Why Costco is Cheaper than Amazon

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47 thoughts on “Why Costco is Cheaper than Amazon

  1. Chris Lee says:

    I love going to Costco exactly because I don't have to compare between 10 different options for an item. If I want Jasmine rice, there's only one more premium, and one cheaper, probably Kirkland Signature. I know just from this setup that the more premium one is definitely more premium, that I will get more if I pay more. And I know that the cheaper SKU will be good too, I have never bought anything at Costco I felt was low quality, even the cheapest things they sell. I trust them to have done the homework for me, to stock their shelves with items of high quality to cost ratio, and the choices they are giving me at the end is purely about how much more quality I am willing to spend. This makes the shopping experience at Costco less about 'is this item any good? should I google the item and compare prices online?' to just merely, 'do i really need this? do i need to buy this much in bulk?'. That is such a refreshing experience, they've reduced the cognitive burden on the customers. I find myself less tired from shopping at Costco than anywhere else. I actually love going through the shop to see what kinds of quality items Costco has curated for me, feeling confident that whatever I try, at the very least I won't be ripped off.

  2. batsondceiling says:

    A high priority for Costco is getting inventory out of the store as fast as possible.
    Their cashiers and packers are told how many "Members per Hour" they handle.
    A good team will do 50 Members per Hour or a little over 1 minute per member so
    when you see 4 loaded carts in front of you, your turn will be on average in 4 to 5 minutes.
    Some grocery chains will take up to 5 minutes to process one customer with a few items.

  3. whatthe says:

    wow what an ignorant comment "the honest answer is amazon" amazon is not the reason that other stores are closing. amazon only takes up13% of the total business. the reason that stores are closing is that Americans dont have money to purchase stuff anymore.
    And as far as costco is concerned its just the other side of the same coin.

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