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Whew! I wasn’t positive would I get this video up as we speak. We’ve got windstorms in our space and energy outages. Fortunately I’ve a generator to assist me out right here!
They are saying when shopping for presents for folks, get issues you want to for your self. On this video, I share some objects that I like and use every day.. and would even take some extra of! Thanks for watching!






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  1. I'm surprised you don't make soap Mary. It is not that difficult, and very relaxing. I used to just treat myself to a couple good soap here and there, but I just decided I needed to learn to make the good stuff my self! It has been close to 15 years & I never looked back!! You have the greatest ideas Mary, and I have enjoyed you for the past couple years! Thank you & God Bless! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. I have owned my kitchen aid mixer for prob 20 or more years. When my mother passed She had one which I gave to my middle daughter and she is using that one. It is prob close to 40 years old. Expensive now but you will never buy another mixer!

  3. Mary, I just have to tell you how absolutely wonderful your soy candles are. I got the peppercorn one and the cinnamon one… They are both outstanding! I will definitely be buying my candles from you! I hope you have a couple more Christmas videos or just plain old videos… You are one of my favorites! God richly bless you with his peace and joy this Christmas season!

  4. I just purchased a diffuser as an early Christmas gift to myself for my craft room. Oh my goodness, it is just wonderful. I was never "into" aromatherapy, but I am now. The aroma(s) make me smile. I, too, purchased the three you recommended (although I've only tried peppermint and lavender so far). I, also, purchased sandalwood – which is quite amazing. THANK YOU for such a good recommendation. Happy Holidays.

  5. Great ideas. Love that you shows high and low price gift ideas.

  6. Thanks for the ideas. Love the top on the sugar scrub jar. Did you make that or buy it?

  7. Dyson is having a big sale on their V10 today on Cyber Monday. It's $399 plus free tools. I just ordered mine. I want to say too that I wanted their soft roller and almost ordered the V11 but that roller which costs about $100 isn't included with the V11. Thanks for your recommendation Mary. I'm going to have all hardwood and ceramic floors before long and needed a new vacuum so I'm buying it for myself for Christmas!

  8. All these are items any lady would love to receive. I know any of my six sisters would! 🙂
    All of your items are lovely and your sisters got the talent also and in a different arena a bit but still it does run in families ……….. it has in our I know that as all three of my children are very artistic each different arenas. Two of them make their livings at it, and I so appreciate your site as it brings even more art into my day. Your items are always just fabulous and I trust your opinion on each thing you showed. Excited to check them out more closely as well.
    You and your sister look like twins! Thank you for sharing her Etsy page, I want to study it closer. Lovely items she has as well.
    Thank you for all you share with us………I just love your channel!
    I can imagine your December is a busy month as being a Christmas Elf with so many projects is enjoyable but busy. I bet your office you just put together a bit ago is coming in very handy.
    Best of luck on all your work and thank you for all your sharing!

  9. Your decor is perfection! All the white…love it!

  10. Thank you! I always need new ideas.

  11. Absolutely loved all your ideas.! Thank you for sharing. Your a blessing Mary!

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  13. I love your creations- and your home is lovely- could you tell me the color of your livingroom? I am a fairly new subscriber-

  14. What happened to your channel? Its gone commercial.

  15. Mary , thank you for your videos ,,, farm house style has adopted my heart ,,, you have inspired me , your ideas and projects helped me so much,,, last year I had a very difficult year your videos helped me with ideas , inspirations and hope ,, again thank you ,, some of the things you say about your child hood remind me of mine,,, I was race by my grandmother in Cuba 😘🙏🏼

  16. Yes to gifts that people will actually use and have such a personal touch. Will be checking out your candles. They look lovely.

  17. Thanks these will be very helpful, hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving day, blessings.

  18. I got a tool set & bag (black & purple) at Lowe’s for $25 as a gift, it has everything you’d need for simple repairs. I liked it so much I got 2 more, 1 for me to carry in my car & the other was a gift.

  19. Your beautiful home and garden soothes the soul. Thank you for the great gift ideas 🥰👍🏻

  20. Got my cranberry orange candle, and graphic today, they are perfect, and the candle is just amazing! thanks, Mary!

  21. Those are all great quality products that really last!

  22. just to let you know I won the cameo, Halleljah! I got it for £185 + its 1yr old. They are £330 here in the UK so I am absolutely thrilled…that is my christmas present to myself. thankyou for inspiring me Mary!

  23. Thank you dear
    Have a nice day
    Can you share meal ideas please?

  24. Great ideas! I started making dish clothes for gifts, I think I'm going to add some of your ideas. Thank you Mary!

  25. Very helpful, thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day. 💞

  26. I am really interested in purchasing a Cameo ( actually I’m letting it be my Christmas present from my husband 😊). When I was searching through Amazon, I was really confused as to what to order. I want to get one with some vinyl with it, of course. Does it not come with the pen tool also, do you have to order separately? Can you recommend what I should order and I want it in black? Thanks for your help!!!

  27. where did you get the eyelet toppers for the jars. love it

  28. These are exactly what I wanted. Love your videos

  29. Hi Mary,
    I use Norwex! And I gave clothes to my kids for Christmas last year. They have all used to do their chores when they were kids. Very good gift. Each of them received the main cloth, a dust mitt and a polishing cloth very mirrors, windows and other shiny surfaces that you don’t want fingerprints and other marks on. God bless you. Hope you had an enjoyable thanksgiving.

  30. Thank you Mary. Very thoughtful gifts!

  31. Happy Thanksgiving to you, and yours. May God blessings be with the whole family.

  32. Wonderful ideas Mary. Your sister is equally as talented as you. 😊

  33. I absolutely LOVE all of these gift ideas!What I love most about your videos is that u r so creative and thoughtful in everything u do. U give me a lot of inspiration. Thank u so much!!

  34. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you Mary

  35. You just LOVE everything!😝it’s so cute happy thanksgiving be safe

  36. Hi Mary ,
    Love all what you do 😊
    Hi from Guam

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