LUXURY GIFTS FOR HIM: Christmas Present Information | Fleur De Power

Searching for an awesome luxurious present for the Man in your life – this is mine (and Mike’s) spherical up of our faves! EXPAND this little field for more information, hyperlinks and so on xo


Corksicle Wine Chiller:
Elemis Present Set:
Elemis Journey Bag Present Set:
The Ridge Pockets:
All Saints Perfume Set:
Valentino Perfume Set:
Veja Trainers:
Wood Top Chart:
Apple Airpods:
Apple Airpods Holder:
Theragun Muscle Gun:

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  1. #Theragun is an awesome tool for muscle recovery and warming up. Love it! And $200 off right now 🙌

  2. I'm reading the comments and see that people complained about the pricing of these which makes me so sad! I love watching these videos so much! I'm in college and most of these things are out of my budget range but it still gives me such good ideas for alternatives I can find in my budget! Love watching this series 💙

  3. It’s so hard to watch when you interrupt and talk over him constantly. He can hardly get a word in

  4. Sometimes I forget your last name isn’t actually De Force lol I was thrown off at the FB initials

  5. Tick this off the Christmas tradition list

  6. It's so strange she's the only one with actual money who totally missed the luxury videos that inthefrow cornered.

  7. My boyfriend has a beard & moustache all the time, not just ‘Movember’. I managed to find a Black Skull Bay Rum Beard Oil by a brand called Beard Club on Amazon for his Christmas gift. It’s a “premium” beard oil so that could make for a nice little gift for the guys also x

  8. Omg what is this eyeshadow?! Makeup look please!!!

  9. More videos with Mike please! He’s hilarious and seems so sweet

  10. It’s a shame that you have no environmental concerns or eco friendly concerns btw Christmas isn’t supposed to be amount who can spend the most money on each other either..

  11. I love your christmas gift guides every single year and watch all of them, even if i already got all the presents for my loved ones 🙂

  12. My partner has that wallet and he literally tells everyone about it! Great gift guide guys

  13. I literally come back to your gift guide videos every year cuz there so helpful! I love them 🙂 please continue making them

  14. Glad Mike is doing ok! Enjoyed getting ideas. Guys are harder to buy for me. Merry EARLY Christmas <3

  15. The eyeshadow you are wearing in this video is beautiful – I have looked to see if you mention what it is but am unable to find it – can you let us know? Thanks! (Big fan and have been watching you for years 💜)

  16. Fleur have you had your conch pierced or are you just wearing an eye cuff

  17. Your gift guides are such a great ''Xmas youtube tradition'', I wait for them every year 🙂

  18. love him. The most handsome men i ever see on youtube vlogger husbands

  19. Nice vlog. The wallet for men very interesting. Nikolas would like the ear phones. Really liked the massage tool, could use one. Thanks Fleur. Squidge a cutie pie.

  20. Last year i gave airpods to my boyfriend and he was so happy and surprised! Highly recommend. However, wht can i give him this year hmmm…

  21. OMG: literally jumped up when I heard River crying thinking it was my daughter on the monitor!! Love these gift guides. Really great job Fleur 🙂

  22. I miss the Xmas sweaters 🙁 but great gift guide are you going to do a kids one again

  23. All i need to know is: what eyeshadow are you wearing? 😍😍😍

  24. Loving seeing you two together so much, you are such a lovely couple.
    And Squidge and her stuffed fox? So cuuute!!

  25. Super cute couple. Mike seems like a solid guy … definitely a keeper Fleur. Lovely video. Huge thanks from South Africa

  26. Loved this as ever. I’d be so gutted if you massively changed the format or stopped doing these, it’s clear how much work goes into them and they are always the first thing to get me excited about Christmas

  27. Snooker IS a sport! I love it when Mike's right! LOL. xx

  28. This was one of the best men's guides you've done, thank you!!

  29. Love having mike in the Xmas guide every year I love watching u 2 together xo

  30. Always love your christmas videos fleur!

  31. Fleur, I have watched you for years and have enjoyed your videos always. Sad to see you upset on Instagram but you did such a graceful job of looking at it as feedback. I have never commented before and would like you to know, I love the gift guides and always enjoy MDF's involvement and the dogs are so cute. Best wishes for a great holiday season!

  32. Love your gift guides Fleur, even if I don’t buy the exact gift you recommend they always inspire ideas! Your eyeshadow here is amazing, can you share what it is? 😊

  33. I love your content- my favorite part of your channel is that it’s YOU and a lot of the content is geared toward adults you have (either the ability or choose to save toward) fancier items. ❤️❤️

  34. Therafit is very worth the money..you will get the use out of it over years:) When you can expect to pay €70 – €100s for one sports massage with semi- pro to pro, v handy investment!!

  35. I love you and what you do but in this video you talk over Mike so much and put him down a bit when he suggests things. Was a bit cringe to watch :/

  36. Where are the Christmas jumpers?! I’m really offended there’s no Xmas jumpers Fleur 😜

    Ridiculous prices but I am NOT offended like some lunatics. Good inspiration to find something along those lines but cheaper. Good gift guide as always guys!

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