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2019 Present Concepts for Compact Tractor Homeowners!

Searching for the right reward for the compact tractor proprietor in your loved ones? Tractor Time with Tim lists a number of choices from cheap to extra extravagant! 54″ Rear blade from Heavy Hitch, Lube Shuttle Grease Gun, LockNLube Accent Package, Waite Decompression Instrument from Bolt On Hooks, 3/4″ Drive Socket set, the Unique Tractor Cab, new grapple from Precision Manufacturing, and TWTT merchandise.

54″ Rear Blade:
Heavy Hitch:
Use code TTWT for five% Low cost

Lube Shuttle
Use code TTWT for five% Low cost

LockNLube and Accent Package:
3/4″ Drive Socket Set:

Waite Decompression Machine and Loader Deal with

Bluetooth Listening to Safety
ISOtunes hyperlink:
$10 Low cost with Coupon Code TTWT

Unique Tractor Cab
Use Code TTWT for five% Low cost

New grapple from Precision Manufacturing
Name to Order: 660-827-6131
Point out TTWT for five% Low cost

TTWT Merchandise:


John Deere 1025R
Good Works Tractors:

John Deere 2038R & 5075E
AHW LLC John Deere Dealership

John Deere Elements
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  1. Let's get you a compact rock picker

  2. Got the isotunes free and they are good as well. They do keep the volume to 79 Db but work great once you get them fitted properly.

  3. You can count me as one of your fans of the big socket set that I bought from your store!
    Tim, I don't think I've ever seen you use a chain/drag harrow! Maybe it would make a good Christmas gift from Katriel?

  4. Burger Buns are 4'', make your patties 5'' wide

  5. Tim, if you got deodorant for Christmas, someone's probably trying to tell you something.

  6. It’s been two days now we need a new video!!!!!

  7. Non-related tractor question that is maybe more for Christy to answer. What camera are you using to shoot your videos?

  8. Those grease guns are always a fight. Some people got talent and than there's me. Make a mess out of everything

  9. mhh you need a small trailer for Johnny!;) And i cant wait to see the 1025R with the snow cab plowing snow!:D

  10. Hey! It’s Katriel!!! Welcome back, kiddo!

  11. Looking forward to the OTC review. I've read some users have clearance issues with the joystick and steering wheel. I have a 1023e without the adjustable steering wheel. Curious to hear your thoughts when you get to it. Thanks again for the time you and your family put into these videos.

  12. Has anyone seen the PTO quick connect. It looks like it works really well. Anyone have one?

  13. I put mirrors in the holes on my loader

  14. Battery operated grease gun, great option for your tractor !!!!

  15. DEET will eat away everything! 🙁

  16. i believe you are looking for something like a spearhead twiga 320, it wil fit perfectly on Johnny 2. It also comes in a 120 version. The spearhead have alot of different attachments to fit your needs i hope, and it works similar to the ventrac boom. So if you some day no longer have the ventrac you will still have the boomclipper, to cut the very steep hillsides you sometimes bump into

  17. Your store on Amazon shows the LockNLube quick connect kit is 'unavailable'. Do you know when it will be?
    I want to order one to help the channel out.

  18. I know Vinny has it, but I would love some seeder videos. I think I have heard of other brands other than the woods one you pointed out on an episode. I think “Good Works Tractor” has something one. Pretty certain seeders are up there in cost!

  19. Hey Tim, last video you and Kristie were talking to each other quietly while you were in the cab. Was that some radio device or as simple as a phone call via the ISO-tunes? (didn't seem like the voice-over??)

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