christmas wishlist 2019 (teen present information)

On this video I am exhibiting you what I would like for christmas and issues you possibly can ask for.

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remark “snowman” if you happen to see this!♥︎

how previous are you?
I am 16
do you communicate german?
the place are you from?



  1. Where is the Christmas tree from ? 🥰

  2. Woher ist der weiße Tannenbaum im Hintergrund?☺️

  3. Your english is awesome😶I am now since 3month in the US, but your English is still much better. HOW???

  4. Why is your englisch so good 🙈❤️

  5. Ich hab den gleichen Sticker auf meinem Taschenrechner hahahah <3

  6. Woher kommst du ? Du bist sicherlich nicht in Deutschland geboren

  7. so cool where are you going on the exchange?❤️

  8. Love your videos ✨💫 greetings from Russia 🙂

  9. wo gehst du hin im frühling? bzw mit welcher organisation?

  10. Where's your beautiful hoodie from? 😍

  11. Love the way you plan and manage ur personal expenses, u just mastered the skills of well-founded reasoning over emotional decisions. Love ur work, good choice, way u go Mia

  12. Snowman. Ouch i going to go to London and i'm so excited, but the Problem is that my English is not so good. 🙁 (Stufenfahrt)

  13. I want to visit Germany🎄
    I'm in the middle of exams week😭
    I'm happy because I watched your video.

  14. At first I thought that you are a native speaker but then I watched your the other videos and I learned that you are German but you are literally talking like a native speaker also your pronunciation is so good and you’re so cute ♥️(also I’m not a native speaker too)

  15. Where are you going for your trip?

  16. The fact that ur so relatable with budget and just the way you think amazes me and makes me fall in love with your channel

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