Whats up all people, Bluegabe right here, and on this video I needed to point out y’all a few of my BEST Christmas present concepts for 2019. Make sure that to let me know within the feedback which of them your favourite and if you happen to occur personal any of those merchandise like I do!

The next checklist is hyperlinks to the corporate web site you could buy these superior presents at!

Favourite Rods:
Ol’ Salty:
Defender Rod:

Yo-Zuri Minnow Lures:
Yo-Zuri Braid Line:

Gambler Lures:

Danco Pliers: Use Promo Code: “BLUEGABE”

Thiessen: Use Promo Code: “BLUEGABE”

BlueGabe Attire:

Gator Professional Outdoor:
Use Promo Code: “BLUEGABE”

Outrigger Outdoor:
Use Promo Code: “BLUEGABE”
Swamp Eye Mild:
Flounder Gig:

Mokie Burns Chopping Board:

Can Cooker: Use Promo Code: “BLUEGABE”

Engel Coolers:
Dry Field:
Dry Bag:


Paul Thigpen Chevy:


For all Bluegabe Attire go to

For all of the Favourite Rods and reels I exploit go to

For all CanCooker merchandise go to
Use promo code BLUEGABE for 20% off all orders

For behind the scenes footage go to my Instagram @bluegabe


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Juliano Movies
December 8, 2019

Great video Gabe

wesley Evans
December 8, 2019

That old salty😍

Ardie Susilo
December 8, 2019

Nice bro,,, Like it

Suraj Meet
December 8, 2019

@Bluegabe 😊Nice Video. Gabe you could be a Good Salesman👆

Carpe' Omnia
December 8, 2019

Great Morning to the rest of the backbone of the World. I have been a bit slow on the up take but I finally decided to get on these dark web subscripts, LOOL. Heres the skinny, I believe the Arrington, from the wee little ones to Pop, provide the Grit, that so many people, sitting on the rail post of life, need, to successfully complete a two and a half gainer, (fully clothed or buck naked) into a Kettle filled with Love and of course Everglades multi pack… (My mother, an English teacher would've marked this run on sentence up) So here goes my 2 cents. I am a firm believer giving back to any entity or person once I have received from said. This is a Recipe for Potatoes
Crick Fried Potatoes.

Thick aluminum Foil, 2 sheets, laid over the top of largest cookie sheet and extending 4 inches past.
3-4 lbs of thick cut smoked bacon, laid side by side from 1 end of foil covered cookie sheet to other.
Layer chopped onions and thin sliced potatoes (about 1/8" thick cut toes) til its 2 ins thick.
Smash 5 cloves of garlic and lay 1 in middle and 1 per corner. Vigorous salt and pepper. Other spices to your wants.
Repeat the process of onions, potatoes, salt and pepper til you have used up the 5 or so pounds. A mandolin for slicing or my way is to peel and then knife the slices.
Add another layer of Bacon touching side by side and the cover with foil. crimp up the sides and ends, keep pack on cookie sheet and stick in 375 oven for 40 minutes.
At the sound of the next round, place another cookie sheet over the top and attempt to flip the whole pack over without singing and spilling.
cook for another 30 and then open a bit to see how well bacon is done. It should be a bit crispy so opening the top foil to broil the bacon is acceptable. Thanks for allowing me into your homes and a BIG HOOYAH to BlueGabe for this platform.. Brandon

December 8, 2019

as long as its not yeti – wouldnt buy shit from those anti 2A bastards

Thomas Ferrari
December 8, 2019

Excellent product presentation. Good luck with my good buddy John in Maryland. He's an awesome outdoorsman, we had many good times.

Chris M
December 8, 2019

I have used the Engel cooler bag for over 2 years on a regular basis. By far, the best cooler I have ever owned or used!

Gerald Franz
December 8, 2019

Awesome video brother, 2 thumbs up !!! 👍😎👍🐟💥🛎
Merry Christmas to you and your family, oh yeah rockin it BlueGabe style.

Mark Trump
December 8, 2019

Wish you were coming to Pa. It would be awesome to meet you and talk to you.

jonathan doak
December 8, 2019

i love you man love your video

Joseph Pecoul
December 8, 2019


Alison Motley
December 8, 2019

Ordered my husband the large and small can cooker for Christmas!!!!

