7 Greenback Tree CHRISTMAS DIYS

The final one may be my mine as a result of it is undoubtedly the largest value financial savings, however let me know which one in all these 7 #dollartree #Christmas #DIYS is YOUR FAVORITE!
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Comments (48)
December 6, 2019

I keep a small jar of 'snow' made up for when I need a little snow on my craft piece. I simply mix a small amount of joint compound with white paint until it's the consistancy of the snow in a jar you buy. Sometimes I add a little sand to make it a little rougher looking. I love the look and it's cheap to make.

julia lebron
December 6, 2019

Its Awesome Both Ways

Raquel Acosta
December 6, 2019


Latea Staton
December 6, 2019

I love it as a table decor

December 6, 2019

I loved everything.

December 6, 2019

You can try using glue or chalk paint and Epsom salt or even regular salt for a snowy effect. I have seen Olivia use it and it makes sense. Plus you can get the Epsom salt in different scents. 🙂 Very nice crafts. I don't think there are any rights or wrongs when it comes to Christmas decor. It's whatever you like tfs 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

Rebekah's Craft Corner
December 6, 2019

I love all of these! Thank you for sharing, they're awesome. I did like the wreath better as a table centerpiece. 😉

Rosa Avila
December 6, 2019

Lovely diys you did.loved the wreath i would use it as a table centerpiece.its cute.the gray berry trees came out really great.your very creative.Have a blessed week.

MeBe Chea
December 6, 2019

I enjoy all your videos!

The Hell on Heels
December 6, 2019

Use an old kabuki makeup brush (or one with short, dense bristles) then dry brush white paint onto wreaths or garland for flocking.

Pamela Moore
December 6, 2019

All decor is beautiful

Karen Pierce
December 6, 2019

I love the little silver trees 🌲🥰

December 6, 2019

loved them all thanks for sharing

Earnestine Strahan
December 6, 2019

I like all of them , my favorite was the wreath. ..

Lori Julian
December 6, 2019

I prefer the pointsettia wreath as a candle ring! Very pretty!

Joy Tucker
December 6, 2019

I love the little trees! Such a simple idea, but such a huge payoff!!!

Gabriela Espinoza
December 6, 2019

Beautiful ornaments chrismas 👍😊 home congratolations Mr everything ideas

Marisol Dones
December 6, 2019


Annie Kerr
December 6, 2019

Love love everything. Thank God for your gift and for sharing your talent with us. Happy thanksgiving

Salma Meouchi
December 6, 2019

Excellent super.!!! Your DIY 👍🏻🍀💯👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Ekta Singh
December 6, 2019

Dollar tree has a snow spray bottle, love all the decor

Jodi Stevenson
December 6, 2019

Such cute ideas! TFS! Hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Tammy Okelley
December 6, 2019

I love the trees you did at the end and the gold swirl ornaments.

June Font
December 6, 2019

I love all of these DIY's, but my favorite thing about this video is the view from your yard! The fall trees are spectacular. This Florida girl is just a little jealous of your gorgeous landscape! Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for bringing us so many great craft ideas!

Jenny Strong
December 6, 2019

Wow! These are all really good DIYs. Very pretty and easy to do. Love them all and the wreath/centerpiece I like best as centerpiece. Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Lynn Smith
December 6, 2019

All of these are adorable! The wreath is gorgeous as a candle center piece as well as a wreath

Robin Mavis
December 6, 2019

I love the glitter 'grapes'!

Kim Bryan
December 6, 2019

Love them all.. I like the one as a centerpiece best but my very favorite is the silver tree you made last, I think it looks very classy and know one would ever think it was made from dollar tree items TFS n Happy Thanksgiving

Patty Bonilla
December 6, 2019

I just love everything that you made jajajajaja could not decide on just one.

Margret Anne
December 6, 2019

I love love love how the tree at the end looks! Thank you for such a great idea.

Marilyn Cook
December 6, 2019

Not necessarily dollar tree but you can use flour and water in a spray bottle. I've seen people use that. They spray the item then throw the flour on🤔

Annette Rodríguez
December 6, 2019

I like it both ways and that’s awesome because it have to uses!

Tammy Babcock
December 6, 2019

Awesome ideas

karina sulger
December 6, 2019

they are all beautiful , but when it comes to faux snow…… i use a mixture of glitter, buffalo snow , and epsum salt ……. and i spray the greens with adheasive spray , and then go to sprinkling the combo of salt, snow and glitter….. let dry , if need be go at it again til u get what u like

Donna Blansett
December 6, 2019

to add a snow effect to the wreath, id use the spray snow :).

Linda Bell
December 6, 2019

I would use it as wreath, looks prettier hung. All of your Christmas decor looks elegant!!! I really like all the ornaments! And the Christmas tree idea is genius! It would also look elegant using white berries. Have you seen them at Hobby Lobby this year? They look gorgeous! Truly enjoyed watching your videos. Thank you kindly for all the you do. Have a blessed Thanksgiving 🦃❤🦃

Sophie Dimitriadis
December 6, 2019

Awesome, decore for either table or door!

Alexis Herrera
December 6, 2019

Can I get the link for the garland swag your mother law has 😭

Tracy Gallo
December 6, 2019

I loved the wreath/table centre piece!

Stormy Girl
December 6, 2019


Victoria Sugent
December 6, 2019

I absolutely loved all your Christmas decorations! Especially, likes the wreath and the ornament from the stocking. Great ideas!!

Wendy Bauman
December 6, 2019

I love the lil silver trees.

Frugally Efficient Homestead
December 6, 2019

Wow, I really cant decide which I like more. Thank you for sharing. I think I liked the tree the most but honestly i want to do them all. Lol. The wreath or table piece looks amazing either way. I think the candle takes away from the entire beauty, because you cant see the whole wreath anymore, but it still is beautiful

Mallory Gorrell
December 6, 2019

Currently saved this video to try some of these later on. I love these ideas!!! They all turned out really cute and super easy!

December 6, 2019

It beautiful and I would use it either way

Mandi -Candy35
December 6, 2019

I just have to tell you that I love your hair like that….

Karen Howard
December 6, 2019

Hello. The 2 Wooden Signs & the Wreath was my favorite. I would make 2 or more, so I could use 1 on the wall & 1 or more for candle rings on the Dining Room Table & the Coffee Table or Some Side Table or on a Foyer Table. I love the White & those Walmart Bead Berries are way better quality & look classier than the DTs & won't fall apart easily either. Great Job ! I do not know how much you paid for that stocking you cut up, but I saw some soft reversable sequin slippers in 2 tone colors at Target for $7-10 sitting in the middle of the isle along the walkway just past the registers. A bit expensive just to make an ornament, however faster than gluing them on 1 by 1, but you might be able to get sewn strings cheaper & go around the ornament with that & glue a bit cheaper; perhaps Walmart has some. Olivia's Romantic Home sent me here bc of the Cute Pink Cakes w/Roses she had. Going to go look for those. Love Victorian, Glam, Shabby Chic & Pink Christmas ! Happy Crafting. I Subbed & hit the N.Bell.🎍🎅😀

cornelia urbina
December 6, 2019

The reef looks better as a centerpiece

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