(Spoilers) A Love Letter To Star Wars From a Dad – Rise of Skywalker Evaluation

“A Journey Price Shopping for a Ticket For”
This video incorporates my ideas on Star Wars, Rise of Skywalker, and rising up.

Chapter 1 : Star Wars Previous – 2:10
Chapter 2 : Star Wars Current – 5:43
Chapter 3 : Rise of Skywalker Evaluation – 9:52 (SPOILERS)
Chapter 4: What Went Mistaken – 22:08 (SPOILERS)
Chapter 5: Star Wars Future – 32:09


11 thoughts on “(Spoilers) A Love Letter To Star Wars From a Dad – Rise of Skywalker Evaluation

  1. Yesica1993 says:

    ​This is so depressing. I'm not a true geek like you, but I've loved SW my whole life. Still waiting for a real lightsaber to be invented.

    ​SW worked on both geek/general levels b/c it was a universal story. We identified with Luke as he struggled & grew into his destiny. There was nothing like that with Rey. We never got to know her. And she was perfect from the start. (Because WOMYN POWER.)

    I may be a woman, but I can't stand sappy romance. And the worse kind is the forced kind, like happens here. There's been no hinting of romance between those two. Good grief!

    That last bit with her calling herself Skywalker was the final insult. I was livid when I heard that. Again, good thing I wasn't in the theater because I don't think I could've stopped myself from yelling out loud.

    This was about destroying the male lead, the male hero. That's all it was. Looks like they succeeded. Thanks, "feminists". You've made me hate something I've loved since I was about 10 years old. I didn't think that was even possible.

  2. Brian G says:

    I'm just glad Rogue One was made. Still felt like a Star Wars movie. Didn't have as much character depth as the originals, but there was only one movie's time to flesh them out, so that's fine.

  3. Jina Kay Henry says:

    Bravo Bravo —-> I have been a nominal Star Wars throughout my life and so while I have nothing to contribute on that end, I just wanted to say that it is always interesting to listen to someone convey true and deep expressions about something they’ve enjoyed or loved and why. From that perspective, this video was incredibly well done! Applause, and my hat is off to you, kind sir. I love the way you concluded this and I must add that your boys are adorable + positively precious!

  4. Coyotewise says:

    I think you're actually being quite charitable. Disney is obviously SJW converged. TLJ was not trying to expand the audience. It was was out to change it. And the effect has been the same as the convergence of Churches. The OG's bailed.The Marvel franchises will be next.

  5. W says:

    I recommend staying in your lane of theology and ecclesiology because that’s your expertise. Leave the Star Wars critique to those experts because several Star Wars experts have debunked your flawed opinion (e.g. Palpatine was in the plans for the final movie since the beginning. Even I knew that from 3-4 years ago just from the 6 preceding movies.).

  6. commander x says:

    I don't suppose you know about Mauler and his Hate Mongers of the Toxic Brood? He's an infamous longman here on YouTube. The Brood is an interesting bunch of scummy, villainous pagans that generally bemoan the state of filmmaking today especially with regards to the lack of logical and consistent writing.

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