What’s New World by Amazon Sport Studios?

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So What’s New World?

New World appears to be like to discover a house in a well-liked and rising market as a sandbox MMORPG. Set within the supernatural frontier of Terra Vitae Aeternum, gamers will scavenge for assets, struggle different gamers, and craft gadgets as a way to assist colonize a fictional land. New World is constructed on the Amazon Lumberyard sport engine and can use amazon’s cloud expertise to take this sport to by no means earlier than seen ranges. Amazon Sport studios objective is to have 10 thousand gamers on a single server utilizing their type of spacial OS.



41 thoughts on “What’s New World by Amazon Sport Studios?

  1. Will says:

    Another full PVP game !! Looks really Bad ( same as Ashes of Creation !!! ) … !! MMORPG sandbox ? LoL ? Mmorpgs have to get monthly fees now ! B2P and F2P finish as P2W ( or they are bad ! or boring after some hundred hours or less )…. I'm gonna wait Magic online (hope a fee) or Pantheon Rise of the fallen , for me the last hope of MMorpg right now !! ( already announced with fees )
    I miss old school MMORPG !!! Stupid housing and sandbox ruin everything …

  2. Uniedge says:

    My friend and I had some concerns, is this going to be only PvP? They showed a lot of monsters and such so will there be traditional questing and such with end game raids and dungeons. Or will the end game be PVP.

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