Best DIY Woodworking Reward Concept | 40 Candle Holders from a Single 2×4

On this DIY video, I will present you methods to make 40 particular person candle holders out of solely a single 2×4 stud. It is a very low cost and easy woodworking mission that can assist you make presents for your whole household and mates with out plenty of effort. I made all of those candle holders in only a few hours, they usually make nice Christmas presents and stocking stuffers! You can also make these with solely a desk noticed and a hand drill.

Right here is an Amazon hyperlink to the matches I used on this video (not an affiliate hyperlink):

I received the concept for this design from DIY Montreal, however redesigned it so multiples might be extra simply made all on the similar time. Here’s a hyperlink to her video:

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dk builds
December 27, 2019

Thanks for watching! If you have any thoughts about this video, I'd love to hear them in a comment below. And, don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more content like this!

Lucas Wood & Art
December 27, 2019


MX .420
December 27, 2019

Im from switzerland and damn your machines are so small and unsafe if compared to our standards… LOVE IT😉

December 27, 2019

I just need 20k worth of tools. Wow, easy

Gerald Roth
December 27, 2019


Ivan Reyes
December 27, 2019

What happened to ur saw?

Floe Simmons
December 27, 2019

It's not easy if you don't have the equipment.

December 27, 2019

Great video, but be carefull with wood and candles.
A similar project of mine once caught fire, because the metal part of the candle got too hot.

Singha Biru
December 27, 2019

Nice video but I'm more impressed with the compact workshop, fantastic!

December 27, 2019

the trick I have been using is bungy the shop vac hose to the drill press post, get some adjustability to get it where you need it and because it is above the foster bit as the shavings eject they somewhat get sucked into the shop vac.

Rusty Waters
December 27, 2019

shops entirely too neat and tidy….over achiever!

Taylor Patterson
December 27, 2019

very well done, easy to follow tutorial. Awesome stuff. Subscribed.

Dave Nilson
December 27, 2019

this looks fun. now, to convince my wallet that I need a planer!

Marcel Molina
December 27, 2019

I like how you casually demonstrate your awesome and totally unexpected miter saw to planer flip top convertible station without even mentioning it in passing 🤣

If the saw overheats it should indicate as much with a specific green and red light pattern on the control box that you can look up in the manual.

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