Immediate Pot Made an Air Fryer! Is It Any Good? — The Kitchen Gadget Take a look at Present

Kitchen Gadget Take a look at present host Esther Choi testes the 7-in-1 Immediate Pot Vortex. Can one gadget dehydrate an apple, prepare dinner a rotisserie rooster, fry french fries, after which some?

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45 thoughts on “Immediate Pot Made an Air Fryer! Is It Any Good? — The Kitchen Gadget Take a look at Present

  1. James Goacher says:

    You are either working for the opposition or honest and I go with honest.
    You identified the real expectation before you started the test in that 7 functions? where's the catch and this applies to most things. At best one of the functions may be optimal and the rest or all not even mediocre and this seemed to apply.

    I do not have a rotisserie type thing but if I wanted one I would be reluctant to pay this price. I have a mini Oven at a fraction of this price and there were others with a rottisiary (no idea how to spell it, it's French) with as large a capacity at half or less than this price. I have two Air Fryers. One is the standard box style OK for a burger ot two and the other a Actifry thingy which stirs as it works which is ideal for Chips (you would call them Frys (or is it Fries?). It is also good for stirring sloppy things like Chilli as it cooks or cxan work without the paddle and just sitting there. That probably was higher cost some years ago.
    Conclusion – overall a fair review I think. btw the Grill – you would call it a broiler function on all mini/toaster ovens is pathetic. I should say all that I have seen, two.
    Thank you.

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