10 Greatest CHRISTMAS GIFTS For Players

The 2019 Vacation season is effectively underway, and we’re providing you with some suggestions and suggestions that can assist you end up your procuring.
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Greatest Purchase:



A10 –
A40 –
Razer Nari –
Hypercloud 2 –


Elgato HD 60S+ –
Streamdeck –
Blue Yeti –
Blue Yeti Nano –

ebay.com lol

Xbox one Elite –
PlayStation Vantage 2 –

Ducky One 2 –

Oculus Quest –


Video games PS4 –
Video games Xbox One –
Video games Change –
Ubisoft Sale –


Comments (24)
adolfo zaragoza
December 27, 2019

Still rocking my turtle beach px12!! Best headset I've ever owned.

Mark Diplock
December 27, 2019

My family are slowly beginning to understand the things I enjoy as a gamer. Gift cards for the right console or the PC have been the theme this time, although my parents actually straight up bought me a game this year.
Am a happy player one 🙂

December 27, 2019

I got jedi fallen order and a controller.
Simple is usually better, just money or gift cards is fine for me. I just don't want another bloody can of deodarent

Rex Cabaッ
December 27, 2019

I got a DLC on a game i really like

ᏃεאїᎢᎻ ᎾF ᴏʏғᴜᴍ
December 27, 2019

my friends dad gave me an xbox one. ive wanted one for six years, knew they were getting me a present, not my fucking dream consol.

Phil C.
December 27, 2019

I took an idea from this list to give to my Secret Santa, so thanks for making the list!

Rodrick Lodowica
December 27, 2019

I got myself DMC 5 on PC

Oliver Vilibert
December 27, 2019

I got a SCUF Impact and I'm very happy

December 27, 2019

As a pc player, we enjoy money and steam gift cards or a new mouse assuming it’s one we asked for.

Evgeniy Pereski
December 27, 2019

OMG for #2 I saw F1 2018

December 27, 2019

1:44 🔥

Swagpants 21
December 27, 2019


December 27, 2019

My dad gave me a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4gb Ram with a 64gb micro sd. I’m happy 😀

Pineapple Yeeter
December 27, 2019

Only gift i have is a family game pack

Jay TheBird
December 27, 2019

hey, its Jacksepticeye at 9:48 lol

K. Pliskin
December 27, 2019

1:49 amen brother, way ahead of you

Matt Blank
December 27, 2019

Montana doesn't have much for game conventions

Justin Crawford
December 27, 2019

When your a ps4 player and your mom gets a Xbox game

Harry Enright
December 27, 2019

I’m too late for Christmas so I’m
Gonna try Getting the mug for my big brother on his bday

Butternut Flax
December 27, 2019

I like the tiny touches, like the Bloodborne thing and when you were talking about the controller and the customization you showed the dark souls clip hinting that that’s why you’re customize your controller, things like that add a ton

December 27, 2019

🙁 im sad i cant even afford the oculus quest.

Here’s Razor
December 27, 2019

@gameranx I wanted this video to come out NOT 2 days before Christmas -_-

December 27, 2019

The switch is propably the best gift not just for gamers but also for non games. It has every kind of game to satisfy everyone

December 27, 2019

Literally nobody likes the Yeti it's garbage.

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