10 Reasonably priced Christmas Present Concepts (All Beneath $25!) | Dominique Sachse

A part of staying sane throughout the holidays consists of staying inside a price range, so I am sharing ten budget-friendly Christmas present concepts that will not break the financial institution!
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Present Concepts:
SiO Magnificence Patches
Customized Items (Stationary, Mugs, Coasters, and many others)
Jade Facial Curler
Number of Face Masks
The Wine Wand Filter
Rummikub (and different family-friendly video games!)
Leather-based Baggage Tags
Readers – Sight Station

This video was not sponsored and I bought all merchandise proven myself.


Comments (49)
Sandra Villalobos
December 9, 2019

I also think Izipizi readers are great looking! A little more but so many styles.

Sarah-Jane M
December 9, 2019

Wow 🙊 I just love those ideas you have given us, especially the purewine wands they seem amazing, reviews have suggested for some people that they never worked! Maybe they never had an intolerance to begin with I don't know, but hey! Great idea anyway. I like qwerky gifts something unique, always puts a smile on my face. 😊

December 9, 2019

Love your ideas! ❤️

December 9, 2019

SOAP STANDLES ! What a terrific idea! Thanks, Dominique – what a great idea to get rid of perennial "soap soup" 🛁 <– That's supposed to be a bathtub emoji, but I think it looks like a pregnant snail…

December 9, 2019

Happy holidays folks! I could use help for the husband and son in my life! My husband is an engineer and son is a gamer/college student. Any ideas? Thank you kindly! 😘

Marla Lee
December 9, 2019

The Wand! OMGoodness. Love wine, but not the side effects! Thanks!

Freda Landers Holt Perry
December 9, 2019

Thank you for budget friendly suggestions!! They are all fantastic!! You are an inspiration to all ages Dominique!!

Jessica Miller
December 9, 2019

Love that wine wand and the luggage tags!!! Great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Elena Otero
December 9, 2019

Hair, makeup and wardrobe on a Budget.

Ministerio de Mujeres Dunamis mayrena campos
December 9, 2019


mistral 111
December 9, 2019

Great ideas. Thank you Domonique. Question: how do you feel about going to a Xmas party at someone’s house and you cannot wear shoes to complement your holiday’s outfit? As you walk in, you see that everyone is barefooted😕

Meredith Hunt
December 9, 2019

You look so much better as a brunette. Blonde hair washes you out.

ab ab
December 9, 2019

Still eagerly awaiting a underwear, swimsuit, nylon try on haul 👍

mistral 111
December 9, 2019

What does TMJ stands for? Thank you.

Tami Lyn On Etsy
December 9, 2019

Dominique can you please let us know if you like the wrinkle patches once you've tested them? Thank you!

Kathleen Howard
December 9, 2019

Bought the soap standles to pair with soaps we are giving

henrietta henson
December 9, 2019

Last time you were blonde and longer I can't find a video is their one??? about this new do I LOVE It. Best style for you…

Barbara Marq
December 9, 2019

Thanks for sharing some gift ideas. This haircut and color is your signature, sophisticated and classic.💕

December 9, 2019

Totally unrelated, who makes your glasses. They fit your face perfectly!

Laya Cohen
December 9, 2019

Wand filter is brilliant

Rosemary Hernandez
December 9, 2019

Loved this video, such great and useful gifts. Thanks for the great ideas. 😘🌲☃️❄️

December 9, 2019

Great ideas, thank you!

Maria Booth
December 9, 2019

Love it

December 9, 2019

As usual you have very reasonable and fun ideas.

Deborah Bertolino
December 9, 2019

Love the soap standle. Yes a holiday wardrobe video please 💗!

Sarah Bishenden
December 9, 2019

When did you go dark with your hair have i missed something

Mary Celentano
December 9, 2019

Thank you for another great video! Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! 💕💕

This Bull Rocks
December 9, 2019

hahah I love the wine wand – I am in the wine business and have never heard of it

sarah Haardt
December 9, 2019

Great ideas! Did you go to ceron to get your pixie cut? I love it! Thanks!

