OPENING CHRISTMAS GIFTS + HITTING READING GOAL 🎁✨ | vlogmas days 14/15 | 2019 |

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December 25, 2019

Stop sayin Y'all you fake wanna be real Country girl.

December 25, 2019

necklace: in a box
lyssa: wow there’s something paNDORA CANT RELATE TOO


Brooke Wilkerson
December 25, 2019

Loving vlogmas girl! I was wondering, where do you get your taller white bookshelves from? I need one!

Jay way Nation gang
December 25, 2019

I need to read more that’s is why I be so bored all the times 😂 lol

Luke Harper
December 25, 2019

Your bullet journal looks amazing

December 25, 2019

Love your shirt btw like it's so cool

lol 67
December 25, 2019

Ur a postive person to hang around #peaceful

Nothing Less Than Steph
December 25, 2019

What about pool noodles; cut a slit down it and fit it on the bigger gaps in the gate? Unless pup wants to chew on it, then that’d be a no go.

December 25, 2019

Tie a towel or sheet around the bars so he can’t get threw

Morgan Wilson
December 25, 2019

your an army??? cause i see jungkook

Julchen 3
December 25, 2019

I don't know if that works with the cats too but maybe get like a net to put in front of the gate so he can't squeeze through?

isobel williams
December 25, 2019

50 books wow! I can’t even finish one book that’s really good well done x

isobel williams
December 25, 2019

15 books I can’t even finish one book let alone 15 that’s a big goal well done Alyssa ❤️🥰

isobel williams
December 25, 2019

Your so pretty ❤️🥰xx

Angela Rose
December 25, 2019

I'd call your landlord about the roach problem bc it's probably from your neighbors & they need to exterminate before it becomes a big infestation

Alexandria Galope
December 25, 2019

I love your Little Mermaids book we here did you get it

Kelleigh Nicole
December 25, 2019

love your videos but you have a super sassy attitude towards the silliest things lol. 😭 but i guess i do too which is why i noticed it.

FF Fitness
December 25, 2019

Contact the office of where you live most of the time they have a company that comes in and exterminates because roaches are a common in those complexes. A roach that size means they’ve been there for a while. Try not to leave food a water out especially in the sink because that’s what they’re eating. I’ve had to move out of a condo and a apartment due to roaches. If not sticky traps work well.

Kayla Sharp
December 25, 2019

Do you think you can do a video on how you do your bullet journals?

Patricia Carragon
December 25, 2019

sounds like a water bug. I hate them!

December 25, 2019

When your done with 2019. You should show your whole bullet journal from start to finish.

December 25, 2019

I lowkey been waiting on this..after hearing your sick. I hope you get better love.❤

kathrine kathrine
December 25, 2019

It's a dog thing eating kitty litter. my dog use to as well.

Nikki Thomson
December 25, 2019

I like your video ht s good to watching your YouTube video ht s good to watching your YouTube video for your Christmas 🎄 video and I like your 2 cats and 1 dogs too from Nikki Thomson 😘 💋 😘

robyn smith
December 25, 2019

There’s staircase netting that you could get if you don’t think the cats will scratch it. We use it for my moms dog. He’s a chorkie and it works for him

Books & Cars
December 25, 2019

I totally need that gate n camera for my animals

Phoebe Isobel
December 25, 2019

i love your videos so much! i wish i could have 500 a day! i hope you have an amazing christmas with your fur babies ❤️

Anna P
December 25, 2019

I know you’ve tried a lot but I realllllllyyyyy recommenced a metal dog play pen.

miranda gonzales
December 25, 2019

i’m honestly really glad i found your channel everything just screams relaxing and i really enjoy your content 🍃

Pete h
December 25, 2019

Videos need to be longer ☹️😁
Put the camera in one of your top cupboards while you're out

December 25, 2019

Use chicken wire to wrap around the gate. That way the dog wont be able to fit through. You should have also raised it a little bit. Mainly so the jumping height is a bit greater for the cats to have to jump. Plus, Make sure the bottom is still small enough the puppy cant go under.

For them eating each others food. Feed them in separate rooms and only at one or 2 times a day. Maybe in the morning or at night.

Ive learned to not leave food out daily. Give them small portions of food in the morning or at night so they will be hungry the next time they get food. Then they will eat it all.

Im not a "Pet Pro" I just grew up with a A LOT of pets and learned stuff. Since I HAD TO. haha.

December 25, 2019

Where’s your sweater from?

Morgan W
December 25, 2019

Hi Alyssan, I love reading as well but have kind of gotten into a slump. Are there any recommendations for someone who loves romance, accurate history, and myshological creatures. I guess more like YA.But set in past centuries..Im also a Religios Studies Major, minors in american history.. I am obsessed with truth in history . So if you have any ideas that would help me please let me know!

christine campbell
December 25, 2019

I love your vlogs! 💕

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