One of the best Amazon Pill but? Amazon Fireplace HD 10 2019 model evaluation!

Amazon has launched a bunch of the brand new Amazon Fireplace HD tablets. And with annually comes a brand new model of every pill. At present we’re wanting on the Fireplace HD 10 2019 model. Is it definitely worth the improve?

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Comments (22)
December 28, 2019

This tablet is awesome. I have owned ipads all my life, but this thing, for the low price i purchased it for, is an incredible value.

December 28, 2019

The next feature is Android 10 with Live Caption! With bare minimum specs that's able to use Live Caption watching video for long battery life! I heard Live Caption takes up alot of resources.

Timo Mäkinen
December 28, 2019

They dont ship it to Finland, but i just order my 6th kindle from ebay. That will be my 4th fire. First is the small, second ones smoke that make it work came out, third i step on (and i weight 170kg) so i have to oder new,. I have ipad, android, microsoft tablets too but this one i love.

Jeff Nelson
December 28, 2019

Love your reviews!! FWIW, I think Amazon dropped using the "Kindle" moniker for it's Fire tablet line at least a couple of years ago. 🙂

Chewy Cherry
December 28, 2019

I want one so bad for Christmas

Melanin Goddess
December 28, 2019

Who th is Alegra?

Arif Ramzan
December 28, 2019

Can this tablet able to use your mobile phone internet when not on wi-fi?

December 28, 2019

Thanks for the review! I order this for my son (age 10), He going to upgrade from a slow small 7" inch tablet he got like 3 years ago. I cant wait to see his face when he opens his present

December 28, 2019

You don’t talk about all that games propaganda there is…they should give it away

December 28, 2019

The best tablet I had in a while especially after I added the Google Play store

Pastor Wally Beck
December 28, 2019

Will this run Microsoft Office OK?

Kevin C
December 28, 2019

I'm glad I picked one up during Cyber Monday for $99 I'll admit after seeing this review I had mixed feelings.

Jimbo Slice
December 28, 2019

dude looks like a turtle

brandank99 Jruptzzz
December 28, 2019

I just hope they go all out on the 10th generation

December 28, 2019

It's not rocket science to turn the AMAZON FIRE HD 10 INTO A FULL ON "ANDROID TABLET?"

December 28, 2019

Just get to the meat and potatoes and less of the waffle… Is it the BEST AMAZON TABLET YET? LOL

Zazaul Ihsan Chowdhury Nabil
December 28, 2019

Screen mirroring available in this one to any TV?

phoebe foulger
December 28, 2019

i m getting one for christmas and its white

Bassel Touki
December 28, 2019

I have a blue Amazon tablet 10 inch

James Olson
December 28, 2019

Play Store built in

Afsaneh Payandeh
December 28, 2019

Hi Travis! Thnx for your Video! What about taking Notes?? Is it possible to take a Note an it? Does it support Digital Pens?? Can someone use it as a Writing and Notetaking tool for University?

Brick Tamland
December 28, 2019

does this let ya playback 4k video files that are saved to the tablet? how bout 4k or higher youtube videos? would like to see how the 8k videos actually play on this thing lol. the game performance is better for a lot of games and also a lot of emulators work well on this tablet i have seen in other videos, can't find out what video performance is like though.

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