Higher than Sonos? Amazon Echo Studio evaluation! One of the best sounding Echo EVER!

The Amazon Echo Studio was lately launched and also you need to know for those who ought to improve your current Amazon Echo and even substitute your Sonos. We’ll evaluate this speaker to different Amazon Echos in addition to the Sonos Play 1.
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Comments (20)
Travis MCP
December 29, 2019

Thanks to the comments I found a feature to make the vocals sound even better and make this a better sounding speaker all around than the Sonos. Just go to the settings for the Echo studio in the app and then select "Audio settings" and then turn off "Stereo Spatial Enhancement". Makes the vocals much better!

Dan Carroll
December 29, 2019

I think you sold me' Echo Studio ,now to wait for the sale drop….?

Teddles Peddles
December 29, 2019

Echo studio is way overpriced, at 70% power it's garbage 👎 👎

Richard De Gannes
December 29, 2019

Hello, is the Sonus Move better than Sonus One and Amazon All New Echo (3rd gen)? Thanks.

mark v
December 29, 2019

Does the studio only play amazon music and amazon TV, or can you play Netflix or xbox through it too?

jake Eyre
December 29, 2019

Can you connect this speaker to a Sony AV receiver?

The Wall Cometh
December 29, 2019

I've posted on your videos before because I have many many Sonos speakers. I have everything from Play 1, One, Play 5, Sub, and Playbar, AMP, Connect…all throughout my house. I love Sonos and I love how Alexa can easily integrate with Sonos. But when Studio came out, I had to buy it. But I also have many Alexa's throughout my house. Fuck it, I bought 2 Studio's and the Alexa Subwoofer anyway. I'm keeping all my Sonos but the Studio pair plus Sub is freaking awesome. I'm seriously digging left/right Studio with Sub! And it cost me $600 instead of a similar Sonos setup for over $1000.

Keep up the great videos brother.

myusrn olk
December 29, 2019

can you connect fire stick tv 4k audio playback to the echo 3rd gen and echo dot 3rd gen devices also or is that a feature unique to the new echo studio offering?

Robin Smith
December 29, 2019

Did I miss something in the video. You still did not say if it unseat your Sonos from your Kitchen (22 sec in) . So did it unseat your Sonos?

December 29, 2019

I really want it. On fence with the Sonos though. Great review. Thanks.

ajith thomas
December 29, 2019

Thats a cool review by the way. I am looking for a speakers. List of these are my priorities
1)Cannot compromise in sound (i am a music lover)
2)i should able to connect this to my phone via bluetooth for watching movies and playing songs.
3)Should have AI support (if both alexa &google assistant, i will be more happy)
4)should have a USB pendrive support

I checked the 1) harman kardan aura studio 2
2)sonos one
3)and now the echo studio

Icouldn't find all these features together in any of the above models.

Is there any model from your knowledge which can offer the requirements i quoted?


December 29, 2019

I really enjoyed thus review!

Danny Ma
December 29, 2019

Ijust have one and try testing in bestbuy this one much best tan Bose and price

Robbie Asghari
December 29, 2019

What about a video of the amazon echo studio vs the fairly new Sonos move. I don’t own an echo studio and it seems awesome but I do have a Sonos move and I love it. And the move does sound a lot better than the Sonos one and play 1. The Sonos play 1 is kind of old now though.

David Clixby
December 29, 2019

Great with a 4K firestick.

Atsard- Dali
December 29, 2019


December 29, 2019

You need an Allegra endorsement.

Justin D.
December 29, 2019

I'm still rocking the original echo in my living room and I'm wanting to get into a higher quality of sound so this may be a natural move to upgrade to this one

December 29, 2019

or very popularly referred to on yt as "She who shall not be named"

December 29, 2019

meh, i own one. I use apple music and its disappointing cause you can't play music playlists on speaker groups (all your echos at once)…..Also the base is Aight. The sound quality between the echo and studio isn't worth the money. If i did it all over again i'd get a sonos.

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