Can you see the faux? We in contrast luxurious items purchased on Amazon to the actual issues.

The number of counterfeit items on Amazon is huge, from bracelets to belts to luggage. We purchased a number of of this stuff to check to the originals. Learn extra: Subscribe to The Washington Publish on YouTube:

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10 thoughts on “Can you see the faux? We in contrast luxurious items purchased on Amazon to the actual issues.

  1. Hybrid InfoDesk says:

    All US tech is being targeted. By end users, governments and courts.

    -Amazon doesn't know what it is selling lead toys and other toxics substances too humans. Now being targeted by parents and governments. Parents refuse to buy children's items from Amazon. Even schools supplies found to be dangerous.

    -Apple like Facebook is barely relevant.

    -Facebook has zero chances of being a monetary distributor of anykind.

    -The Israeli company with Intel mossad inside processors, Apple, has under 9% of global cellphone market share now, DOWN, from 14%. More or less a shell company. The main designers have left along with engineers. Market share gets less and less each year. Products don't work as advertised why end users have dumped them.

    -Google the advertising company, now stealing medical data. Whistleblowers dropped the information to the public. A major target is on Google's back and NOBODY trusts the company. Why Google's hardware has 2% market share globally.

    Sources for all info posted by HybridInfoDesk: Bible, TruNews, RealNews Network, VOA, Vox, Vice, EFF, TYT, Two Preachers, RT America Rick Sanchez, Al Jazeera, The Agenda with Steve Paiken, Jewsontelevision, The Money GPS, Jimmy Dore Show, Democracy Now, DW Documentary, LaterClips, ReasonTV, Alltime10s, France24 English, Global News, Thom Hartmann Program, Melkeb, JPost, PBS Frontline, Stansberry Research, TRT World News and other resources. Linking news, stories, connecting the information dots–for producing the big picture perspective.

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