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For right this moment’s video, I shall be exhibiting you guys my present wishlist in addition to an reasonably priced reward information in your particular youngsters! From candles to ipads this record is JAM filled with often-overlooked presents that may make this Christmas EXTRA particular!


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Q: How outdated am I?
A: 15

Q: What do I movie with?
A: Canon Insurgent T6i

Q: What do I edit with?
A: Closing Lower Professional


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Jesus LOVES you!

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~ Emily

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  1. Hey girl, i just discovered your channel from a comment and am so glad I did. I'm also a new youtuber and would love to be friends 🙂 keep up the content!!!

  2. I'm not a teen but would so love all these things!!

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  4. I love the thumbnail and you are so pretty😄💖

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  9. This is a great list! I need a new mirror and a ring light 🙂 New subscriber and would love to support each other!

  10. I noticed your comment on DIY Designer. Do you make videos about thrifting or upcycling clothes or accessories?

  11. This is great! I was trying to ponder what I can get my cousin for Christmas.

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  14. Awesome! And congrats on reaching near 3K!

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  17. Haha. Very interesting clips you have. I’ve subscribed to check your channel more often. I’m new to youtube and trying to expand my network. Lots of love and good luck!

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