with concepts for him, her and extra youngsters concepts right here:


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Hanukkah PJ’s*

Little Tykes Trampoline $60*

Smelly & Soiled Vehicles $15*

Look Inside Airports E book $14*

Melissa & Doug Automotive Wash $25*

Melissa & Doug Rubbish Truck $12*

Melissa & Doug Loader Truck $17*

KidKraft Hanukkah Set $25*

The place Is Child’s Dreidel E book $6*

Jellycat Canine $22*

If I Have been A Pet E book $12*

VTech Distant $10*

Hape Teether $10*

Hanukkah Sticker E book $12*

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Sony Digicam*


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  1. Like if u celebrate chirstmas
    Comment if u celebrate Hanukkah
    Do nothing if u celebrate nothing

  2. Here I am enjoying watching your content as always I'm not religious but I find gift guides interesting anyway as a stay at home mum too I love your taste in gifts for your two boys. Just lovely

  3. Absolutely phenomenal 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  4. Just found your channel I didn’t know there was any Jewish mamas on YouTube 😀

  5. Love that sticker book! Might get it for my 2.5 year old next year =)

  6. My favourite,most useful video that I have seen this season

  7. Got some brilliant ideas for my Nephews 🙂 they would love all of these 💕 thanks so much for sharing x x

  8. Forget everything… your sweater is amazing!

  9. I also need to know where you got that sweater. You can't go wrong with the Melissa & Doug toys my six year old still plays with the car loader he's had since he was two

  10. I’m curious where you got that shirt you’re wearing, that’s so cute?!

  11. Oh thanks Lord… I've waited all year for this season. Now that you published this video I know that it's time to start with Hanukkah's decorations.

  12. Hanuka samah ur video give me awesome idea ❤️

  13. Wow they look like awesome gifts. I think they will enjoy them. I like that so many of them were fun religious items

  14. You are SO organized, my friend! Love how you did so much diligence in finding the perfect surprises for your boys. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy Hanukkah, Marion!

  15. First of all, love your sweater! What fun gifts! Wishing your family a truly magical Chanukah! Many blessings! <3

  16. I have a similar sweater? Chai maintenance is the saying on it lol

  17. Hello 👋 omg where did you get your shirt or pjs ???? I love it and your decor ???

  18. Wonderful video, as always! No kiddos for us yet, but my husband and I usually celebrate Hanukkah with a Lord of the Rings movie marathon across the eight nights.

  19. The airport book is perfect to keep Max occupied at the airport and on the flight. I must check out "Stinky & Dirty," as I'm not familiar with it and it sounds superb. At 8 months old, get Cory some pots and pans and maybe a new set of Tupperware, if you need it. He is normal. No one that age plays with the designed toys one must buy to give them. LOL. Cardboard boxes from other things people have given to Max will make Cory happy, no doubt. The Chanukah set is a great idea for Cory's coordination. We always include some Judaica among our gifts for the holiday even for adults. I understand about the wooden toys that the children can figure out things to create with them. I must say, though, the toy remote is a good idea as a small endlessly fascinating toy for Cory that will travel well over the holiday. Teething rings are perfect at this age, in fact necessary. It needs to be firm, chewable and cool or cold. I think people understand you are sharing your life and your way of being faithful. Some homes have a Chanukah bush, which is an evergreen tree with Judaica ornaments on it. That is fine, too, since the custom with trees is for greening the house at the darkest point on the calendar, the winter solstice, and lighting candles against the darkness, outside us and inside us. So it, being a northern arboreal custom, is not in any way something that cannot be adapted for Chanukah. It is no more Christian than having eggs at Passover is or decorated eggs at Easter are Jewish. They relate to what's life-giving.

  20. Love your ideas!
    Love your jumper👍😉🕎
    Where can l buy one?, 😊
    Shalom, shalom.
    From England.

  21. Another awesome video! Thank you 😺

  22. Absolutely LOVE your sweater!!! Where did you find that? It’s so much prettier than the one I have for Hanukkah. lol

  23. Love your Hanukkah gift ideas! I have several grandsons I still need to finish buying for & these are great ideas! You are inspiring me to decorate for Hanukkah early which my family will love. Thank you for your videos!

  24. I love your Hanukka decorations videos, Very excited for this year! 😊

  25. Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!! Great Video!!!!!!!

    Check out my channel to learn and dance with me!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I have been wanting to get my daughter a trampoline. She really loves jumping and tumbling so I figured it would be perfect for her. I love that you got toys that really reflect your children’s character and the things that they love. All moms should know their children as well as you know yours. I love Melissa and Doug toys, they are all so sturdy and well made. They really hold up in rough play. My daughter is in the same stage as Corey. I cannot figure out what to give her! She seems to just like to play with my dishes and things she’s not supposed to have lol. I think that’s why Kid Kraft and Melissa and Doug are my favorites because they make toys that look like the real things.

  27. Thank you so much again for another great video, I really enjoyed the topic of it. You are just so gorgeous Marion. It would make me so happy to have a wife/partner like you one day. I wish you many blessings to you, your husband and children. You guys are the best!

  28. Love getting your notifications! You are the reason I started my channel and I’m always excited to see your videos! Whose else loves her content!?

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