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Searching for the ladies in your life might be tough, however don’t be concerned, we did all of the arduous be just right for you. Here is our Reward Information For The Girls In Your Life.

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Comments (31)
Brad Hubert
December 10, 2019

So no Peloton? 🤣

Joseph Gomez
December 10, 2019

Can we stop and say Wooooooooww to Ashley’s top in this video

Gustavo Gutierrez
December 10, 2019

Give the women in your life a message voucher!

December 10, 2019

Great advice. Ashley is beautiful. Thank you for your advice Ashley.

A.J. Hart
December 10, 2019

I'm not sure if the charger is feasible. According to the website it only has a 1500 mAh charge to it. Given that chargers only actually carry 70% of the claimed power, that puts us at 1050 mAh.

Most iPhones these days have batteries north of 3000 mAh. That basically means that you'd need three of these chargers to fully charge your iPhone if it ran out of juice.

Dave Mathew
December 10, 2019


Angela Lewis
December 10, 2019

I live my silk pillowcase. I got one for my daughter as well.

Jeremiah Bok
December 10, 2019

I had no idea what to get some people, and this just saved me. Also, it's fun to see you looking a little more fashion-forward like in your first vids, Ashley.

Brett Patrick
December 10, 2019

Much appreciated! Giving me ideas for an upcoming White Elephant party. I'm probably gonna pick up a diffuser for myself for those "special times".

Trevor Fairbaugh
December 10, 2019

Great Gift Guide! Please do this again!

PG Plays Video Games
December 10, 2019

i'm only watching this cuz hopefully it has ideas for christmas secret santa at the office (cuz if you have a significant other you should already know what to get her)

and … it's all too expensive for a secret santa lol except that diffuser. If I can find a 20 dollar diffuser that would be amaaazing

Rmd Rmd
December 10, 2019

girls are so beautiful, but there are so hard too understand ssory

Rmd Rmd
December 10, 2019

dorrian you look so much better

Rmd Rmd
December 10, 2019

super video, but if i have to shop for al my girl friends a have a money problem

Shawn H007
December 10, 2019

Thank you very much for the ideas! As buying gifts for women, I have a baseball players average… around .300 if I am good!😀. What my girlfriend has told me that it's the thought. Not easy to do, but paying attention to the details and knowing her is a start.

C Red
December 10, 2019

Gotta know.
Dorian, what watch are you wearing?

Luw Men
December 10, 2019

Having true love is an amazing healer.. happy for you bro Dorian.

Ravi Sharma
December 10, 2019

This question is for Ashley,
Who do you look up to for style inspiration for styling yourself?

December 10, 2019

How big are Dorian’s hands? 😂

Joshua Grill
December 10, 2019

Dorian remember what Ashley said in the video she might be dropping hints for the holidays

chaitanyasai chunduri
December 10, 2019

1) body lotions…
2) instant camera
3) fleece robe
4) blue tooth speaker
5) volcano candle
6) gold hoop earrings

chaitanyasai chunduri
December 10, 2019

Hey you I'm chaitanyasai chunduri 😊

Hélia Alves
December 10, 2019

Lovely recommendations. As long as you don't get her the charger, she will be really happy 🙂 I've been wanting the silk pillowcase for literally 2 decades to help with my hair, but it's so much money just for one pillowcase, I never got myself to buy it. If you are in doubt, I would definitely recommend that awesome gift!

December 10, 2019

@3:32 thats Dorian adding body wash to Ashley's Christmas list, ha ha

December 10, 2019

Ok on last video "gift recommended for men" I commented that it was useless recommendation. On this video I liked some of the gifts recommended I can use the recommendation for family members. But I have to mention one big error!! " Battery Charger" gift for women!!!??? Will you carry around portable battery charger around?? How many times you did that?? 😂😂 Seriously plz stick to the topic.

Kevin Toledo
December 10, 2019

Can you recomend some YouTube Chanel for womens ?

December 10, 2019

You look like Simpsons…

David Salchert
December 10, 2019

Not the video we deserved, but the one we needed 🙏

Joozuji Saito
December 10, 2019

Any brand recomendations on brand for the silk pillow case and eye mask?

Louis Choo
December 10, 2019


Sylvester Valderrama
December 10, 2019

Notification squad!!! Good morning gents lets let the woman we love know it this holiday season!

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