Vacation & Christmas Present Information for her! Skincare, style, magnificence, dwelling, garments, baggage, and extra! I partnered with Nordstrom on this video. Hope you take pleasure in!


(1) Recent Set 
(2) Too Confronted Set 
(3) Mac Lip Pencils 
(4) Gucci fragrance set MINI
(5) Gucci fragrance set LARGE 

BAGS 4:37
(1) Kurt Geiger Sparkly bag 
(2) Kurt Geiger Leather-based bag 
(3) Different Kurt Geiger baggage 
(4) YSL Black Tote 
(5) MCM Black Tote 
(6) Topshop Sparkle clutch 
(7) Blue clutch 

SHOES 12:10
(1) Boots 
(2) Slippers 
(3) Flats 
(4) Nude heels 

(1) Bracelet 

HOME 16:50
(1) Voluspa Candle 
(2) Candle set 

(1) Stable coloured scarf 
(2) Gold thread scarf 
(3) Blue gown (related – bought out) 
(4) Orange prime/Inexperienced prime
(5) Black, lengthy sweater 
(6) Inexperienced sweater 
(7) Grey unfastened rauna/cardigan 
(8) Fake Fur Jacket 

(1) MY ALL TIME FAVS! Softest ever & the very best present 

Hope you loved seeing all the BEST vacation items for her! Let me know if you wish to see one other present information with gadgets all beneath $50. #nordstrom @magiclinks @nordstrom Completely satisfied Holidays! Love you fam!”


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Shopper Mandy
December 9, 2019

Let me know what item you love most!!!

December 9, 2019

C 6

angie Palomares
December 9, 2019

Thank u so much for the gift ideas mandy xoxox happy holidays!!

khouloud hidri
December 9, 2019

happy holidays

Camille Andal
December 9, 2019

Hi Mandy, your videos don't pop up on my feed 🙁 eventhough I watch all your other videos. I only know you uploaded thru notifications. So disappointed with the YT algorithm right now bc I want others to discover your channel also

Jessica Palmieri
December 9, 2019

Great list! You always have the best ideas!
I was just in Armenia and loved it

carolina alvarenga
December 9, 2019

I really like the Kurt Geiger bags but I truly hate the bird head brooch/clasp. Are they removable?

Paola Owens
December 9, 2019

The bag!!!! It’s so gorgeous!!!!😍 all of the bags!! Ahhhhh!! what a great price!!! That’s my favorite!
You h w e best gift guides!!!!

December 9, 2019

Love your skirt Geiger bag. Do you mind sharing where it is made as per the tag inside the bag? Thanks!

Gillyanna Coops
December 9, 2019

I love seeing your beautiful smile pop up in my feed!🌻💙

Aisha Siddiqa
December 9, 2019

Love the Kurt sparkly bag! 💕😍

Celeste's World
December 9, 2019

Oh thank gosh this video is out. I needed ideas!! Plus, I'm running out of money fast so thank you Mandy, really, you just saved a bank account 😂❤️

Kelly Wolfe
December 9, 2019

Great video 💙♥️💛💗💜💖💚 always a like 👍👍

Jeann Tan
December 9, 2019

Just salivating here since we don"t have those here 🙂

antonella racelis
December 9, 2019

Omggg yesss 🌼😭

tas ema
December 9, 2019

I really liked the lilac scarf. It's beautiful😍

Roselyn samir
December 9, 2019

The perfumes are so beautiful 💖

December 9, 2019

This was so helpful girly!!!

jo_ v80
December 9, 2019

I sooo love the flats, both in black and in beige! You’re right, it’s hard to find ones that are super comfortable!

Gracie Vee
December 9, 2019

I love your picks! I receive slippers every year 😊 usually really affordable ones but some day I’d like Uggs! I’m already done all my shopping 🛍🙌

May Thao
December 9, 2019

Anyone wanna know what lashes she is wearing??!!? So pretty! 😍

December 9, 2019

I couldn’t click fast enough! Love when you do these gift videos! Also, so excited to see your bonus pjs link! I love cozy pjs! Thank you Mandy ❤️ I hope You had a very nice thanksgiving! Sending love and support ~Kelly~ 🎄❄️⛄️🎅🏻⭐️

Shannon Brown
December 9, 2019

I'm trying to be consistent with your videos because I've been so busy lately….. I'm just gonna send my boyfriend the link to the video.😁😁

Aranza_ Arias_
December 9, 2019

I love all of them 🤩🥰

Life Of Jenn
December 9, 2019

Why did they do a subscription refund for the money that we were paying to enter into giveaways?

Summer Savage
December 9, 2019

I love everything!! The shoes the bags!!!! That sweater to me is known as a topper… LY girl!! 😘😘

Luanne Thompson
December 9, 2019

Great gift Ideas.

Ms_ Tavania
December 9, 2019

Yesss Mandy 🙌🏾❤️

December 9, 2019

Shared this with my husband 😈

Crystal Zaragoza
December 9, 2019

First I want to say happy holidays!💖💖 second the green sweater and the bracelet are super cute!😍😍

Alma Lucero
December 9, 2019

Yay hey gorgeous such a goof video I have about 30 members in my family and have to find at least a small gift 🎁 for each one of them but every year it gets harder!! So maybe getting drugstore items would help me!! Love ya queen 👸🏻😘💗🙌🏼👑🎄

Poor Mom life
December 9, 2019

Omg IN LOVEEE WITH that Gucci parfume set! ! Sooo beautiful!!
@melissaward865 on ig

Poor Mom life
December 9, 2019

Omg this is such a great video!! Thank u so much Mady!! For another amazing video as usual! And i love love love Nordstrom !!! There's nit ine near me but i love looking at their website! Awesome video and awesome gift ideas!! Sending you live and positive vibes during your holiday season!! ❣💌❣💌❣💌❣💌❣💌❣💌❣💌❣💌❣💌❣💌❣
@melissaward865 on ig

Simone Gouveia
December 9, 2019

That fresh gift set, need! Omg 😍😍

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