MEGA 500 Merchandise Private Care Liquidation Lot! Unboxing for Resale on eBay

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Comments (49)
December 30, 2019

Thanks Lindey. I ordered a lot of 100 hba and it was better than I expected it to be based on comments.

Britt's Little Bunch
December 30, 2019

I ordered a bit ago. I got a 100 quanity out of it only 6 was damaged and I already sold 2 things from the box. So far I am impressed.

Nancy Letbetter
December 30, 2019

You said that you buy the iron at the store.. do you not buy your stuff off eBay to patronize other sellers? (And hopefully save money too?). Not criticizing.. just wondering why?

chris tooke
December 30, 2019

in England toothpaste goes for about 50p a tube, which is cheap as chips. Good luck with making your money on that. lol.

Blasian Beauty
December 30, 2019

Now that it’s Christmas Season, I noticed what sold the most is board games, games in general. I listed games last week 2 sold in one day and the rest sold this last Friday. So grateful. Personal items sells as well. I listed Jergens Wet Shower Moisturizer and all 3 sold yesterday.

Thank you so much Lindey. I binge watch you yesterday and last week and I learned so much ❤️😍🙋🏻🤗

Christel Strebus
December 30, 2019

That was a goldmine. Hope you make a good profit.

Michelle Walker
December 30, 2019

Just ordered my first lot.

The Grateful Hippie
December 30, 2019

Lindey make me deal on the samples, I keep items like that for freebies to enclose in my Poshmark bundles 🙂

December 30, 2019

What is the wording for an item where the box is dinked up???? Thank you for your time.

Rebecca Brown
December 30, 2019

I got my first lot (using Lindey's coupon code because I never pay full price, lol) from them yesterday. The good news is that I got some good items and will make my money back easily. The bad news is that I'm missing 7 items, 1 bottle of lotion bust open in transit, and 16 items of the 100 piece lot are sample packets that are worth maybe $1 each. I've contacted them about the missing items and I'll see what happens. I'd like to have another liquidator to order from!

btc coins
December 30, 2019

FYI, about the sensodyne, if you were to find discontinued sensodyne toothpaste, you could make decent money, if I remember right, you could sell ONE discontinued sensodyne for like $80~$100. If you want to learn more about discontinue item, follow "thrift to travel" on youtube and Instagram

December 30, 2019

I want to quit my job and sell on Ebay!

Johnny SwaG
December 30, 2019

ANEMIA Spinach and Orange Juice smoothie everyday I do, and I have now tons of energy.

Renee Paccione
December 30, 2019

Lindy, I love your hair dark! Very youthful! 😀

Virginia Miller
December 30, 2019

I ordered this 500 piece lot too. I got most of the same stuff you did. I was not crazy about it. I think I might be able to possible make my money back but I doubt I will make a profit. I got a crap ton of chap sticks and they counted then as 1 each.

December 30, 2019

These lots would be ok if there were more like 50 cents a unit. At a dollar a unit plus shipping the numbers just do not work

Alan Gamble
December 30, 2019

WoW LinDey G.this is like the TOP 5 best ever pallets I've seen 👀 in a long.long..time. i was talking to my Wife and I said to her we need one of those pallets from wholesale ninjas… Love your Videos so much…keep them coming…

December 30, 2019

Hi Lindey – would you maybe want to try the Estee Lauder thing and do the free-gift-with-purchase by placing one sample packet in with a higher-end makeup item sale? Who doesn't love free stuff?! It might help with return customer visits seeking makeup at your store 🙂

Alicia C
December 30, 2019

I got one with your coupon code and loved it. Lots of high-end makeup like you got.

Apple Berry
December 30, 2019

It's very kind and generous of you to share so much information, but with all those that will be ordering these types of lots, won't it saturate Ebay/Amazon?

Reseller Rowboat
December 30, 2019

You go, girl!

Jane Fry
December 30, 2019

How much of sales do you think comes from having this youtube channel? I do not have the same luck selling personal care.

December 30, 2019

I wonder how many people who are saying that Lindey gets better boxes than we do are making a fair comparison. If you are trying to compare a $100 or $200 box to her $800 box, you can't expect it to have the same value or ccondition as hers. Common sense people.

