An Unconventional Present Information | Inexperienced & Minimalist Present Concepts

I will share a present information for people who find themselves aware in regards to the gadgets they carry into their house. What to offer somebody who possibly doens’t actually need presents, or whenever you need to give one thing unconventional with a inexperienced or minimalist mindset. Take pleasure in watching! 🙂

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My identify is Lucy, I am a Dutchwoman right here to supply an alternate strategy to magnificence.

On this channel I do largely hair tutorials the place I present you learn how to braid, pin and magnificence your individual hair. I recreate hairstyles from films, television reveals or historical past and I commonly provide you with my very own, which I like to share with you!

I actually get pleasure from diving into historical past to learn how girls went about their magnificence and dressing rituals in days previous. Classic and history-themed movies are my little ardour undertaking.

You may discover a little bit of life-style content material right here as properly, starting from cozy chats over a cup of tea (my beloved Tea Time movies) to private vlogs and residential & inside movies.

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25 thoughts on “An Unconventional Present Information | Inexperienced & Minimalist Present Concepts

  1. Dahlia says:

    One of my all time favourite gifts to get was last year when my husband got me vintage Mulberry scarf. Amazing huge Silk scarf I use every week. I don't care it's second hand, it as old as I am, how could it be new 😊

  2. Anouk Ketelaars says:

    I am knitting some cotton dish cloths for my mom, and I might make some for my grandma as well. It is more eco friendly than microfibers.


  3. Meagan Wallwork says:

    When my grandparents used to keep bees we gave honey as gifts. We also used to make homemade molasses every year and my whole family would help it was a great tradition and made for wonderful gifts.

  4. Natalie Moliterno says:

    For the 10 other people in my husband's department we try very hard to think of gifts that can stay at work. So this year it's homemade cocoa mix, homemade marshmallows and two stroopwafels to be enjoyed at work.

  5. Queenally says:

    Museum and zoo season passes are great for families with small children for an experience gift. Sometimes kids get overwhelmed or tired trying to do the whole experience in one day, so the option to go back at another time is often the best gift you can give to the parents.

  6. Eleonore Bon says:

    I once made everybody a “kitchen/food” package. With homemade tomato sauce in sealed glass jars (the ones you put on boiling water to sterilise), pasta, parmigiana cheese, olives etc. in a basket with tea towels that matched someone’s personality/interests/taste. It wasn’t necessarily cheap, but it certainly was hundreds of dollars per person.

  7. Emily Berg Johnson says:

    Oh my gosh, donating to a charity on behalf of someone is a great idea. I love this video, I've been looking for some more conscious, personalized, and homemade gifts this year after past years of shopping panic and stress.

  8. angharad. says:

    Another tip is to actually ask people what they want and let people know what they want. I know that in some cases in can be seen as impolite so obviously take that into account but definitely close family and friends won’t usually mind. It’s much better to get/give something the person actually wants and that way they get a present they actually want and nothing will be thrown away

  9. Rebekah Wahl says:

    These are all really great ideas.
    The only thing I would add is make sure the receiver is into getting a charity donation in their name. One year I spent a lot of time and energy finding the perfect gift for someone just to get a hastily scrawled note that some kid somewhere has a goat now? I know the point of christmas isn't to get things but it just rubbed me the wrong way.
    Charity should be a more normal thing and not just something we do around christmas anyway.

  10. Dorothea R says:

    Some ideas:
    – One year I bought a tiny bit of forest for my mother as a gift: the idea is that normal people can buy bits of the forest which is then turned into sanctuary. I'm not sure if this works in other countries than in mine.

    – Read a book, make it full of your markings and thoughts, and gift it!

    – Write letters for the person for every month of the year or why not even more.
    – Maybe growing own tomatoes, herbs, berries etc. that can be preserved and given as a gift.
    – I recommend also buying used books! I think it wouldn't even be too bad to borrow books from the library and wrap them as gifts (or DVDs, or even games!).
    – Ask if they have something they need help with. Are you good at sewing? Could you help to repair their clothes as a present? Make use of your talents!
    – Giving time is never a bad gift: promise to help someone with something or just simply having fun with them.
    – With grandparents (and why not parents or anyone else) one can spend the Christmas collecting their stories of their life. Who belonged to their family? Where did they live? Where did they went to school? What was the world like when they were children? And so on.
    – If you are artistic, you can paint, draw, write a poem or a story, or hold a concert as a present!
    – Audiobooks are so much fun! You can give a subscription to a service that offers audiobooks.
    – Make a little book and write it full of positive things about the other person.
    – Buying vintage items/used items, e.g. on Etsy there is a separate
    vintage section.

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