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HEY MY LOVES!💕 I hope y’all loved this video! Let me know what different “vacation” movies y’all wanna see because it’s December! Be sure that to love, remark, & subscribe, love youuuu❤️🎄

Insta: Marilynamoire



  1. THIS VIDEO GOT DELETED😩 So I’m reposting it

  2. Marilyn gang or no gang!! 🥰 our wishlist look similar

  3. Can you do a video on products you use on ya hair and what made it grow fast

    and what’s products you use on your edges and to slick up ya hair

  4. Where is your Hair from omg!😍😍😍

  5. even though i watched it when it was first uploaded, i still rewatched it ☺️💙.

  6. The beginning is me to my sister 😂😂

  7. When the hair tutorial coming ? 🥵

  8. I felt that when she told them to close the door!!😭🤣

  9. where’d you get your hair from ?

  10. Girl we all want them 11s…AND THEY DAMN NEAR SOLD OUT ALREADY 😭🤦🏾‍♀️

    Edit: also the uggs you’re looking for you have to go the “What’s new” tab or whatever it’s called, but it has the word new in it

  11. what do u want for Christmas?💜⬇️

  12. Hi girl 💕💕💕 where your wig from ? I really love it

  13. Hey girl i love your haar can you leave the link please 😘

  14. Hopefully they don’t bring the negativity into the comments again 🙄💗

  15. I love youuu so much ND u are Soo pretty😘💞

  16. Hey Marilyn I miss you and rose 💕💕!

  17. Ily❤
    I missed you ,you must post videos everyday my yt is boring without videos of you

  18. First and u post this,already 🤣but it don’t matter I’m still here

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