AMAZON GIFT IDEAS UNDER $15 2019: Stocking stuffers reward information!!

Right here is my first #GiftGuide for the Holidays!! You may discover a number of suggestion for presents all beneath $15 excellent as stocking stuffers from Amazon Prime, Sephora & Marshalls!
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• High I am Sporting-
• Himalayan Salt Evening Lamps-
• Rose Quartz Face Curler-
• Hand Cream Present Set- *$11 on Amazon, totally different model however nice critiques!
• Dry Shampoo Present Set- *on Amazon is costlier, test your native Marshalls!
• 2-pack Keychains-
• Wooden Coasters-
• Chew Magnificence Present Set-
• Stila Liquid Glitter Shadows Present Set- *test your native Marshalls for affordable worth.
• Colourpop Eyeshadow- *all the things is at the moment 30% off!!
• Sheet Masks 24-pack-
• Wine Tumbler-
• Gold Preliminary Necklace-
Here is the one from Anthropologie-
• Eye Adjustable Ring-
• David Yurman Dupe- *sorry this one is $19.99, I meant to incorporate it in my beneath $25 reward information, my dangerous 🙁
• Magnificence Blender Dupes-
• Airpods Pink Case-
• AirPods Louis Vuitton Case-
• Velvet Scrunchies 20 pack-
• Louis Vuitton Dupe Keychain wallet-
• Polaroid Movie-
• Cellphone Holder-
• Goal Stockings-
• Goal Stocking Holder-

* please keep in mind, Amazon costs change day by day!
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December 15, 2019

• Under $25-
• Under $50-
• Men's Gift Guide-

Sheila Soule
December 15, 2019

Hon, you say stockings any way you want! 💜 You’re darling & you do you

Nah Nope
December 15, 2019

Your accent is fine. There's a guy in my comm100 class that has your accent, annnnd I think it's dead sexy. My last name is Hispanic, my dads side is Hispanic. Your accent is fine. Anyone says any different is irrelevant. 🥰❤

Anna Arellano
December 15, 2019

Love your accent!… don't listen to anyone who comments on it.. They need to get a life.

Kay Bee
December 15, 2019

Please never ever apologize for your accent ever again!! Anyone that takes the time to comment on your accent needs a hobby and a therapist…in that order. Stay positive!!

Kathryn Gordon
December 15, 2019

You speak English just fine, ignore the haters – they probably can't even speak a second language.

December 15, 2019

Don't apologise for your accent, screw the complainers!

clara Wines
December 15, 2019

They don’t need to watch if they have a problem with your speech

Sarah Meza
December 15, 2019

where’s the dry shampoo from? amazon too??

Darsi Grunewald
December 15, 2019

Some people would rather complain than give praise. You keep doing you! ❤️

Katie Palmer
December 15, 2019

Girl your saying stockings perfectly fine. I LOVE your accent. Keep the videos coming!

Amanda Shames
December 15, 2019

i bought those facemasks pack last christmas and I'm STILL going through them! It's a great purchase!

Tammy Roy
December 15, 2019

This was full of so many fabulous and unique ideas!! Sadly for us in Canada a lot of the prices are way higher……come on Amazon🧐
But this still gave me great ideas 👍😊
Thank you for sharing:)
Tammy Roy 🇨🇦
I think your accent is adorable:)

L Camarena
December 15, 2019

You are so cute. Your accent is precious. People are so silly if they are bothered ! Keep up the great work!

December 15, 2019

Girl, people talking about your accent or English can go somewhere. You know Two languages, maybe they are jealous. I’m new here, and I think the way you talk is just fine. I swear people will come comment on the stupidest things. Lol 😝

Anna Diaz
December 15, 2019

Girl don’t ever apologize for your accent

Anne Bush
December 15, 2019

You should not have to change the way you speak. If they don’t like don’t listen.

Victoria Rega
December 15, 2019

Don’t apologize for your accent. You speak two languages. You gained a new subscriber.

Alexandra Rodriguez
December 15, 2019

Not sure if you mentioned this already, but where is your banana leaf keychain from? It's so cute!

Mariana Ortiz
December 15, 2019

No need to apologize for your pronunciation of words. You are awesome and I love your videos! 🙂

Bargain Holic
December 15, 2019

My sister speaks with a Boston accent and we're West coast born n raised but she says register like an English person?!?! Your accent is cute!!!!

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