TOP 20 BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR MEN 2019 | Males's Vacation Present Information

20 Finest Christmas Items For Males 2019
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Video Subject: High Vacation Males’s Items
On this mens trend video I’m providing you with the final word 2019 Vacation Present Information for guys! We have now all the things on right here from tech, to grooming, trend, life-style, and LOT of surprising objects as nicely. Watch until the END and remark what you consider the video!

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Koio Capri ⇨

1. Overshirt aka Shacket ⇨
2. Timeless Smartwatch
3. Minimalist Exhausting Items ⇨
4. Cash
5. Simple Skincare Routine ⇨
6. Residence Bar Gear
7. All-In One Frying Pan ⇨
8. Lengthy-Lasting Hoodie ⇨
9. State of The Artwork Toothbrush
10. “Designer” telephone case
11. Outsized Scarf/Textured Socks
12. Digital Stylist
13. Espresso Desk E book
14. Easy Bangle ⇨
15. Beard Care Set
16. Minimalist Sneakers ⇨
17. Compact Cardholder ⇨
18. Assertion Ring
19. Grown Man Joggers ⇨
20. Shoe Preservation Equipment ⇨

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FTC ‣ This video is sponsored partially by Geologie. All opinions are my very own 🙂



  1. I ordered the A & F hoodie while your video was still going-and got an additional 25% off, so awesome! Thank you for the suggestion. I am subscribing to your channel now.

  2. @devanondeck what kind of watch do you have on in the video?! It's fire!

  3. Watching this for myself so I know what to ask for… anyone else?

  4. I’m sorry but that watch you just showed at 1:14 had terrible reviews from what you just put up on the screen lol 🤔😬

  5. Is the amber&crombie hoodie any near to the john elliot one ?

  6. If my girl got me fake designer she's single

  7. those shoecare equipment sounds like a great idea for my dad. Thanks

  8. Your wife should have done this segment

  9. I'm talking loud so my wife can hear me hahaha

  10. This is a great list to give others for ideas for me!!’

  11. What happened to your intro? Bring it back.

  12. Excellent video. Great advice and some cool choices.
    Nice work Devan. Always good to spend a few minutes in your company.

  13. Definitely sharing this video to my lady! 😂😂Great as per usual my man! Keep on blessing us with your videos!

  14. When you're giving your outro I'm always like "shit man keep talking I wish this class was longer" 😂 I see you family. I can't wait to surpass you. 💯🏁

  15. just picked up two of those hoodies for myself…gonna send this list to a few people who might need it! i appreciate the great suggestions sir

  16. Devan is the big bro you didn't know you needed. Thanks homie

  17. Damn I hate missed those new Abercrombie hoodies on sale. Wanted one for a while now

  18. I got great gifts last year because of your list…sending this list to all of my loved ones. All smiles for my birthday, Christmas, and anniversary

  19. Lol very funny hope your wife gets you that tooth brush.

  20. I swear watching your videos feels like finding that dope older brother I never had, keep doing your thing king 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Man, I loved your 2018 men’s Christmas ideas, and I’m so happy you brought one out this year. Thanks Devan ✊

  22. Maybe film about your watch collection?

  23. Not frowned upon… because it's a phone case🔥🔥🔥

  24. Yo the link for the Jogger is the same as the overshirt Link just FYI

  25. Love this! All the men in my life are so hard to shop for!!


  27. The man is a genius. Lemme send out this link as a Christmas List (in a group text) LOL

  28. Great video. Good suggestions as always. What's the brand and model of the sneaker on screen at 9:06?

  29. This is a really great video. Thanks for all the ideas!

  30. In terms of minimalist sneakers, I personally recommend the Baubax Travel Shoes! They're nearly the best sneakers I've ever put on, true

  31. Really liked the digital stylist idea! I know someone who is going to like it a lot!

  32. Well, I normally buy high end watches. But I'm liking that timex. I have to many watches for my own good.

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