Christmas items for Him…..all ages

Hey welcome to my YouTube channel I’m Rosie Henshaw and at this time I’m bringing you a present information for him from babies upwards all ages. So seize a cuppa and hopefully you’ll get pleasure from xx


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Kym Dixon
December 27, 2019

Thanx for the idea's honey x

Julia Atkinson
December 27, 2019

Rosie, you are great. I’ve just read the dog food comment.
I’ve been a registered veterinary nurse for 21 years, I’ve never seen a dog with a blockage from a jumbone! It’s more likely to be a child’s small toy that a puppy dog eats or wet wipes or socks! Also pedigree treats in small amounts every now and then are fine. You’re ideas are fab. Xxx

Ti Jay
December 27, 2019

Who has been rude to you babe?? I am late to this video so they must have been removed now, if i had seen them i would have said something! it is jealously as you are lovely. You put a lot of work into these videos and i for one really enjoy them so thank you xxx

Jacquie In Colour
December 27, 2019

Beautifully done. 👏😊👏

Sarah L Lowe
December 27, 2019

Some great ideas for gifts and budget friendly too. So a winner. Thanks Rosie love your bubbly personality. Look forward to seeing more videos. Happy Crafting.

Shari Dempsey
December 27, 2019

You are the cutest! I love your ideas and inspiration. So many great ideas coming from your channel every time. Thank you! And you look beautiful as always ❤❤❤

Margaret Hoyle
December 27, 2019

Hi Rosie fantastic gift ideas I’m definitely going to steal a few of your ideas , thanks again for another great vlog. PS I’ll be watching your next ones from New Zealand happy Christmas to you and your family xxx

Lorraine oakes
December 27, 2019

Hi Rosie :)) Love these gifts for the males in our lives lol  all them I really like :)) Thank you for bringing us this video  I loved it

Barbara widdowson
December 27, 2019

Hiya Sunshine!
Love the outfits from Tesco especially the little black one and the red and black dress.
I also love the gold necklace you kept putting on. Would you mind telling me where it is from?
Have a great weekend Rosie.
Gentle Hugs.

tracie taylor
December 27, 2019

Hi huni you feelin any better, my daughter is full of it. I love your idea's but its right its the gift of love not the gift of lots of money, like you a lovely cup or jug is the best gift, or sometimes seeing a friend you have not seen can be lovely.
I will be watching your other video in the morning, have a lovely w/end, lots of love coming your way, tracie xxxxxx

janet ritchie
December 27, 2019

Another great vlog Rosie just love them love the extra Christmas ones

Mary Lawman
December 27, 2019

Hi Rosie! I absolutely loved your girls gift guide yesterday and this one as well. Even though we don't have the same shops in the US, I'm sure to find something comparable. Great ideas! Thanks so much. Have a wonderful weekend!! 💖

Johnnel Adderley
December 27, 2019

Hi again know I find buying gifts for men way easier than buying for women.
The Haig Club Bottle is so luxe.. I never would have thought to get a man a facial cleanser brush as a gift, that Rio Sonic Cleansing Facial Brush is great gift idea🤔🤔.
Another super helpful video Rosie. Thanks for sharing darling and you're the best 👍🏽🤗!!!

KS Oxford
December 27, 2019

Rosie … you are an absolute inspiration for so many. I’ve just seen your insta-rant and I want to tell you that you’ve helped me build confidence and for that I really appreciate everything you upload. 💪😉 xx

Janet Moss
December 27, 2019

Rosie you are like bottled sunshine glowing and full of fun and so down to earth , you make me feel so at ease when watching you it’s like having a natter with an old mate . If you could see me nodding away to you talking and finishing your sentences it’s a scream . I love your shopping hauls gift ideas and of course it goes without saying I adore your crafting .
You have given me so much inspiration and gifting ideas for tomorrow, once again thank you . Keep on being you have a lovely weekend with Gary and your lovely family x x x x x x

Dexster Mayne
December 27, 2019

The men's 85 gift set looks really nice . I got loads of perfume at home lol 😂 can never have enough perfume . I like the scarf to that looks nice I'd wear that . I don't have Xbox or playstation I'm more Nintendo kinda guy lol 😂. I nearly got a Nintendo switch lite but I've already got a switch so I got the new pokemon games instead. I love the blue switch lite . My friend likes Lego and his my age in his 20s .my nephew likes Minecraft.

Patricia Portman
December 27, 2019

Hi rosie your fab sorry about the on line bullying cant understand why thay have to do it some fab ideas for gifts 😋😍😘

Katie getting fit
December 27, 2019

You couldn’t give this channel up ever!!!!! As I look forward to your videos lol! You are amazing xxx

Emma Stephenson
December 27, 2019

I finish work next week which I can't wait to as I've been so busy not had chance to de orate my house only managed to get my tree up
Rollon Thursday next week Rosie then Christmas is coming to the Methven house

emma SWathome
December 27, 2019

That's what my mum has asked for a picture of all of us, and we have set a budget of £5 per person. Me and my hubby don't buy each other we just go away for a few days in Portugal or somewhere, last year we went went down to south of Ireland and it was great to get away on our own. Our wedding anniversary is nov, then Christmas my birthday is January and his is February so going away covers all of them lol xx

Maureen Killen
December 27, 2019

Thanks Rosie, another great video and you've solved the problem of a present for a male who I had no idea of what to get! Can you tell me the name of the concealer from Superdrug you did in the last make-up video, thanks x

Mel Nason
December 27, 2019

Rosie hiya, i absolutely love you, its a real shame that ive noticed a couple negative comments today. Please dont let the minority have an affect on you. You can see by the majority of comments people adore you and your down to earth nature. I just dont want it to dampen your mood, i think you are blooming lovely and i love watching you, sending loads of love xxx

Bear Family
December 27, 2019

Just so you know Pedigree chum food is horrendous. Having done many courses on canine nutrition and behaviour, they are basically full of crap. As for the huge dentabone thing, I've worked with vets who have seen dogs be so poorly as they cause blockages in the stomach.
Each to their own obviously but is was so glad when I was educated about it. Xx

Caroline Marshall
December 27, 2019

Great video as usual. I always smile when I watch your videos keep up the great work 💜

Carol Fuller
December 27, 2019

Dear Rosie, you are so thoughtful and caring, you are a giver and not a taker. You are such a lovely girl and your gift ideas are amazing. XXX

Linda Clarke
December 27, 2019

Can’t believe negative people. If it’s not my bag, I don’t watch.
I find you a breath of fresh air. You are genuine and funny. Never let anyone dull your sparkle ❤️

Tali T
December 27, 2019

As always Rosie you have uploaded some quality content. Out of all the male gift guides this has been the most helpful. Have a great day xx

Anna Spokes
December 27, 2019

Absolutely love your channel 🖤

Eve beinguniquebeingme
December 27, 2019

Great guide however my dad is so hard to buy gifts for he's a carpenter never watches films etc has tons of decent unworn clothing only wears his suit to funerals sadly and uses no fancy body care stuff and sprays lynx in our outdoor bin to make it smell nice as he won't use it!! 😂😂

Pat Titherington
December 27, 2019

Brilliant gift ideas rosie.xx

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