Coming Quickly! New Staircase Software, Construct/Purchase and CAS (Sims Four Information & Livestream Abstract)

This livestream abstract goals to save lots of you a while by condensing all of the current information for The Sims 4. The upcoming patch for PC/Mac (September 5) will embody a brand new staircase device, construct/purchase gadgets and CAS property for an islamic look. Arabic structure can be featured. Console gamers will obtain the patch at a later date.

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20 thoughts on “Coming Quickly! New Staircase Software, Construct/Purchase and CAS (Sims Four Information & Livestream Abstract)

  1. Anna Godula says:

    big YES for stairs (thos they could add round ones too since we're BEGGING for it since so long ugh how hard this can be?) when it comes to clothing…. it smells with islam from afar to me and I'd rather wanted have an option to not add them to game, they said no religions in game and boom…. burkas. I'd rather got split level floors in house option, preteens or some career…. last time free update was huge "WOW" was when they added toddlers. just saying…

  2. Jaggy Babeh says:

    slow claps with a tear running down my face Now this is something i've been waiting for since sims 2. I'm so happy 😭I can finally make my childhood house. I got so tired of complaining about it, its nice to know they're actually listening to simmers.

  3. Tracey ƸӜƷ says:

    Just a question, where is the Christian, Catholic representation? I see no crosses or crucifixes in jewelry or decorations, if religious or "cultural" clothing is added it should be all encompassing or it is not fair.

  4. baabaaer says:

    Do you think the hijab or tudung will have a cooling or heating effect? Most women I asked actually find it rather hot in the noon.

    Also, I am very stoked for the architecture. Imagine the Sevillan streets, or Byzantine palaces, in the Sims.

  5. William Zeo says:

    People are pissed with christmas, because even if you take out the religious message it is still a day that incentivate you do do your better for the sake of the others and aparently this is highly ofensive. But the game have "winter holiday" and even changed the image of "Santa" and I fail miserably to see why Santa can be offensive for someone because he doesn't have anything to do with Jesus; you have the ability to remove this holiday if you wish as it is customizable.
    But every NPC generated in my game since City Living have indian names and wear turbans and its way beyond my reach as I cannot customize those things, since the game will keep generating it.

    I'm all for a more diverse game, but when I cannot control the content that will be played I find a problem.

  6. Dan-jc84 says:

    Great all we need now are prayer mats, mosque assets, the Qur'an then we can conquer the Sims 4……..erm,……I mean play the Sims 4, all infidels shall be punished for being gay (we need throwable stones), having children out of wedlock and committing adultery.
    Oh yeah and a FGM clinic.

  7. jlammetje says:

    I’m a caucasian west European and I’m so happy to see the Arabic clothing.
    1. I didn’t realize it was missing, which is kinda bad, but I actually love the different cultures NPC’s from city living.
    2. It looks cute! Look at that little girl!

  8. ForsetiLover says:

    This is pretty cool but my dream of spiral staircases is still seems pretty far off. Also if implemented correctly I think religion could greatly benefit the Sims. It would be neat if they added their own unique style of faiths that we're mixtures of others or simpler versions or even purely fictional faiths, Church of the Llama, Gnomeminites, etc. I mean the idea of having a pagan style family or Buddhist etc is neat. Despite some people's objections to it, religion is a part of life, and to some people it's a very important part…to others it's far to intense.. Still I like the notion of Sims taking time out of their day to kneel by an alter of their choosing, feeling boosted or happy in doing so. It would make them seem more human. You could even add a trait or something to Sims choosing to abstain from faith. But unlike reality have that make no impact on those choosing faith. An ideal world where people can believe and practice what they want in peace. Course it's never going to happen, despite them adding Muslim style clothes which is a huge leap, I doubt they will add anything else like this.

  9. Mikakitten1724 says:

    Since this update I haven’t been able to lower my house foundation, I just get this “op generation failed” error message. I deleted all the stairs I used the stair tool on, but the foundation still wouldn’t decrease 🙁 does anyone know a fix?? Of run into this problem?

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