DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS WITH ME 2019 | christmas decor concepts + suggestions

It is official— Christmas is coming! I at all times get excited to brighten my condo for the vacations so I assumed I might take you guys together with me! Inform me about your christmas tree “decor type” within the feedback beneath 🙂

7ft. Pre-Lit Willow Synthetic Christmas Tree:
Gold ribbon (related one):
Pine & Pinecone Choose by Ashland:
Purple Glitter Berry Choose by Ashland:
Inexperienced Ombre Bottle Brush Tree:
16″ Fake Mistletoe Wreath”
Snowy Bark Ornaments:
Reindeer decoration:
Winter’s Eve Snowflake Tree Skirt:
Gray turtleneck sweater:
Felt gray garland:
Pre-lit inexperienced garland:
Inexperienced wreaths:

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Sheena Shines
December 7, 2019

New subscriber from the Maritimes! Gorgeous decor!🎄✨

Light and Love with Jess
December 7, 2019

I'm a matchy person, that likes a theme. But this year we went different and actually decorated with different ornaments instead of a theme. So I took my nieces and sister to Target and each of them chose an ornament they liked and I bought them and put them on the tree. And I love our tree the random ornaments add character and also remind me of when I was a child and we had random ornaments on the tree too. So I love your tree. All the random ornaments make it look so cute.

Jacklyn Phipps
December 7, 2019

I'm all about different tree decorations. I have tons from my childhood that I love bringing out every year!

December 7, 2019

A lot of our ornaments at my parents house are things that we made when we were kids (we are in 20s now) so they are so nostalgic to get out every year! Our star on the top of the tree is a kitchen roll tube with a cereal box cut-out star all wrapped in tin foil and somehow it is the best thing because it is uniquely ours.
Love your decorations!

December 7, 2019

I haven’t decorated a tree in years but I ideally want to get a uniform tree. No ribbons just lights and ball ornaments, but in the past it was always random.

December 7, 2019

I never noticed that there was a window from your bedroom to your living room. That's so weird, was the bedroom put in afterwards, or the living room put in afterwards? I'm so curious.

December 7, 2019

I do both kinds of trees. This is my first year decorating trees in my apartment, and the tree in my room has no color scheme and has all my different ornaments. The tree in my living room of the apartment has blue and silver ornaments.

Brooke Kraeszig
December 7, 2019

My family ONLY puts airplane ornaments on our tree and I've always been frustrated about not being able to just pick out ones that are cute or that would have special meaning to our family

December 7, 2019

It's so pretty 💗 I was just looking for Christmas decor ideas and I happened upon your channel, best thing ever! I love how you decorate, in my personal opinion and along with the rest of the commentators, mismatched decoration is homely, while there is nothing wrong with an uniform, matched christmas tree, I like the mismatched ones better, because every year we buy new ornaments, instead of throwing the old ones, we just make room for it, and our Christmas tree gets bigger just to make room for those memories, hehe. We still have many ornaments from our very first Christmas tree, I think almost 8 years ago. It has a very special meaning in my heart.

Jocelyn Lensing
December 7, 2019

I love a tree with a color scheme! Ours is white and gold with pops of red. But all trees are cute in their own way!

Krista Mackey
December 7, 2019

My moms tradition is to buy each of us kids an ornament every year to hang on the tree so as we’ve grown up the tree has become quite full of mismatched ornaments! which is beautiful and i adore the tradition, although i prefer for my own tree to be color coordinated and a little more simple!

Kawii Love
December 7, 2019

So pretty and your beautiful 🥰😍😍😍😘

Music was my first love
December 7, 2019

I loved your tree decor! I am kinda getting sick of every Youtuber having the same white/silver/sparkly/perfect tree. Sure they look nice but also kind of boring if we are being honest. But of course to each their own! I feel so inspired by your ideas. Also cutting up the ribbon is an easy but excellent hack!

Clau L. Granados
December 7, 2019

You should leave the headboard ornament all year long… so beautiful

December 7, 2019

I have a random selection of ornaments. Almost all from my parents or sentimental given to me

Miri C
December 7, 2019

Great video. Very cozy Christmas 🎄 vibes. My tree is full of different types of ornaments, I call it a potpourri tree. Merry Christmas 🎄.

Sarah Alyse
December 7, 2019

I definitely like a colour coordinated tree but when I have my own house I'd love the room to do multiple trees to do a mismatched one as well

Rachel C
December 7, 2019

I love that movie!

Jordie Barx
December 7, 2019

can we be friends? please?

