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37 thoughts on “eBay Altering PRICES??? $1470 Bought on eBay! Week of Dec 13 – 19

  1. Jim Whitehead says:

    Why is sunscreen selling? Winter is top season for the Caribbean. Its cheaper to buy sunscreen, etc., in the US and carry it with you and not get charged 3x in tourist traps. (Tip: Jamaica is awesome! See "Couples Sans Souci" and Dunn's waterfall in Ocho Rios, Jamaica )

  2. Sunshine says:

    Hello a while back we had strange things happening on pricing and even had items show up in our store that were items we never listed. It was very strange. EBay thought we were hacked. They had us change the password and set up text authorization on our account. After that it never happened again.

  3. Hafsa Quadri says:

    You should call ebay about the price change. Don't think that you're crazy when you're inquiring something simple. I've used to work for call center and getting calls like a price change is refreshing comparing to other odd calls. Plus they need to be inform on such things because if it is a hiccup or an error on their end they could fix it so that way it won't be a huge problem down the road not just for you but others as well.

  4. Charles Belville says:

    I think eBay actually turned offers on for one of my listings, but I can't remember which. I was a piece of mens clothing, I know that much. It was very strange getting that email. It said, "Your item is now open to offers". I'm gonna have to go back and find it to make sure the parameters on that are correct, though. I don't want it to auto-accept at too low of a price which is something I just now considered. I have, however seen many prices lowered on items I have purchased. Maybe eBay does that to stimulate sales because I would assume that the seller still gets their asking price. I didn't know they actually raised prices, though. Very strange. Ebay is doing something new, now too. They are allowing sellers to make special offers to people who view or show interest in items. I haven't been granted that ability yet as a newer seller, though.

  5. Bonnie Coakley says:

    Awhile back I accepted an offer on a large item that I had calculated shipping on. When the person paid, it was only for the item. It cost around $30 to ship. This was the 5th one I had sold so I called eBay and after looking at the history, they agreed something was off and refunded me what it cost me to ship.

  6. Scott Petrone says:

    I've encountered the same "phantom" repricing activity on multiple items.

    Called eBay and was told it was a "glitch".

    I've also had things disappear from my store. Not sold or removed by me just gone.

    I called eBay and they insinuated that it was me.

    Go figure it's the "eBay Triangle"

    Thanks Lindey, Happy New Year to you and the fam!

  7. Phyllis Smith says:

    Thanks for the video, I'm giving the reselling a break until next year, I'm living paycheck to paycheck right now and hubby finally going to work next year. I'm going to start health and beauty trying Posh, Macari, and eBay for them. Making eBay the main one. I haven't sold in 6 mos, And I like the thought of health and beauty I'm much better at that than clothing.

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