The Woman in Me
December 9, 2019

May you have a great year-end:) love u..

The Woman in Me
December 9, 2019

You're so into my heart now Dominique. I just can relate too much with you, from your father-daughter issue to your personal stuff and the colors and styles you like and honestly, the TMJ thing haha I have it too. Thank God, I'm not alone. 🙂

Please keep up on uploading inspiring videos.
I hope you could also try showing yourself on a train or wherever you could bring us with you and have more interactions with others.

Just inspired by your great communication skill:)

Coco Mari
December 9, 2019

Love those readers! Thanks for sharing!

Heather Frampton
December 9, 2019

Thank you for sharing budget-friendly gift ideas, especially items of which I'd never seen before now. 😊🎄 Have a blessed Christmas season and 2020! ❤

ABQdianne ABQ
December 9, 2019

Dominique, hmmmm, holiday outfits sounds fun! Like, what to wear to a work party, office party at work, visiting relatives, etc. ❤️ Hello from Albuquerque 👋🏼

Shelley Pitchford
December 9, 2019

I loved your summer hair color and style, but your short, dark hair is outstanding!!! Fun video. Thanks! Blessed and beautiful Christmas.

December 9, 2019

I loved this video! I jotted down some of these which I will use as gifts. I'm thankful that in my husband's side of the family we draw names which reduces cost for everyone and make sure the little ones get what they want. That being said, I still stress over it. I want to make sure I personalize the gift because a gift card every year is too impersonal for my taste, so thank you!!

Iggy Biggy
December 9, 2019

Great Video thanks Dominique! We love you girl!

Ideli Longo
December 9, 2019

Thanks for your tips. Love them. And you are wonderful with your new look!!!

Mom2boyz 3
December 9, 2019

I love how you gave ideas that were different and not sponsored by a brand. I feel like all the videos this year are all brand sponsored. I love the luggage tags and the face masks, both could be cute for someone who travels a lot!!! Thank you so so much for this budget-friendly video.

Rakeema Zainool
December 9, 2019

Hi Dominique happy holidays to u n ur family n everyone watching..u look beautiful as always..can I suggest a makeup tutorial on the makeup ur wearing right now..looks very beautiful

Robin Holbrook
December 9, 2019

One of my favorite things: purse organizer! On AMAZON. Brand: PERIEA. comes in 3 sizes and 28 colors. Made of nylon. Prices: $7.99; $8.99; $10.00. Put your stuff in and at end of day remove from bag and put purse away. Voila! You are ready for tomorrow! The small one you can put: evening comb; designer lipstick; fancy compact; tissue; $20. Then, when going out just toss in drivers license and credit card and you’re good to! I have 2 for myself and a few years ago gave as gifts to every woman I know! Oh! They come in 28 colors. Get a light one. Easier to see into.🌹

Brigitte Gerard
December 9, 2019

A bottle of exotic gourmet olive oil would be a nice, budget-friendly gift, too!

Fiona Frazer
December 9, 2019

You take it with? Been watching too many Brit Tubers! Some great suggestions here- thanks! BTW – so happy your hair is auburn again.

Jean McRae
December 9, 2019

I am tryng to declutter my home and life, so I am not asking for presents I don't really need. I would rather cook a meal with sisters and spend ti e with them

Jovana Topalić Marković
December 9, 2019

This woman is so beautiful 🥰 Greetings from Europe 🙂

Sheila Yeates
December 9, 2019

Love your suggestions Dominique . I got some great ideas Thank you 🙂 Sheila

Marlene Herula
December 9, 2019

Very nice

Relyd Browning
December 9, 2019

Outstanding 😘

Lysa Wright
December 9, 2019

Well done!! Your list is creative and different! I ordered some beautiful soaps from Costco and the soap standle from Amazon for one gift Found a great referral for a book by Roma Downey called Box of Butterflies from one of your subscribers! I ordered 3 of those! Thx for making my shopping so fun and thoughtful with your tips!! Merry Christmas!

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