Alyssa Medeiros
December 7, 2019

My family would get all different kinds of ornaments but she also had some gold themed ones that we would put up with the mismatched ones. So we had some coordination but mainly mismatched 😂

December 7, 2019

Can you test out some hot chocolate recipes and tell us which one is the best? 😀

Benny Hope
December 7, 2019

This year I got a white tree from the thrift store and decorated it with white lights and it looks super classy. My ornaments are about half matchy ones from Target (red, green, and gold) and half funky ornaments like Star Wars, superheroes, and Doctor Who.

Stacy Hoffman
December 7, 2019

My tree is mismatched as well! Lots of color and ornaments from childhood and/or specific memories ☺️ Also, I just found your channel & love it! Hello from WA State, USA!

Tiny Space Goat
December 7, 2019

We buy a new two ornoments every year. One with the Chinese zodiac animal for that year and one random one so our tree is really random. But is adorable.

December 7, 2019

Your appartement looks so cosy 😍 love it!

Katie Morris
December 7, 2019

I’m 12 and I obviously still live at home with my parents and our Christmas tree is white and silver😂💞xx

Hoskdk ejdif
December 7, 2019

Вышло очень круто

December 7, 2019

I think the really "aesthetic" christmas trees are beautiful but it's really not my style. Our family tree is a crazy mix of old ornaments from my grandparents (on both mum and dads side), little ugly christmas crafts that me and my siblings made when we were children, gifts, souvenirs and so on. As long as there is a branch for it it goes on the tree. In the end it always looks a complete mess but we love it. <3

Lil Shorty
December 7, 2019


Mamma Swag Queen
December 7, 2019

Hey Caitlin,,, btw? Merry Christmas to you & ur family❤,,,, Loving ur xmas🎄 decorations🏵 ideas,,,, lovely decorations,,, so adorable,,,, you totally inspire me…. Keep guiding us… Can't wait for your next video? 🙏😊

Esther Ti
December 7, 2019

We have a random collection of ornaments from holiday clearance sales. However, since I became a design major, I picked up a liking for color coordinated trees because that's what stores do with their displays. Last year, my mom and I compromised by combining her mixed ornaments with my coordinated ornaments. Despite not having the same sense of aesthetic, your tree looks fantastic! The ribbon helps the tree look more put-together. We don't have a ribbon so our tree looks like, well, a tree with random things hanging

Natsuki Abe
December 7, 2019

Most of our ornaments are homemade by my brother and I when we were growing up. Also my little stuffies get put into little christmas gift bags with their heads hanging out. That's a really cute way to keep around old beloved toys.

Cheyenne Buckley
December 7, 2019

I am a sucker for when things match. When I decorate our tree I just feel so relaxed when it all matches.

Lyndsey Foster
December 7, 2019

Love your bed frame!! Can you link it for me? So beautiful!

Jessica L
December 7, 2019

I love a collection of ornaments rather than multiple of the same ornament in a matching theme. Like you, I think they look so beautiful in shops but for my tree I like it to feel more personal. I still tend to gravitate towards ornaments in earth tones and classic Christmas colours though.

Amanda Johnson
December 7, 2019

Your home turned out lovely and looks so warm and cozy!! 😘🌲🌹💕

payton kalbfleisch
December 7, 2019

We are decorating tomorrow! All so evry year after Christmas we get a new ordimint so we can put it on the tree next year!

Jess Lee
December 7, 2019

that hot chocolate one is adorable also I go for a failed colour coordinated tree

Lau VaBer
December 7, 2019

Your place looks so cozy 💖

December 7, 2019

Color coordinated because yes. Love having a different one every year, just paired with gold or silver

Kenzie Kate
December 7, 2019

New subscriber and beautiful Christmas decor! So pretty!

Courtney Allbright
December 7, 2019

Hot coca bar!!!!!

December 7, 2019

Loved it when you were face timing with your Mum…so cute.
I love my decorations because of the sentimental value, my son made decorations when he was little and I still have them…they are my favourite.
This year is different though since I downsized and my belongings are in storage so my friend and I decorated her much fun.
So much history and stories attached to decorating the tree. I wonder if my son will do that once he's older?
(he's 21 at the minute)

Manal hammodi
December 7, 2019

Caitlin, where is your necklace from? I can't stop looking at it in every video

Troy Fuehrer
December 7, 2019

Each family member gets a new ornament each year and we get one for our oldest sibling who passed away many years ago too.

Sarah Dayton
December 7, 2019

I have a color scheme (this year it's white, gold, rose gold, blush, and green) for my Christmas tree (I have my own little tree for my room bc I live with my family still), but I have a ton of random ornaments like animals and handmade ornaments.

Emma Whitford
December 7, 2019

my family tree is always random and memory related, but the one in my room ( 7 foot ) is always colour coordinated with red/white/grey colour scheme , last year i did rose gold which was so pretty though

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