שון כהן
December 8, 2019

Dude great idea. I need a woman who will buy me a whole range of rods. Like the girls love shoes I have a rod fetish. Lol

Verlyn Nygaard
December 8, 2019


Shawn Fox
December 8, 2019

Was looking for the tumbler but can't locate were its at on your link

Russell Fredrick
December 8, 2019

Be careful in Maryland, their gun laws suck

Steve Meek
December 8, 2019

Hope you have a great time in Maryland!

Aidan Levitz
December 8, 2019

Definitely the best recommended tackle video I’ve seen on YouTube. Keep growing @Bluegabe!

December 8, 2019

Check out these heated coats from . My wife just got me one and I LOVE it. I take it with me all of the time when I got on the boat and it keeps me very warm I cant lie!

zzz zzz
December 8, 2019

Gabe f*** wat ish costs ppl wanna know its money well spent nothing beats being out there in in tha field love all yall dmfd rob🤪 sarah deer mommy❤

Keith White's Fishing
December 8, 2019

Blue Gabeonize haha nice! Those beer bottle openers are awesome!!

December 8, 2019

Dude Gabe, seriously one of your most helpful videos yet. It is not that I don't enjoy watching all the others but if you can do more of these gear videos from time to time maybe around certain types of fishing, diving for bugs, gigging, etc that would be awesome. You do imbed this info in your videos as you go true but this summary format is awesome. We all work really hard to afford high quality gear as you said and find myself reluctant to buy/try new brands because I hate investing in mediocre and/or cheap gear that you end up buying multiple times. This problem compounds when you have a large family and typically buy in larger quantities….like right now I am thinking of getting away from St. Croix rods because the quality is not as good as it once was, I want to try switching to braid, I need outriggers for my Everglades 243cc, been eyeballing downriggers for months, and my 4 kids need good rain gear. I have come to also know that online lots of positive reviews, trendy names, and high price tag rarely translates into quality.

Kaevek Plays
December 8, 2019

BlueGabe! There's no discount for using BlueGabe as a coupon code at Theiseen's! I had a hole hunting/survival set picked out

Joly House
December 8, 2019

I never won any raffle in my life!so while I watching this video I'm dreaming of all those things that could make my dream came true,to be on outdoor catching fish and cook it!even though I never catch 1 because rod is so expensive here in Philippines. So I kept on dreaming reach my dreams to catch and cook.God bless to bluegave and to your son's.regards to sir Robert and his family too.

December 8, 2019


jeff dundon
December 8, 2019

What is the name of that bait caster reel again? I want to check that one out. I am a huge fan of the ambasadeur 5500. It has never changed because one cannot improve upon perfection. I have two of them. However, a new reel is a new toy!

Metal Faith
December 8, 2019

My husband loves your redfish designs for shirts, but you dont have nearly enough for women 🙁

jerwin Jacob
December 8, 2019

This is how Gabe became santa Claus.

jerry flinchum
December 8, 2019

I didn't see anything about the $30.00 danco knife in the description

Ernest Boatwright
December 8, 2019

Such a big yes on the dry box

John Carter
December 8, 2019

Where you coming to Md at ? I live on the Md shore myself Caroline County. We are always hunting on the farm.

Will Dodds
December 8, 2019

Yep! One of everything except the can cooker. Two of them. I'm just going to marinate on that dream for a while 😀

Slice of Life
December 8, 2019

When are you coming to md or more importantly what part

Brandyn Thomas
December 8, 2019

Where ya hunting at in MD, I live here and the duck hunting is awsome on the Eastern Shore!

December 8, 2019

There are no links!!!!!!!!

December 8, 2019

Great marketing, keep it up! Love the vids!

Roger Phillips
December 8, 2019

Yoder makes a better pellet smoker….. just saying

Marvin Newton
December 8, 2019

Alot of us construction workers use them dry box's for lunch boxes and they work great

Butch Sorrida
December 8, 2019

one spinning rod would be a nice chrastmas gift ,im from the PHILLIPPINES

Michael Rodriguez
December 8, 2019

Hi Gabe. I have been wanting to buy a few of your cutting boards but I can never find them. Can you send me a link. I want to get a few for Christmas. I know a bunch of my friends follow you and would love them. Thank you!!

dennis scanlon
December 8, 2019

What a great show bluegabe, lots of ideas for Xmas presents 👍👍👍🇦🇺

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