The most effective finances pill right this moment! Amazon Fireplace 7 2019 – Alexa AND Google!

Whereas Apple might have the most effective promoting pill with the iPad, Amazon has completed one thing that different producers have did not do; promote a profitable Pill. The Kindle fireplace 7 is the most affordable of the Amazon Fireplace Pill line and I’ll present you why you need to think about shopping for it.

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The most effective finances pill right this moment! Amazon Fireplace 7 2019 – Alexa AND Google!

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Comments (22)
Thomas Garrett
December 29, 2019

Your presentation was excellent. I plan to buy this Amazon Tablet.

December 29, 2019

You activated my sister's tablet

December 29, 2019

Hi im not getting notifacations for twitter or periscope or instagram.. would anyone have a fix for this.ty:)

Tylor Lopez
December 29, 2019

You know what they should do with these Amazon tablet maybe one of these days they should put 8GB RAM will you think that would be awesome ?

Miguel Barrero
December 29, 2019

Breaking news, Amazon is going to change Alexa to Alegra !!

Ms. Gibson
December 29, 2019

Nice review! Thank you. So to be clear this is not a work device to use gmail and Google docs?

Gacha Cøøkie
December 29, 2019

Is it a coincidence the amason is on fire and Amazon put the Amazon fire 7 tablet on sale

Eddie Downing
December 29, 2019

Just ordered mine on Amazon for 29.99 Black Friday deal

December 29, 2019

I have led in my extended family in these because of the value, nice screen and overall basic performance. The 7“ is not that much recommended because of its mono speaker which pumps not enough volumen out for outside watching videos. Since 2014 I have the 7HD which was back then the middlegamer. Have it till today and used it every single day. But now the battery seems to die slowly but surely.
I would not spend 80 USD for the HD8 but ordered one on sale this black friday sale. The Fire 7 would be the machine to go for me even for 49 $ when it had dual stereo speakers like the others do. Without an booster app the mono speaker of the Fire 7 is just to weak.

Ray Sanders
December 29, 2019


benny hayes
December 29, 2019

Got 3 for the kids $24.99 each

December 29, 2019

got one delivered yesterday in the black friday sale for £30. have to have it registered and 1 click purchase enabled on amazon to even download free apps.
1st thing I done was load playstore on it wich works fine allthough if you click through a link to a playstore app like a Ad on a game or something it wont open playstore but instead ask if you want to open amazon appstore. Is there any workaround to open links to playstore apps?

Fruit Cat
December 29, 2019

I love mine for just reading or watching videos great value.

Nigel Fortes
December 29, 2019


December 29, 2019

"alegra"!!!! ALL HAIL ALEGRA!!

Torrey Foley
December 29, 2019

I have an hd 8 (2018) that I love but now I use it as a show in the kitchen. Would you recommend buying another HD 8 or the 10?

10-7 Life
December 29, 2019

Hey Travis. Okay… I've been using the Fired HD 10 for over a year now. I got on sale and used my amazon visa points (paid about $45). I pretty much use it everyday. I use it to pay bills, emails, play some games, movies… and watch Youtube. It is my traveler. I take it every time i travel.. What i like also is I can download movies for view later on planes and in my hotel room. I did get play store add on as you described which gives me all the android stuffs. I agree… I just don't see why ppl shouldnt have one of these. It actually is a good tablet. My wife swears by her Samsung Galaxy TAB A tablet. Dont get me wrong, I would love an Ipad but i cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars on it for what i use it for. I mean if i need to go deep on something, I break out my Lenova Legion laptop (which btw is badass). My two cents I guess. Folks you cannot go wrong with buying one of these Fired HD tablets! Be safe… Much love friends…. Antonio in the 602

December 29, 2019

The security camera idea is very interesting. What camera do you use?

December 29, 2019

Shhh keep the headphone jack a secret bc they might take it away and mark the price up for it lol 😛

Janelee Keller
December 29, 2019

Hi Travis 👋, and Thank You 😊.

We bought an Amazon Tablet last year for our then 2 year old Granddaughter.
It was one that was encased, with a Rubber boarder around it.

After watching Your Video, I'm wondering if Her's can do "All" the things You talk about ?
(Her's is, as far as I remember, the smallest size, as She was only 2 at the time).

I have an Alexa Dot, (1st Gen).
Do You Think I could communicate with Her Via that ?

Also, would I be able to send Her Songs from my Music Library, (on my Google Android Phone – Free "Non Subscription") ?

How about Texting Her ?

Will be saving this video to a Playlist I have, just for Tablets. (Including the "how to side load the Google Play Store"), just in case Her little tablet will allow for That !

Thanks So Much Travis, and Enjoy Your Day 🌞,

🕊️ & 💚 – 🕊️ & 💛
JL 🧓
11/6/19 – in Pennsylvania

Vee Bee
December 29, 2019

OMG! I was waiting for your funny (video is over now) comments, after "Peace & Love" and this is one of the first videos that I've seen without one. Great review. I'm waiting for the 10 review as I may buy one. So many tablets these days. I already have an iPad & will soon have a chromebook, but sometimes a simple & smaller tablet is just easier for me. Thanks for all your reviews…

adriano raffaele
December 29, 2019

I have this tablet and a iPad. Reason being. They're two of the best tablets available. This is the tablet kids should be given to learn about have fun on or for elderly people to experience a computer for the first time as it's set out in a logical way anyone can understand them. You can't go wrong with a fire 7

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