Get The Sony 1000XM3 Or Wait For Sony 1000XM4?

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Now that the Sony 1000XM3’s are little over a 12 months previous now… they’re now beginning to go on sale for $300 and a few instances go on sale for $280 if not rather less. And though there are a complete bunch of different just lately launched ANC headphones… The Sony 1000XM3’s are nonetheless my favourite and most really useful pair of ANC headphones… and if you wish to decide these headphones up they’ll be linked down beneath. However the 1000XM3’s nonetheless have room for enchancment… and maybe the largest query most individuals have is is it protected to get these headphones proper now trigger when are the Sony 1000XM4’s popping out?

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43 thoughts on “Get The Sony 1000XM3 Or Wait For Sony 1000XM4?

  1. rogerthat says:

    I'm gonna wait for XM4 and see if it improves the microphone quality for calls. It's annoying to be forced to switch to my phone that's in my bag when someone calls.

  2. Practical Guy says:

    I almost bought the XM3 but I listened to them in a store and I dont like the stock tuning. I need to use the EQ in the app and as soon as you apply any EQ LDAC is not available and you get pushed to AAC connection. That is a no go. I wait for XM4 and continue to use the Fiio BTR3 and my favorite wired headphones with APTxHD and EQ that way.

  3. melbaround says:

    I would like to hear better separation between the sounds, clear more defined treble. I'm happy with the base on these but overall looking for better sound quality. I use my headphones at low to medium volumes. Any suggestions? I've already manipulated the eq and dowloading in aflc.

  4. Wolsk says:

    I've been wanting to pick up the XM3s for a while, but I have a question I can't really find any information about. Can you activate the ambient noise feature while connected to a PC (both wired and Bluetooth)? I want to be able to use them while still hearing outside noise even when I'm on my computer

  5. W.A.HOU. says:

    Bose 700 suck af, the hinges are clinking while walking ! And the app is garbage, never recognize my pair whereas they are well connected to my smartphone. Another issue, when connected to 2 devices, the sound start to become choppy af each time ! Awful, heavily overrated

  6. K says:

    I'm on my second pair, and the same issue is occurring again…. creaking headband, first pair after 7 days, second pair after 3 weeks (used them less). I wish there was a fix for this, though I've read on forums that this is pretty common, so I will most likely keep my second pair, it's just annoying to hear the creak every time I stretch headphones to put them on or off.

    For the XM4's, I hope they fix this with better build quality, particularly needing metal bands.

  7. mrshmuga9 says:

    I hope they add buttons because I heard these are great headphones but I don’t like touch controls and apparently touch controls don’t work well in cold weather. Which accounts for 6-9 months of the weather here year round.

  8. Attila B. says:

    Has anyone else experienced excessive headband and hinge squeaking? It literally drives me crazy, wouldn’t expect so poor build quality for this price tag. I’ve returned two pairs, the first one was creaking straight out of box, the second pair started squeaking after 3 days.
    So I returned them and ended up with the Bose NC 700, the build quality is way way better.

  9. Michaell says:

    I think it's crucial for them to do something about the damn naming of their products.. just hearing you spit out all those letters and numbers makes me confused lol. Good video tho!

  10. Hélio Solar says:

    Best audio quality for sure is wired connection and a good mobile amp/dac/audio mobile device, but with LDAC / APTX support and 16/24 bit FLAC files they sound very good too even without EQ'ing (LG V40 output that is) .. SBC is a crap codec avoid (like listening to 64/128kb files), AAC is not bad at all and enjoyable if you want to use the app EQ modes (bass extention is great), use good quality files though (output similar to 320kbs). Controls are responsive after you get the hang of it, no in-ear pressure, no annoying background noise during ANC (I don't use ambient mode, have ANC on all the time at lvl 10, ambient mode for biking rules though). The pads are comfy and breathable to a point, but these are not gym or outdoor summer sun headphones. Batterylife is outstanding, would like to see Auto off mode when not wearing them. Quickcharge + NFC works great. Laptop connection on Win 10 easy peazy, but you do have to switch between devices manually, not a deal braker really, just too bad would have loved that convenience. I ordered the grey ones during cyber monday, with a large discount (250-280USD total), no discount on the black version. The grey isn't very pretty at all. They could have done much better (different, lighter hue) or gone white. The grey reminds me of old 80's computer hardware. All in all for the price 250/280 USD I can't fault them. Yes I have better sounding portable / home audio gear , but they sound really good enough and the ANC is addictive, the combination is worth it, much more enjoyable and fun than the Bose QC 35 2's (cabine pressure sensation when ANC on, Audio is alot worse, especially at higher volumes, ANC is not on par with the Sony's 25% worse) No buggy Sony app (already had 2 updates). I only miss water / dust resistance, more color choices, multipairing option and a pair of extra pads included into the deal. Perhaps the future version could be a little bit thinner too, cause they do wear rather goofy thick on the streets. Once you turn them on and the world disappears into music / or even no music, you forget you're wearing them :-p

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