Prime 5 In-Ear Displays Beneath $50 on

After over 5 weeks of analysis and testing, I’ve discovered the highest 5 In-ear headphones beneath $50 particularly designed for musicians and vocalists. These will not be the one 5 affords however on the time of buy, they had been the highest-rated in-ear displays with essentially the most variety of rankings.
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35 thoughts on “Prime 5 In-Ear Displays Beneath $50 on

  1. Robert Davis says:

    I want there because I want to give these to my guitar player, Chris Martin. Chris is plays acoustic. He works 60 hours a week just to pay his bills. He has a heart for God and serves His people in so many ways. He sings several songs as lead each week. As soon as he is off of the stage, he heads to Children’ Worship to lead worship for 20 minutes. He then makes his way back to the main worship center to end the worship service. He also leads worship for our youth every Wednesday Night.

    HERE’S THE RUB… His KZ ZST Pros were under water, as were all of the praise team’s. We had a high pressured 3” main burst in the church during a fire system inspection, flooding the entire church facility back on August 2nd. When testing the sprinkler system, the inspection company could not close the valve. They used another tool to give more torque. They still could not close the valve. However, they did crack the valve, which burst the line.

    For 90 minutes, we had high pressure water flooding through our facility. Upstairs, main worship area added on from the original church, suffered anywhere from 7” to 1’ of water damage. The lower elevation to the original building, which is now the fellowship hall, had almost 2’ of water, all of which flowed right downstairs. There sustained the WORST DAMAGE. There were area of 3’ – 4’ of water damage. It was insane!

    His were left his in ears downstairs from Wednesday’s Youth Ministry Worship Area. As noted above, downstairs was a complete loss. Anything down there had to be thrown out. There was no way to inventory the items that had to go. Thankfully, the rest of the team’s in ears were on stage, upstairs, out of the way of the rising water. His commitment to many areas of worship ministry caused him to lose his in ears. He didn’t push getting a new pair from the insurance settlement, as he couldn’t prove they were down there… gotta love Insurance! Also, when we have to spend $1.4 million to complete the whole facility, working on an insurance payout of $1.2 million.

    We literally just got back into the newest portion of the worship facility. They have also completed the bathrooms in the foyer connecting the two halves of the facilities to one. However, we have not been able to get into the fellowship hall and the youth and children’s ministry centers, which were downstairs, which sustained the most damage. The bright side of tragedy is that we wanted to gut out the whole downstairs and renovate them to fit current growth and future needs of those areas. That was going to be extremely costly for us, but we were able to do that with the additional 200K overage against the insurance money we received, alone with opening up our main level foyer. These projects together were going to run us 600K to complete. To get both completed for only 200K was a blessing from God. We will praise Him in good times as well as in the storms.

    God is blessing our church, giving us a new perspective of how we can serve our community outside the walls of the church. So many come into our community with blinders on. We are forcing the blinders off by using the local Recreation Center in the middle of our area of Rock Hill, the Northside Recreation Center. We have hosted basketball tournaments, sponsored the community candy giveaway on Halloween, held by the City of Rock Hill, as well as holding out Trunk or Treat there, where we had hundreds of families come through. Everything we do has a “Heart to God; Hand to Man” (William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army in 1865 in East End of London, known as London’s Skid Row).

    We held a community service day where we went in and painted the walls of the entire facility! We also sponsored and held the community wide Thanksgiving Meal and collected toys for the community Angel Tree, provided from the City of Rock Hill from their requests for assistance. We are also partnering with

    Now that we are back in the upper, main facility, we are continuing to meet the needs of those in OUR COMMUNITY, in the name of Jesus. We are adapting our building facility to meet the needs of our community. Chris has been there every step of the way.

    I have been proud of his renewed sense of serving God. However, he has yet to free up the finances to purchase new in ears. He is using my spare set of KZ ZST’s. It would be great to get him a new pair of in ears at no cost to him. He has sacrificed reimbursement to help fund additional costs to make the areas downstairs conducive for the youth and children ministries’ current & future needs.

    Please help God reward Chris Martin for good works through generosity of Worship Leader Hangout. Thank you for your consideration! God bless you for all you do to help worship leaders serve God with fresh and relevant perspectives. God bless.

    Robert Davis

  2. Austin Smith says:

    I want these to give to my little brother. He's 16 years old and has been playing guitar for 2 years, but is AMAZINGLY talented. He has just recently expressed interested in playing at church (praise the Lord!)…up until this point, church really hasn't even mattered to him at all. He has virtually zero gear of his own, everything he does have is borrowed. We run a silent stage with IEMs so to be able to give him a quality pair of IEMs to call his own would truly bless him and be one less hindrance for him to get on stage…otherwise iPhone headphones would be all he would have. Thanks for the consideration! God bless

  3. nicekid76 says:

    Great test and comparison. I'm a bit confused why you are testing headphone at 19Hz when the human hearing range is 20Hz to 20kHz? I know in perfect lab humans can hear down to 15Hz but during a live performance with a band on stage with you can you really hear anything close to 20Hz that isn't the bass guitar through the amp or main PA subwoofer?

  4. Keenan Prather says:

    Thank you for your videos!!! I would give these to a woman named Taylor. She is new on our worship team and she has 1 year old daughter she brings in at 7 am because her husband is deployed. She is an amazing singer and just want her to know how loved she is by her church!

  5. Sean Minutella says:

    I want these in ears because I want to give them to one of my worship leaders. She’s an Australian that moved to America a few years ago to start a life here and became a worship leader. She has 1 baby and is expecting in the next week or so. She currently uses Apple headphones for her in ear monitoring. As a worship leader, I’d love her to have better in ears to be able to hear the band better and lead more confidently.

  6. Tovin Sanzen says:

    I would love to give these to my Mom! She is the primary worship leader at her church and she’s always trying to find new and better technology to help her lead worship more effectively and distraction free, and has always wanted a pair of in-ears so she can start using click tracks, but has no idea where to get started.

  7. SSSmickey says:

    I want to give these to my cousin/pianist/Music Director. The reason is because he has been my musical guide since I was 10 years old. I started playing drums for the church when he was in the prime of his musical life. He groomed me and was patient with me, when he could have gotten any drummer. I appreciate him and love him. Now I can actual play a little and I would be happy to bless him with a pair.

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