my teen christmas wishlist for 2019 + airpods giveaway!

giveaway guidelines:
– should be subscribed
– will need to have channel subscriptions turned on
– should observe each my instagrams
(@andreacanog_ & @andreacanog2)
– should remark your instagram & why you need the AirPods!
Giveaway ends: December eighth!!!!

enterprise inquires solely:
snapchat: andreac0214


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December 7, 2019

_.stephaniiee1 (my insta) : id like the airpods because it’ll make it easier on my family financially by not having to buy them for me and be stretched out thin on bills

Jaelle Kim
December 7, 2019

I don’t need them but I would like them because I have a little sister and she uses my AirPods all the time yeah so I would like a pair for myself and then I’ll give the old one to her 🙂 ty ❤️ my Instagrams are: @itsjaellejk @andreacanoop_

Svv Cvv
December 7, 2019

This might be the first time winning in a giveaway, don’t want to get my hopes up though 😉 I want them bc they are really cool and literally everyone is getting AirPods

caritooo corooo
December 7, 2019

i dont use social media im 11 years old my mom dont let me use it yet but she said i can try and see if i win the airpods please fingerscrossed thank you hopefully i can play

Myra Michelle
December 7, 2019

ig- myramichelleee

I want to win the airpods because i have alwayssssssss wanted them and because my regular headphones always stop working or get super tangled and i hate not being able to listen to music and charge my phone at the same time😭 also they are just very convenient and im too broke to buy them💀 Good luck everyone 💓

Mari Moli
December 7, 2019

2 more days left for the AirPods giveaway ❤️❤️ good luck to everyone 🤪😍

Svv Cvv
December 7, 2019


So lately I’ve been really wanted AirPods bc wires are not it anymore😭 every time I push my hair back the wire is always in the way and ends up coming off and I hate itttt😖

Christopher Hazzard
December 7, 2019

IG Christopher_hazzard24

Why:my friends all have one my bother just won some and I hate getting called fake and poor for not having AirPods

Artt l
December 7, 2019

I want the airpods cause I don't have any lol and so I can use them for the gym and look cool 😁 my Instagram is Arttxo7

Adriana Rodriguez
December 7, 2019

IG : adriana_rodriguez7771
Id like to win the airpods cause I have those cheap earbuds there's nothing wrong with it but it'll be nice to have a pair 💕

December 7, 2019

I really want the AirPods cause we sit next to each other in math

Soulta381ker911 _
December 7, 2019

I’d like to actually win this to gift this to my girlfriend since she’s been wanting a pair insta: @soulta381ker911

Jordyn shanae
December 7, 2019

The reason why : because I’ve been wanting to get them ever since the beginning of 2018 & because I dance and I need a wireless accessorie to do & im also inspired by you

Julissa Mcduffey
December 7, 2019

julissa_mcduffey and i’m tired of wires😭💀

Zienab Rouissiya
December 7, 2019

btw you are so pretty like you have me looking at myself ugly :))

Zienab Rouissiya
December 7, 2019

would love to win because i am a college student in france and i dont know much french. I just want to be able to cancel people out when they try to talk to me or be weird to me. Hope i win . ig:zienab.r

Lesly S
December 7, 2019

Ig: _bby.les
I want the AirPods because my headphones keep messing up and rn I don’t have headphones so I think it would be better for me to get AirPods since they’re wireless and the wire can’t mess up btw you’re so beautiful 😍🥺

December 7, 2019

@au3reyy i want the airpods because i keep getting my wire tangled 😩love you andrea

Max Gurule
December 7, 2019


I would love to get the AirPods because I love music and it keeps me from the outside world and it would be super convenient since all of my headphones either break or get lost

December 7, 2019

ig: txylormxtthews

yo i basically want those airpods of yours because i’m sick of people flexing on me with their airpods. if i get those airpods, not only will people around me feel poor, but i will also be flexing on the people with airpods too. you must fight fire with fire. i don’t think that’s how it works, but there is only one way to find out

avery Salcido
December 7, 2019

Reason why I would love to win the AirPods is because lately life has been really rough and music has really been therapy to me, I block out my problems when I listen to music and it’s made me feel a whole lot better ever since, my parents also can’t afford them for Christmas and since they know I really really want some they are going to feel sad if they aren’t able to get them for me and I don’t want them to feel like that:(
also I’ve never seen someone as pretty as you!!!!! So humble as well, definitely worth subscribing

Akina Alanah
December 7, 2019

I would love to win for my brother because he doesn’t have them and he wouldn’t want to spend the money on them and he is in college and ik it’s get tough to focus with noise

December 7, 2019

Girl how are you so perfect whaaat also I want your eyelashes lmao!! Literally love your videos and rewatched your old ones 🙂
I would like to win the Airpods because I just can't afford them and I don't wanna ask my parents for airpods because they are pretty expensive tho.If really like them and they would be perfect for school! If I would win it would be amazing and definitely a dream coming true.But good luck to everyone! 🥰
My insta is @alina.http

Debbie igby
December 7, 2019

Everyone around me has them and I feel very poor
My Ig: debbieigby

Julka Młynarska
December 7, 2019

I would love to get airpods because I love listening to music and it is more convenient for me to listen to it through wireless headphones. I don’t think it’s possible that i could get it for christmas so it’s
the perfect opportunity to make my dream come true ♥️💫 my ig is @julkamlynarskaa

Adi 18
December 7, 2019

Hey Andrea, my Instagram is adirosas18, and the reason I want air pods is to give them to my dad, because I ran out of money,😂 and he broke his air pods earlier this year.

Katelyn Olson
December 7, 2019

insta: katelyn.olsonn
why i want to win the airpods?: i live in a big family, and we struggle with getting money, i know presents aren’t the main part about christmas but i’d love to receive these, or even better give them to one of my siblings to spread the joy of xmas 🙂
thanks andrea so much for like giving us the option to enter and try to win💕🥺

December 7, 2019


good luck to everyone 🙂 also congratulations on 100k you deserve it!

I need AirPods because I’m a dancer and having wires is super hard to dance in because I’m always getting tangled up in them and I love to listen to music when I’m doing school work but again my hand gets tangled in the wires😂😭

Nicola Simmons
December 7, 2019

i would love airpods because i’m broke and can’t afford my own💓 thank you for hosting this, you’re too sweet, i love your channel🥰

Khlaudine Fortades
December 7, 2019

i want airpods because its free 😅❤️

ig: fortadesaudine

betzi delgado
December 7, 2019

@betzi.d i want them cause of the noise canceling 😭

December 7, 2019

i want the airpods cause the wires are just stressful at this point and your girl is too broke to get herself some airpods 😭 insta: pilar2km

Destiny Liera
December 7, 2019

Ig: @yo.gurlldestiny

I want AirPods because recently at school I lost mine and they were never to be found until one day I checked find my iPhone and I looked and someone had them at their house and they right away disconnected them and paired them with their phone and I really do need them for school but since I lost them I can’t use them anymore 😣

Enma Alvarenga
December 7, 2019

Why do you look like a Disney Princess????????

p.S. It is always a hassle to deal with the wires and honestly it takes forever to untangle!!!!


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