55 Teen Present Concepts 🎁 + Christmas Wishlist 2019 (w/ black friday!) | Simply Sharon

Official Simply Sharon video of her 55 #TeenGiftIdeas information for the vacations and her #ChristmasWishlist for 2019. Simply in time for #BlackFriday offers! These are all reward concepts that you could be need to ask for or reward to another person 🙂 good for a teenage lady. | Subscribe: 
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Mainly only a teenage lady with nothing higher to do than speak to a digicam.

And generally different individuals.

..not often although.

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Intro Track: Losing All My Time by Hoodie Allen
Outro Track: Dream Pop by JP


Remark “yay” for those who made it this far 😉



  1. Hi babes! What’s on your holiday wishlist? 🎁 follow me on Instagram (@sharoncancio) to be shoutout of the week and control my xmas shopping soon 🤩 love you ❤️

  2. I’m not a teen but I am 11 years old and I’m getting a MacBook Pro 13’3 for Christmas. 🙂
    My dad always tells me my presents. Well sometimes.

    Edit: I ain’t a spoiled brat. I never even though of getting a laptop. But my dad said he would buy me a laptop because I wasn’t bad this year. I ain’t a spoiled brat. ;-;

  3. I’m not a teen but I am 11 years old and I’m getting a MacBook Pro for Christmas. 🙂
    My dad always tells me my presents. Well sometimes.

  4. I saw why don't we and immediately clicked…

  5. i wanna meet my father for christmas

  6. Hydro flask and a computer and a iPhone 11

  7. All I want for Christmas is for One Direction to reunite….

  8. I really want a phone but I know I'm not going to get one

  9. Why doesn't she have more subscribers

  10. Something that I want for Christmas is a keyboard.

  11. I want a Pittbull bc they are so sweet

  12. Wow didn’t know I wanted that thanks Sharon!😝

  13. My bfs mum got me concert tickets to see snoop dogg

  14. For Christmas I want my mamma to stop being sad 😊

  15. I literally have that exact karaoke mic

  16. I love how Air Force ones look and I think their so cute but they're literally booster shoes and I'm too tall to wear them well at least I feel like I do if i put on a pair I instantly become seven feet tall😂

  17. My mom ordered me a red champion hoodie 🙂

  18. Inserts Shane dawson/Jeffree star conspiracy pallet

  19. Im literally sitting here on my bed drinking a whole bottle of chocolate milkshake i got from the store earlier thinking of what I want for Christmas 😂✌️

    Wow. Mood.

  20. I want cole sprouse for christmas

  21. Im watching this as a boy and i just realised…

    How damn simple we boys are.

  22. 5:54
    I was about to say, you pronounce it Fjällräven kånken, but then I remembered that you probably dont know how to pronounce ä and å

  23. Your smile is just so big xxx your really pretty

  24. Putting this on my Eid wishlist 😍😍

  25. I red some comments to before the vid and held it to a high expectation. Expectation surpassed this is great

  26. There is litterly only 3 things that id actually want from everything u said
    Btw lyy

  27. I saw Why Dont We in the thumbnail.

    I clicked.

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