Construct-A-Brick Present Field Unboxing!

♪ Every part is superior ♪ on this present field of customized Lego TV and film figures and shows from Construct-A-Brick!

Take a look at extra of their inventive customs at:

BuildABrick creates customized suitable minifigure collector units and isn’t affiliated with LEGO in any approach. These customized units are supposed for the only real goal of making enjoyment for the retro toy fanatic.

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19 thoughts on “Construct-A-Brick Present Field Unboxing!

  1. Bill Pagan says:

    Wow guys those are awesome!!! Truly masterpieces! Someone wisely said the best made collectibles today are being made by fans and not big companies. I agree with that statement after this gentleman’s fine work along withSmith Lord Creations!
    Man, I am trying so hard not to buy anything new and only collect vintage! Way to go Michael! Lol😂😂😂

  2. Andy Kaufman says:

    My favorite is the Snow Job, as I'm partial to the snow joes too, but they all look great! The cases are the ones that fit sports cards, right? Err for you it would be wrestling cards or Star Wars action cards lol. We had Topps in the states you guys had O-Pee-Chee.

  3. Matt Leuty says:

    These are absolutely amazing. They obviously take a lot of pride in their work to produce something of this quality. Thanks for introducing me to Build a brick via your video. In this case God didn't make Rambo, Build a Brick did!!!

  4. Green Lantern HG says:

    Yeah I don’t collect LEGO either…says the guy who has like 50 Minimates 😂…no! They’re not the same thing 🙄😂
    I’m always amazed of the talent some people have, if I could have one tenth of their talent I would start making my favorite pieces 😁
    Great video Mr & Mrs Mercy ✌🏽👍🏽

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