Jenny B
December 30, 2019

I recently purchased a 100 pc lot if hba from wholesale ninja. I'm pretty sure I can make my money back and turn a profit. I had a decent variety of items. Only one item with the seal broken. I was glad I had less than 20 items I will either not make money or lose money on. Hemp chapstick and facemasks. The rest I'll do fine on I hope. Lol. I just started selling on Ebay. So I don't expect to have good sales right off. Just my little experience in the retail arbitrage arena so far….

December 30, 2019

Great shipment!

Theresa Trompke
December 30, 2019

also is there generally an expiration date on toothpaste cause i found only a couple tubes with an expir date

Theresa Trompke
December 30, 2019

hi lindey. does toothpaste tubes have to have a foil seal on the part where the past comes out or not? i have tons of toothpaste from bulq and some from wholesale ninja that do not
have a seal on them and the packaging has been opened. are these still okay to list on ebay with no foil seal??

FEWS Products
December 30, 2019

Selling personal care item, do you have to sell a lot to be able to make good money for a stay at home mom?

Lisa MC
December 30, 2019

Just used your coupon for my first order. Ordered a 500 pc lot. Fingers crossed items are in good shape and resellable. The discount code was better for me than free shipping. They must ship from the East Coast or Midwest b/c my shipping was far less than I expected it to be.

Whats In My Life 2017
December 30, 2019

I think your the only person ever to have amazing hair in the winter! 😂

Daniele Freed
December 30, 2019

Ordered another case. Last time I got over 120 pieces of face masks. They don’t sell very well so I felt I got cheated. Hopefully this time I’ll get more of the health stuff you got.

Tanya Grimes
December 30, 2019

Your hair looks great!! And love the video!

Kristian G
December 30, 2019

I ordered a 100 piece lot. I wasn't happy with it. I really don't think I can even make my money back.

michelle johns
December 30, 2019

I’m very disappointed with Wholesale Ninjas. I bought the 250 piece HBA lot. 27 pieces are damaged and 7 pieces missing. I have contacted them several times without a response. Wish I had had a better experience.

April Salee
December 30, 2019

Whats the average it takes to sell your items?

Marjorie Herin
December 30, 2019

Just placed my first order can’t wait!

Jacqueline Amaya
December 30, 2019

i used your code it was $27 off way better then the free shipping, $10 better 💵. its my first box i hope i like my box

Janet Tarr
December 30, 2019

Do you get proportionately as many duplicates in a smaller quantity lot? I’m retired on a fixed income and hate to spend a lot to try a new item. However I am also concerned there may not be enough product to really evaluate this line of business correctly. Thank you for your fun and informative videos!

Yvette Anderson
December 30, 2019

I have sold the nicorette fruit flavor gum, good money & sold both in under a day each.

Fat Girl Sewing
December 30, 2019

Please note that the free shipping code doesn't work for certain areas. I was looking into it last night, and I'm in an area the free shipping code doesn't work on.

Kiki K Darling
December 30, 2019

Awesome haul! I will try a smaller lot to see how I do. Thanks Lindey! 😉

carol curtis
December 30, 2019

I have ordered from here as well. So let’s say Lindey didn’t call them. Or discuss the fact she has a YouTube channel with WHolesale Ninja. because you know she got that code for everyone for 15% off. Do you really think her boxes would look like that? Seriously? Are you there in her conversation with wholesale ninja. Yes. I know she made a video of how she orders like everyone else. But it’s your prerogative to believe that. I would take advantage of the situation too. But I wouldn’t lie about it. Just seems a little odd that most people who do not have a Channel get the bleh merchandise. And the so called influencers get amazing merchandise. Do your research. Buy what they do. And see for yourself.

K9_ Thrifter
December 30, 2019

Just purchased my first lot today!! We'll see!!

Lynette Danzy
December 30, 2019

Thanks for the heads up on the free shipping. I just calculated and free shipping is a better option. How long has it been taking for your boxes to arrive from them?

Kathryn Kay
December 30, 2019

Hell-o duplicates! Love it when you can do one listing for so many!

Machelle Ogle
December 30, 2019

Ok, I just checked 2 more items….same thing. They sell for about the same as they do wholesale. Can’t see doing that.

Machelle Ogle
December 30, 2019

I just went to I just picked an item at random. It was $3.40 per unit. I checked eBay and it sold for 2 for $10 with free shipping. Do you really make a profit with this stuff? I’ll check a few more.

December 30, 2019


Mindy Sterger
December 30, 2019

I really would like to try one of these lots, but I'm worried i wouldn't make my money back. You get great lots though! Where do you sell them other than ebay and local?

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