eBay DUDS of 2019! 45 Issues that JUST WON'T SELL!!!

I made an epic checklist of 45 issues that simply would not promote on eBay in 2019!
This stuff needed to meet sure standards:
1) Listed longer than 6 months
2) Hasn’t Offered ANY in a multi-qty itemizing
3) Not cosmetics since these take longer to promote and are thought-about (retailer filler)
4) No inquiries for buy or greatest presents EVER

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30 thoughts on “eBay DUDS of 2019! 45 Issues that JUST WON'T SELL!!!

  1. Robin Lipman says:

    Love this video- great idea to share duds! I think that sometimes the background designs compete with the labels. Maybe pick a solid color (changed by type of item?) or just do a white background with the items standing up. I have a cute pug dog scrubby holder for the kitchen, and I can’t give it away- I plan to gift it or redonate.

  2. Sarah M says:

    I had that same brand of tea tree oil and it took me awhile to sell also. I think maybe it went on clearance in a lot of places, since I found it on clearance in my store so maybe the market was flooded so people could afford to sell very cheap. I got mine for a dollar each and sold 2 for 12 and even that took awhile, so it's probably the price and competition on that one

  3. Sarah M says:

    'So Lashy' mascara from Covergirl was/is on clearance in basically every Walgreens and CVS for like 3 dollars. Remember when you buy items in pallets, it probably came from a store that had it on clearance, therefore a lot of people also bought it for the clearance price

  4. tyrone b says:

    Not a reseller, but from what i see and have read that there are more sellers then buyers for stuff that by chance so many stores or sites sell. find a way to undercut or charge less for stuff if u know alot of sellers are saleing the same stuff. i seen so many videos or some of buyers find clearance stuff and resell i guess for twice what they paid as well. buyers get stuff from so many places to resell anytime now days. since some states or many have porch pirates, not sure how many just go to places to get need or wants instead of just order on ebay or mazon now. i not be shocked if what pirates steal try to keep or just resell later even. it an ebay , amazon, or any place world now. so all this just makes being a reseller tougher job now.

  5. Whats In My Life 2017 says:

    🤣🤣🤣 Love your videos!
    I think a lot of stuff can be easily found at Walmart. Maybe that’s why 🤔
    I would love to see an update to this video. Like what sold since showing this stuff 😉
    For me kids clothes. Can’t sell the stuff! Yet I keep picking it up 🤦🏼‍♀️

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