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DIY Christmas Present Concepts on a Finances for 2019 🎁Inexpensive and Simple

Listed below are four simple and inexpensive DIY reward concepts for this Christmas that you could make on a finances!

♡ l i n ok s ♡
i n s t a g r a m :
b l o g :
p i n t e r e s t:
t w i t t e r :

IKEA Hacks and DIYs playlist:

Hello, I am Hermione and I like making DIY initiatives which might be finances pleasant and add a pop of color to your life! Take a look at my movies to see extra DIYs, hacks, life-style suggestions, motivational movies and extra

Tough reduce edit by my great buddy Sarah: sarahapeirce@gmail.com



  1. I love DIY.. And 5:55 is that BTS stickers? 😍💜💜

  2. Wowww amazing video thanks for sharing big like

  3. HERMIONE I love all of these ideas! They're easy DIYs that my friends will actually appreciate, v impressed x

  4. Are you an army- cuz girl- same. I still have Love Yourself: Answer- stickers and im not gonna use them. Like ever.

  5. i saw bts stickers and i automatically liked the vid

  6. This is my first time watching her videos and I love them already😁❤️🐷🐷🐷

  7. I have heaps of stickers because I was in Stickii Club for about a year. I mostly use them in my task journal to motivate me! Also, pretty things are designed to be used. And if you use them you can buy more….

  8. Why is that hot water bottle cover more stylish than my entire wardrobe? 🧐

  9. awww you look like Ali Sudol and also have lovely voice like her i can't ♥♥♥

  10. Does anyone know anywhere else to get the yarn from for cheap? There isn’t any in my local Aldi, must have sold out already. Lovely gift ideas 🧣❄️

  11. Those scarves look super cuddly! I think I’ll make one for myself!

  12. the bts answer stickers omg * -*

  13. Oh so so pretty DIY's, specially I liked that pretty box and scarfs..

  14. I’m getting my grandma a custom made blanket with our dog on it and probably a name necklace and her favorite candy I wanna give instead of getting

  15. Can you make a scarf with thinner wool using the same technique?

  16. The maxi crochet scarf is xtra cute, but absolutely expensive cause this wool is not produced in my country… People hack the maxi knits by buying yards of fabric and putting it together on a sewing machine but its so bothersome…

  17. Love this! What kind of yarn did you use for the scarf?

  18. where did you get them stickers with like workout on I love them 🥺💞

  19. As soon as I saw the bts stickers I couldn't take my eyes off it

  20. she said the scarf was easy… it was extremely difficult

    I feel like it was difficult for me because I don't know how to crochet….

  21. I'm the same! I kept my stickers so long that they stopped being sticky 😂

  22. Hi Hermione! Would you mind letting me know the length & width of the scarves please… odd question I know but I’d like to make a throw for my bed in the same style so just want to work out how many wads of wool I’d need to make a throw for my bed (or technically a scarf for a giant (if I ever ran into one 😂🙈) xxx

  23. I love the scarf idea, I'm totally gonna make them. 🙂

  24. I’m thinking of making the scarf for my Nan but if I have the patience I might make it into a blanket (thanks for the idea) !!

  25. I have yet to see hot water bottles be a thing here in the states, especially up in the north east.

  26. I love the scarf, where did you buy the wool/yarn from?

  27. wow!!! love it! the hot water bottle…super idea! and the pictures „frame“!!

  28. I'm rubbish at giving gifts so this really helped me!

  29. Finally a brit!!! the works is the best! btw ur vids r the best!!!!! #charityshopslover

  30. Hey nice video!! Could you possibly tell me where you your jumper!? Its so cute!!! xxx

  31. Hermione! I love all these DIYs BUT I live in South Florida, so neither I nor any of my family members or friends have a need for winter gear. Do you have more holiday gift ideas that are season-neutral?

  32. I love that scarf! It looks so so soft

  33. Fun diy alternative for the hot water bottle: make one out of fabric, fill it with oats and heat it up in the microwave. (But be careful tho when heating, there is always a risk of fire) Aaaand you can also use this oat-fabric-pillowthingy cold, just put in the freezer for an hour and tadaa!

  34. "Dane-Ish" as in from Denmark xxx 🙂

  35. I thought I was seeing things when I spotted the BTS stickers. 😅 They're everywhere! 💕

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