Greenback Tree DIY Christmas decorations 2019

DIY Christmas decorations 2019 Greenback Tree! Simple & low cost DIY Christmas decorations from the greenback retailer. Impartial Christmas DIY decor, rustic farmhouse DIY Christmas decor & Conventional DIY Christmas decor concepts. Together with a number of Buffalo verify & plaid DIY Christmas adorning concepts for indoor or outside. The vast majority of the provides are from the Greenback Tree, however in fact you’ll be able to customise all these DIYs to suit your Christmas theme or type 🎄

⛄Marta’s (Cuban Curlz) DIY Greenback Tree Christmas video

⛄Extra Greenback Tree Christmas DIYs

⛄2019 Christmas Decor Playlist



  1. Was wondering what to do with mine,I have a dozen of those vases/ candleholders,clever tfs,love all your crafts

  2. Definitely going to attempt to make the jars and and the white stand thank you for your cute Christmas ideas 💖

  3. Nice DIY helped me a lot hope u get to 1Mil #Roadto1mil

  4. Super cute DIYs!!!
    Planning to make a few. OMG I have that vase and never thought to paint it!! Looks so much nicer!

  5. Thank you very much for Share this video for Christmas

  6. I am loving all of your diys!!!! I do have a question though, how do you store all of your scraps and supplies to keep them organized and handily available?

  7. Wait, I wanna know more about why your door had to come down lol

  8. I like the wreath but I put a big bow at the top of the pine cone wreath. Thanks

  9. I really appreciate how you jump right into the tutorials. Also your video thumbnails have all the DIYs clearly shown instead of the "OMG look what I did with these $ store items!!!!" clickbait. That ish drives me crazy.

  10. Very cute stuff you made TFS ❄⛄🎅🎄🎋

  11. Btw u inspired me to make s Snowman sign this year n also Noel sign ty for sharing this . 🎄🎁🎆🐻

  12. Great idea's , great DIYs super cute n nice festive … Great job ! 🎄🎁🎆

  13. I love and appreciate your videos, ideas, and explanations. You rock!

  14. That was quite a tease you left us with! You had to break down a door? LOL I especially liked the snowman sign. Thanks friend!

  15. Love all these diys, and your personality is everything had to hit that subscribe button 😂

  16. I hot an owl, but I started early. Pick up the pine cones outside. Ha.

  17. Your pinecone wreath turned out awesome!

  18. Love the pinecone wreath! It looks great

  19. You are fun to watch, thanks for the ideas

  20. Just found your channel and I've been watching for about 2 hrs now 😅 Sometimes DIY tutorials can be a little boring and your sassy "you've got this" personality is very refreshing. Definitely inspired and can't wait to see more 💝

  21. Anyone else want the longer version of the door story? 😀

  22. If you don’t have of the Halloween signs dollar tree sells wood cutting boards!

  23. It’d be cool to be able to craft along with you in “real time”. We just need to know the materials ahead of time…. ❤️

  24. Just saw a video from Kelly Barlow Creations. COPPA law and Dollar Tree DIYers/crafters. Important for Youtubers.

  25. oh no! i DID buy the snowflake lights. (havent opened them yet, but still!!!) oh well, maybe i can enjoy them for a day..ISH and re-purpose them in this, and maybe other ways? thanks for the idea!

  26. Congratulations on your 100K subscribers!!!! You are awesome Megan!!!

  27. That owl wreath though!!! Wowzerz, 100% trying that out.

  28. I totally love all of them, although maybe if I had to choose, I'd say the snowman?! Awesome job and totally enjoyed!! 😘❤️⛄️

  29. Excelentes ideas ❄❄❄❄🎄🎄🎄🎄

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